Ta ta!

I'll be here next week if you need to get ahold of me!
Riu Negril, Jamaica

Have a great week lovelies =)


A "Yes" Girl

Getting deep today!

You always hear the saying "learn to say no" in regards to reducing your stress level, maintaining your sanity, generating more free time, whatever. Well I'm taking another path and slowly learning to say yes more!

When someone calls me and says "you're coming to vegas next weekend" my first instinct was to make up some excuses and dish on weekend plans and say no. But I realized really quick that that was really silly, and said yes. And had a blast (duh, of course)

When I threw out the idea of hosting Easter at my house I immediately wanted to reel it back in. I have rooms that are still torn up for goodness sake! It's not where I want it to "be". I wanted people to see her 'finished' but I followed through and am SO glad I did. Everyone loved her as much as I do.

When a long lost friend texts me and says "we're at such and such bar having a few drinks, come meet us" I wanted to reply "it's 10:30 at night, I am going to bed!" but I bit my lip and said "I'll be there in 10!" and ended up having a really good time! (Totally been staying up past my self-imposed bedtime lately too... I'm surprisingly alert after only logging a good 6 hours)

I've always been REALLY good at thinking out (read: worrying) about all of the possible outcomes of anything I do, but I'm trying really hard lately to just chill out and let things happen. I'm learning to say yes, I'd love to... and surprisingly I end up enjoying it a lot!

I've been stickin my neck out there a little more and am happy with the results. Since C & I broke up, I've been catching up with old friends... spending time with 'always' friends... and even making a few new friends.

I guess I'm just tired of being "the shy girl" to everyone around me. I've always been confident in myself, I'm just not naturally a 'loud' person.
When I was younger, I was the kid that hid behind their parents and wouldn't speak to anyone!
Even nowadays I usually don't pipe up until after I've gotten to know you a little bit... but lately the most common comment I've been getting is "You are so funny! Why didn't you ever talk more before?!?". Which makes me smile big time ha

Anyone else have this problem??! Or am I just the only crazy one. =) I guess there's really no point to this post, but hey... get over it.


So What Wednesday!

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday

Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if my jeans take up an entire shelf in my closet. (and no, this isn't all of them... it was laundry day) In my defense, I've worn the same size since high school... so a few of those pairs have been around for a while!

So what if I missed the neighborhood parade last weekend. Wait...what?! Really what are these people doing... please tell me that's not all one family.

So what if I have a plethora of dandelions in my yard. Stop judging. Seriously. Quit.

So what if I was so proud after my first time mowing my own grass that I took photos.

So what if I finally just got my stair railing hung back up after 5 months of risky stair climbing sans handle.

So what if I can't say no to this face. Awww isamistarussell

So what if I'm still cracking up at this dude's wedgefactor. REALLY!?

So what if I am addicted to this stuff lately. I wish it came in big bags! (Although it's probably a good thing it doesn't)

So what if I was still gluegunning my wreath when people started arriving for Easter on Sunday. Finally done! I kinda love it! 

So what if my fridge is angry. (no clue who did this but thank you - I cracked up when I noticed)

That's all I got =) Hope you're staying dry on this lovely spring Wednesday!

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10 Things I Love

I don't do well with peer pressure (as evidenced by my joining of twitter)... so a few days ago when Carolyn tagged me to play this fun little ditty, I was like yea ok I'll get to it.

And then today Kristen tagged me again so I'm like OK FINE LADIES- I GET IT- I'LL DO IT NOW. Jeesh, you all act like I've got nothing more productive to do today than talk about myself.

Let's seeeeee... 10 Things I love

[1] Inappropriate rap/r&b songs
You know the one's I'm referring to... Jeremih, Trey Songz, Ray-J all that action. 
I just can't help it, I can't get enough!

[2]Chocolate Milk
Preferably Dean's... from a gas station.

[3] Flooring it
I drive a fast car... it's honestly just fun to floor it sometimes! 
I've never been pulled over, so no need to lecture!

[4] Witty People
There's nothing wrong with wanting to be around people who can play off your jokes?!
They keep me on my toes!

[5] Best Friends
For a while I felt like I never had that ONE true BEST FRIEND. Just a handful of good friends.
The weekend in Vegas reminded me that I do.
I don't know that I've ever laughed so much in an entire weekend. I even wrote her a sappy gchat msg the other day telling her how glad I was to have her around.

