Being a craft kinda gal, oftentimes I stumble upon things and automatically think "I could make that myself!"

Example A)

This $190 sign. Don't get me wrong, it's way cute but not $190 cute. That's a cute pair of jeans. And in my opinion a cute pair of jeans is worth $190, wall art is not.

So one day a few weeks ago my dad I trekked back to the fence at the back of their property, where his secret stash of old beat-up barnwood was hidden, and found some suitable pieces.

And then my awesome mamma, because I have project ADD, cut down the boards for me on their table saw and showed up at my house earlier this week in search of her daughter and woodglue.

We glued the pieces of barnwood to a scrap of beadboard that was lying around, and professionally set it up to dry. AKA Asked HJ to drag over the pile of shingles and stack it on top of the freshly glued boards to add weight.

The next day I got home from work and whipped out my stencils (purchased at Lowe's by the way) and went to town.

Ladies and gents (are there any gents) I unveil to you my newest piece of artwork, that I am utterly, completely in love with!
I haven't decided for sure yet... but I'm thinking I'm going to hang it above my bed!

UPDATE:: I got this piece hung up in my bedroom! Check it out here!


So... how do you know her?

It was inevitable really, but I didn't expect it to happen that soon.

I wasn't really prepared. I fumbled my words and beat around the bush and finally just flat out spilled the beans.

HJ discovered the blog.

I blame it all on Michelle over at Living a Life of Love really. Between the texts, facebook messages and packages, HJ started to inquire. "She's my friend, she lives in Florida" had sufficed up until Friday night.

I was showing him the bracelet she sent me, when that evil question popped up.
"So, how do you know this Michelle chick anyways... did you go to high school with her?"

I giggled, and mumbled a few words and shyly looked away before mustering up the words that are guaranteed to get you a sideways glance and an eyebrow raise.... "I've actually never met her in real life..."

And that's just what I got... a sideways glance and an eyebrow raise. "Ok... now you really have to explain this one" he finally replied after a few seconds of silence and my giggles.

"I blog... well I mean, we blog.... Jenn does it too!" I spouted out. What is it about a cute boy that makes every maybenotquiteaspopular hobby seem THAT much less cool.

We finally ended up cracking up over the whole thing, and he just finds it hilarious that I have all these 'friends' whom I have never met scattered across the continent. Honestly, I'm glad we got past that little hidden hobby, but I'm even more glad that he hasn't asked to see it yet. HA!

Imagine his surprise when he discovers I've been talking about him on here!



Last week, whilst wasting away the day on Pinterest working tirelessly at my 8-4, I stumbled across something that immediately got me super excited.

You see... I love having people over, I'd throw a party every weekend if I could! And this just sounded like WAY too much fun to leave on my Pinterest board so I hurried over to evite and solicited a few girlfriends for a fun little Friday night!

Each guest picks a favorite item, that costs less than $6, and brings 5 of them to the party... then you draw names & end up going home with the favorite items of 5 other people. Fun, no!?

Now I have two weeks to come up with a FAVORITE THING that costs less than $6. But don't worry, I've got a few ideas floatin around in that noggin of mine! I just need to narrow it down... What would you bring?!



Mixer & Mingle Fridays : Strawberry Lemonade

I share a lot of vodka recipes on here, vodka usually comes in the funnest flavors! But lately rum has been stepping it up! This spring Cruzan introduced Strawberry Rum and I knew I had to try it, considering I love all of the other Cruzan flavored rums.

The easiest & probably most popular drink using Cruzan Strawberry is the classic strawberry lemonade! Just add the strawberry rum to your favorite lemonade and enjoy!

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American Classic

Source: google.com via Lee on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: weheartit.com via Casey on Pinterest

Source: None via Alyssa on Pinterest

Source: None via Kelly on Pinterest

I got into a conversation the other day with someone regarding jean jackets and if they were "in style" or not.  What's your take on this? In my opinion they always have been, always will be. Just some sort of American wardrobe staple.

And you already know if my twinnie Pippa rocks them, I am too!

[dress: TJMaxx, jean jacket: Gap (from middle school), belt: Old Navy, sandals: Steve Madden]



So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday

Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I'm really sad I can't be in Vegas helping my best friend ring in her 24th birthday (hah we were just babies in that photo -- '07!)

So what if the new boytoy has the funniest nickname, compliments of miss Jenn, he is now referred to by nearly all my friends & family as SirHJ or just HJ. Hold me closer tiny dancer

So what if Scott & I drove 2 hrs, to Cincinnati, yesterday after work to pick up a new toy for him.

