So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday
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So what if we had the most perfect snow yesterday. It was those big fluffy flakes, and I just wanted to stand out in it and kiss someone. Yea, it was THAT kind of movie-scene snow! Clearly, that wish didn't come true, so I settled on chasing Russell around in it instead.

So what if I really wanted to watch the VS Fashion Show last night... which meant this delicate balancing act had to happen. What?! I don't watch TV much therefore can't justify actually paying for cable. (hangs head in shame. hillbilly deluxe) 

So what if the highlight of my Thanksgiving was quite possibly the fact that my Japanese aunt showed up with fresh rolled sushi.

So what if these are the sort of shenanigans that go on at the house of booze. Apparently some new guy started, and he is all sorts of good looking (note: that is new guy's manager)

 So what if I cringed when I saw this goin down across the street from my house. Those are inflatable lawn ornaments! Please no... why me?! Is there anything more tacky (and don't you dare bring up my tv antenna)

So what if I have my hair trained so I only have to wash it every 2 or 3 days. Some people don't believe me that you can train your hair. Ahhem, Lindsey.  Of course, day 2 or 3 always ends up as a messy bun. 

So what if I took ALL of the above to an open house, and none of it sold... but I've since sold like half of it. Clearly, whoever attended said open house had no taste ;) 

So what if I spruced up the look of the ol bliggityblog a bit. I was so bored of the way it looked but haven't had time to do a complete redesign

What are you saying So What to this week?


Hair Play - oil pastels

I bet you've all seen this little gem floating around the internet.

Before reading the caption I thought 'oh, colored extensions... that's fun - done that before!'
(Circa 2006)

Then I actually realized what it was - temporary streaks compliments of oil pastels! For all you non-art school kiddos, oil pastels are like a little oily crayon, a popular medium for drawings and paintings.

So I pulled out my set of oil pastels, settled on a blue color and set to coloring my hair one evening.

It was messy. Soft, oily crayon + hair = colored hands. And with my hair straight it looked those silly feathers that I despise!

So I played a bit more and ended up with this...

Is it fun? Sure. Is it worth it - in my opinion, no. Due to the nature of oil pastels, the color never really 'seals' even after multiple coats of hairspray it'll still come right off on your hands. Would it be fun for a quick pop on a night out, definitely. I personally would rather just throw a few colored extensions in though.

Hey, yah never know until you try though!

(And it surprisingly washes right out very easily, which I was sorta concerned about)



MiMO Monday

Another new week, another new Pinterest-inspired outfit challenge! Last week I was a slacker and didn't play... but Holly slapped my hand and I made sure to not forget this week! 

Last week's Mimo outfit:

Source: tumblr.com via Holly on Pinterest

How I made it my own:
So... the whole scarf tucked in thing. I can't do it. I just can't. All I think of when I try is those people who accidentally tuck their dress into their underwear

White Tunic: Old Navy
Skinny Jeans: LC Lauren Konrad (Kohls)
Scarf:Honestly, no idea. TJ Maxx probably
Grey Boots: Elle (Kohls)
Watch: Michael Kors
Boots: Elle (from Kohls)

I waited til today to wear this outfit... because I knew the slouchy shirt would be PERFECT for the Monday after Thanksgiving! (Anyone else still suffering a turkey hangover??)

Did you Make It Your Own last week? If so, add your link below! I can't wait to all of your interpretations of this boho chic look.... and don't forget to check out Holly's version too!



Love my boots?

So I'm stuck here at work on this lovely Black Friday...

BUT that means I've been scouting out all the best online deals!

Everytime I post an outfit with these boots you all tell me how much you love them, while browsing the Black Friday deals I came across my boots on the Steve Madden site for a ridiculously low price!

They have em in brown and gray!

After you use the code STUFFING for 30% off they end up being like $60! Enjoy! 
(I'm not associated with Steve Madden nor am I getting any compensation for this, I just love a good deal and thought I'd share!)


So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday
Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if there are two VERY IMPORTANT countdowns going on in my life right now.... one is until I get to consume my weight in stuffing and green bean casserole (1 day) and the other is a countdown til I get a fresh batch of PTO days! (1 month) EEEEKKK. SO ready for both!  

So what if currently playing on my Pandora is some song with the lyrics "just because I'm a ghetto child..." 
That may become my new comeback.

So what I sorta wanted to ask this guy if I could have his backpack. Chelsea in a halfshell! 

So what I found a new use for my cupcake carrier. Innovative, people. Innovation. 

So what I toed the "business" attire line a little lot when getting dressed this morning. It's fall. It's the day before Thanksgiving. I just HAD to wear this... the universe said it was allowed. 

So what if I definitely need skinny cords. I had to wrangle my bootcut ones into my boots this morning and that's just unpleasant  

So what if my guest room (as seen above in the background) is seriously a mess. It's not like I have any guests, so I get ready in there and my stuff is EVERYWHERE!

So what if my parents dog hopped in my car Sunday afternoon as I was about to head home... so I took him with me. Russell had fun with him!

So what if I think I've totally become one of those internet creepers that randomly starts talking to people on Twitter and then becomes real life friends with them... eek.  Please tell me you guys do this too?

So what if I have absolutely LOVED having the office to myself this week. Wish my supervisor was on vacation every week... or... you know... no longer employed here. I get to listen to all the best music 

So what if I have a craft room, an entire 3rd bedroom dedicated to all my craft stuff... yet my dining room table ends up looking like this.

So what if I bought items from every clothing dept but the women's at Target the other day.... yep... kids and mens. I can't wait to show you outfits!

So what if I my friend Tara and I have decided we want to become Cheers'esque townies at this local bar. We just went there for the first time on Friday night... we didn't fit in AT ALL. But we have big plans. Where everybody knows your nameee

So what if  I loved this tweet so much I took a screenshot of it. It echos my sentiments exactly!

So what if I may have started FB chatting with the guy who interviewed me a few weeks ago for that radio job... uh, in my defense he was the one who sent me the friend request. And I had to give him hell for not hiring me. And he's kinda cute.  Yea, facebook chatting. Yea, I'm 24. It's like being in 8th grade all over again.

So what if I am gonna go ahead and end this post now, because I've done a good enough job of embarrassing myself, no? Have an awesome holiday everyone! gobble gobble 


The beauty around us

If ever you are in need of reassurance of the beauty surrounding us...

National Geographic posts a 'Photo of the Day' every day. And I've yet to see one that isn't absolutely breathtaking!  
(All of these photos came from the website linked above and are not my property)

One year ago today

One year ago I was knee deep  forehead deep, in tearing up a house.


Hadn't even had the keys a week, and I had already recruited a team to help me make a wreck of the place!

Today I can't help but think about how grateful I am for having that opportunity. For being financially stable enough to buy a home at the age of 22, barely 23. For having parents who subcontracted their own home and knew how to do tackle nearly anything I could dream up. For friends and loved ones who would head over on a Friday night, spending it with me drinking beers and ripping up flooring.

You wanna learn a lot about yourself? Buy a house and renovate it. There are things I gained in that process that I'll never be able to put into words. It may not be the most expensive home, or the prettiest home, but she's MY home. MINE. My sweat, blood, tears, time and hard-earned cash really did go into nearly every bit of it.  I can't tell you how good that feels!