[6] Tallll tall shoes
Gimme some 5 inch heels and I'll be one happy lady. They just make me smile! 
[7] Whiskey
Ummm... not really an explanation here, I just like it a lot. It gives me the warm & fuzzy's =)

[8] Old crap
Pardon my language... but I love wandering through antique malls and collecting things for my house. Old crap is just so much more fun, I love to think about the stories behind it!

[9] Sudoku
I'm such a geek... I have a sudoku book I take with me everytime I fly though, I love those stupid little puzzles

[10] Junior Mints
I can kill a whole box in like an hour.  Show up with a box of those and I'll be your best bud forever! Anyone remember that movie where Brad Pitt's always eating them? Me either... but I when I saw that I knew we were soul mates. 

And my 10 that I'm tagging....

2. Melanie @ Miss Melanie
4. Brandi @ Home Team Dreams
5. Tori @ Tori & Chad
6. Sara @ Fly Me to the Moon (Fun fact: Sara & I went to college together - her life is like the pages of an Anthropologie catalog, you should go look... and be jealous)
7. Sarah @ Scissors & a Whisk
8. Leah @ Happily Herring
9. Michelle @ Living a Life of Love
10. Dree @ Defining Dree



Bring on the storms

The weather the next three days looks promising.

For a duck.

Looks like my attire this week will fall somewhere along the lines of this

(after 4pm of course... My workplace doesn't approve of panda tee's)

What miss chelsea's wearing:
Sweater- LOFT; panda tee- F21; jeggings- Lucky Brand; rainboots- DSW
(I linked this post up to Pleated Poppy!)


Mixer & Mingle Friday : Pineapple Upside-down Cake shot

While gallivanting around the Vegas strip Sunday night we found our energy levels dipping and decided shots were the best option. Clearly.

My other two amigos had their hearts set on kamikazes, I wanted something sweet though and ordered a pineapple upside-down cake shot... imagine my horror when the bartender said "uhh what's in that?!"


Have no fear friends, I'm here to spread the word about the Pinapple Upside-down Cake shot, because really... everyone should enjoy atleast one of these in their lifetime

Pinapple Upside-down Cake shot
1 oz Stoli Vanil (or any good vanilla vodka)
1 oz pineapple juice
little bit of grenadine

Have you ever had a PUCshot? Do you agree with me that it is both delicious and nutritious?! 
Cmon, pineapple juice... that's fruit ;)

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Relive your glory days!

I'm a 90's kid... most of you were probably 90s kids. I may be biased but I'm pretty sure we had the best possible childhood through all the decades. Do you not agree!?

So imagine my excitement when I came across Things 90s Kids Realize

Their fictional 'statuses' were cracking me up...

And they have excerpts that cover everything from Fresh Prince to Double Dare, "da bomb" to MarioKart ("If you and your friends have had a few drinks and aren’t sure who is in the best condition to drive home, battle it out on Rainbow Road."), and in all honesty it's just flatout hilarious... I highly suggest you check it out you'll probably be laughing all day like I was!

(No affiliation - I just like to share giggles!)



So What Wednesday!

It's my favorite blog day of the week!
So What Wednesday

Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I the background music to Mario is stuck in my head. No I haven't played it in ages, not sure where it came from... but I keep finding myself "do doo doo"ing

So what if I am still waking up bummed that I'm in Indy and not still in Vegas with Jenn! I miss tromping around the city with my amigos!

So what if I honestly don't turn my TV on but maybe one night a week. I kinda love not having cable... I get sooo many other things done!

So what if GoldBond is my newest addiction. I had never really heard of it until I was dying from post-tanning-bed itchiness (bite your tongues, I already know, tisk tisk bad bad!!) and was googling for relief. This stuff is seriously amazing! I use it everyday now... I love how it makes your skin all tingly and cold!

So what if I am sooo excited to have all my mom's side over for Easter on Sunday!! I don't care that my sitting room still has no ceiling, and my downstairs bathroom still might not be 100% recovered from the roof leak.  I can't wait to have 20some people I love all gathered in my home with me!

So what if I went to Target instead of the grocery store last night. And bought a hot pink hose and a few other decorational items rather than the groceries that I desperately need.

So what if, while at Tarjay, I received this text and couldn't stop laughing....
 I mean really... best show ever, no?!

So what if I cringe at all the blogger drama lately. Play nice guys. Jeesh... I feel so bad when others get hateful comments. Been there, done that.

So what if I am really craving hard tacos from the stand at Indiana Beach right now! Sooo so good.

So what if I almost completely missed my driveway the other day because some dude a few houses down was standing by the street taking his shirt off. Whaaattt?! He wuddn't ugly!

So what if I strategically wait until my across-the-street-neighbors (who are total driveway sitters) go inside to get my mail & newspaper. I just don't really ever feel like meeting them.

So what if I alwayssss happen to be outside at the same time the newspaper thief is, and have had to make small talk with her multiple times. I still snarl every time I see her. And no, I didn't bring up the fact that I saw her do it!!

So what if have been creating/assembling a spring wreath using a staple gun because I'm too lazy to go buy a glue gun. Will it fall apart in a month? Probably. Is it working flawlessly right now though? Most definitely! I have two more thingies to add then I shall share!!

So what if I have to go get some actual work done now... pretty pictures aren't gonna create themselves! What are you SO WHATing?!


Chels in Vegas - Round 2

What a weekend! The last minute vegas trip was amazing of course, so glad I agreed to it!

We had a blast tromping around the city, cocktails in hand... burning holes at the roulette table.

At some point we decided to be hiiiilarious, and check-in on facebook everywhere we went leaving all our fb's looking somethin like this.

In retrospect, it probably wasn't funny to anyone else... sorry if we're fb buds and bombarded your feed hehe. Blame it on the cocktails!

Came awfully close to Cody talking me into skydiving... but we went with the NewYork, NewYork roller coaster instead (notgonnalie.... sorta regret that now, skydiving would have been WAY cooler. And the coaster gave me bruises)

Ummmm whatelse??

Smoking volcano action, after Jenn ordered us a "Sampler Paddler" (which the waiter found hilarious) for an afternoon snack.
Pretttty sure we used the phrase "zooohmygod" too many times and people are going to start thinking we do it seriously. 

That's roughly all the pictures I've got. There's a few on my camera. I can't even think straight right now ha, need sleep!

All I know is that I haven't laughed that hard consistently for an entire weekend in so long!! It was much needed!

Ummm... My face and chest and shoulders and tummy are burnt. I have sooo many emails & voicemails at work, and I'm draggin ass today so I better go pull it together. Ta ta!


Elenore's first holiday

I've owned my house, Elenore, since November 17th... I've lived in her since early January, and still most of my family (outside mom/dad/brother) hasn't even seen her!

That all needed to change, so I'm going to be having my mom's side of the family over for Easter this year!

I'm really excited to host my first big gathering! Lucky for me, all our family get togethers are usually pitch-in's so I won't be slaving over the stove all weekend or anything like that.

Which brings me to my next question... I have been flipping through cook books looks for some fun, easy(-ier) and tasty side dishes, appetizers or desserts that I can fix... any suggestions?? 
Send em my way!



I'm all over the place!

After a bit of gentle nudging (read: "do it you freakin loser") I jumped aboard the twitter train...

Now someone teach me how to use this dang thing! Hehe



So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I bought a camera strap from miss Jenn of West Sac Honey's etsy store - LOL Designs and am having her ship it to (my) Jenn's house in Vegas so I can use it when I get out there
(I got the far left one!)

So what if I actually enjoy the taste of Tums... and eat like 2 a night before bed. Yes - I realize it's very weird!! (Red and orange are my favorite... I actually have a half full container of just yellow & green ones that I refuse to eat) It says on the bottle they can be taken as a calcium suplement though so it's good for me, right?!

So what if I text my mom pictures of my flowers everyday. I get excited about everything that's popping up around my flower beds!

So what if I gave Russell a bath and used my BedHead shampoo... he is sooo stinkin soft now it's unreal!

So what if I don't have any desire to make blogging my life, or make money off of it or develop massive amounts of "followers" or  whatever... more power to yah if you put that kind of time & dedication into it. I just do it for shits and giggles!

So what if I don't really mind living alone. People ask me that ALL the time. With lots of sympathy in their voice. I actually enjoy it. A lot! And no, I don't really get "lonely and bored"... I have waaaay too many hobbies for me to ever get bored haha!

So what if I have the most adorable niece EVER

 I can't believe she's over a year old already! What a ham-

So what if I am jealous that a friend is going to Mexico 3 weeks after I get back from Jamaica. That just means I'll be 3 weeks into post-vacation depression!! 

So what if I thought that this line from Usher's You Got It Bad:
When you say that you love 'em
And you really know
Everything that used to matter, don't matter no more
Like my money, all my cars
(You can have it all back)
Flowers, cards and candy
Said I'm fortunate to have you girl

really said 
You can have it all back
I was cotton candy 
So I'm fortunate to have you girl 
(??!? I realize it makes absolutely no sense but roll with it) 

That's all I've got... happy baby friday to me, thank goodness tomorrow's my last day of work before Vegas - I can't handle these crazies any longer!! (IF you missed the post about my completely out of the blue trip to Vegas this coming weekend, you can catch it here!)


This week can escort itself out!

I am absolutely convinced that someone, somewhere in my office sent out a mass email that says "Email and call Chelsea with your stupidest, most asinine questions."

I'm not sure who did it, but that has GOT to be the explanation for the influx of incompetence lately!

I have a sales rep who cannot, for the life of him, understand that I need him to email me the Microsoft Word document, so I can copy/paste the text out of it for his 6 page menu that he so kindly had inner-office-mailed to me in HANDWRITTEN FORM. Sweetheart, there are two designers for this entire company... I am NOT retyping 6 pages of handwritten wine list. So he types it up, prints it off... and scans it in, then emails.

FORREAL?! Is this a joke right now?!

It gets better... I explain once again why I need the Word document. Hang up the phone. Receive an email 30ish minutes later... it is every page of the pdf pasted as a picture into a 6 page Word document.
Lord please be with the starving pygmies down there in New Guinea. Amen (+10 pts if you can name that comedian)

As if that isn't bad enough, I've been beating myself up lately too!
I'm still nursing my LilWayne teardrop burn from the chandelier incident.
I have huge bruises on both my knees (one from the dashboard on my dads truck, because clearly I don't know how to properly get out of a truck anymore) and the other from who knows what??
I'm pretty sure I bruised my kidney when I dropped the soap in the shower and nailed my back on the soap holder as I stood back up... (yes, next time you're in the shower please think about this & try to figure out how I even managed that one... because I cannot comprehend it all I know is it let to a string of expletives)
Then last night in the shower I cracked my elbow on the stupid wash cloth rack thingy.

I'm so ready to get the heck outta dodge before I hurt myself anymore ha!



Because really, who doesn't wish their biggest worry right now was finding the perfect prom dress and what color your date should wear!

[(back)Court, Erica, Mich, Tina, (front) myself, Case]


Successful weekend

I paid off my couch this weekend. Woohoo! Mini victories!! There were big things I bought when moving into my house... the couch, and the appliances.

I hateeeee having 'credit card debt' hanging over my head, but everyone convinced me I should go ahead and do the "18 month no interest" financing, just so I can hang onto the cash in case something were to go wrong. I took their advice... and grumbled every month when I got those two bills ha. So I'm extremely happy to be down to one!

Can I get a mini hallelujah?!

That hallelujah is fitting, considering I got Jehovah'd this weekend. Nothing against them, I just don't prefer the door-to-door religion thing.

I woke up to a thunderstorm on Saturday and did a little sewing and crafting. I am working on a wreath for my front door... it involves burlap and a fabric flower... I can't wait to finish & share!!
I caught up with a friend over non-sushi sushi that night (I get a roll with tempura chicken and mango, it's heavenly)

I worked on my yard all day Sunday - and even developed a bit of a farmers tan. YES! We had a gorgeous weekend, full of sunshine and blue skies! I've got soo many flowers popping up, which makes me so happy! It's odd buying a house in the fall... you don't know what's gonna be on your plate come spring. I can say I'm pleasantly surprised so far!

This is my favorite bush, it's blooming a bright coral color right outside my sun room.
Russell is a fan of it too!

And I also made some super delicious chocolate chip cookies. I've been auditioning new recipes the past year or so... these may just be my favorite so far!

 In fact, I'm eating a few right now for breakfast!

Hmm what else... oh yea, my plate wall in the dining room no longer exists... one plate crashed down yesterday shattering, so I removed the rest for now. I guess I spoke too soon about my love for CommandStrips!

Here's hoping my 4 day work week flies by... i can't wait to jaunt off to Vegas on Friday!!