So what if I almost ended up in tears on the way home because I was driving his stick shift truck back to Indy and killed it like 5x in a row at a stop sign and everyone behind me was angry and honking. In my defense, it was only like my 4th time ever driving a manual. Aside from that I did just fine!

 So what if the box of Junior Mints I found hidden in my cabinet this morning as I was making coffee made up for my near-tear experience. He's a sneaky little one =)

So what if I found a half-melted bag of M&M's in my purse yesterday that looked like this... and I ate them anyways, because I wanted chocolate THAT bad

So what if some dude in a big truck spit out his window yesterday on my drive home from work & it went all over my car and I'm still ticked over it. Jerk. Who does that?! Nasty.

So what if the giant purple sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular at my house... everyone loves wearing them! (example: Scott's friend, Kenny, who was serenading us at this point)

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Just a hunch

Sometime after our first or second date, as we were sitting on my couch laughing at the fact that it slides into two pieces and halfway across the room compliments of the too-cheap-to-provide-brackets-so-your-L-shaped-couch-stays-together furniture company and hardwood floors, Scott sang out the three words that made my heart pitter-patter. “I’ll fix it”.

Yep, there’s just something about a hands-on kinda guy that makes me go all googly-eyed and mushy. You woulda thought he promised me all the chocolate in the world or something the way I just stared at him with that goofy grin.

And sure enough, within a week he was on his hands and knees with clampamabobs and thingamajiggers and my slip-n-slide couch no longer created a grand canyon within itself if anyone moved while sitting on it.


I think it was even before the couch incident that he diagnosed my constantly-running-downstairs-toilet as a valve needing replaced and even texted me the next day saying he was at Lowe’s, did I want him to pick up that new part?

Double swoon.

And then there was the garbage disposal replacement.

And the ceiling fan installation.

And the other 2 ceiling fan replacements. And the lawn mowing.

And the tearing out of thorn bushes.

And fixing the railing.

And putting together my fire pit.

He picks up on things that I don’t even realize I mention, like the time I came home from work on a Friday to find that he had torn out a useless fence that divided the already fenced-in area of my backyard.

I think it’s safe to say he might just have a thing for me. Either that or he is just REALLY REALLY bored.

I am leaning towards the first. Just a hunch =)

Sidenote - when I do tell him about my blog, how creepy is he going to think I am for snapping all these photos?! Hahah.



They always make it look so easy

Once upon a time I stumbled upon a do-this-then-sleep-on-it-and-wake-up-with-perfect-curly-hair tutorial on Pinterest, excitedly I decided to give it a shot.

I wrapped & twisted my hair around my stretchy headband that night before bed (I actually already owned the same kind the girl who did the tutorial used! A sure sign this would turn out perfectly... Right?!)

I woke up the next morning with a frazzled mess that looked just like the teacher lady said it would

"Perfect!" I thought to myself, "today is gonna be a good day!!"

Annnnd I really believed that, as I started untwisting the headband out of my hair.

All the way up until I looked in the mirror...

What a hot mess.

Moral of the story: don't believe everything you see on Pinterest.


Mixer & Mingle Friday: Whipped Jack

I know I rave about Whipped Vodka all the time... it was my favorite liquor for the majority of spring and summer, atleast until Whipped Rum came along!

Just when I didn't think a good thing could get any better, it did!
It's soo smooth and doesn't have that bite like vodka does.

I really like it with rootbeer, or cherry coke... but I bet Dr. Pepper, or anything fruity would be delish too.

Seriously... if you ever listen to anything I say, let it be now... try Whipped Jack Rum!!


DooDoo Doodles

This morning I had a revelation. Yep, as I was standing in the kitchen filling up my coffee maker with water, doing the potty dance... because every morning I still forget to pee before making coffee, and without fail, end up doing the potty dance and then running to the bathroom.

TMI? Sorry.

Anyways, as I was perched on the toilet of my downstairs bathroom I realized I have never shared with you what might be my single greatest design feat in my house.

The chalkboard. Not the one in the kitchen (perhapsI have a chalkboard addiction?)

The one in my bano. The downstairs potty room. The one that every guest to my house usually visits at least once. To say this chalkboard gets some action would be an understatement!

Unsuspecting boys usually don't even notice the first time... they just comment on the box of chalk above the toilet (I really need to come up with some other cute way to hold the chalk, don't I?! Note to self - work on that) 

Oh but the ladies... the ladies notice. It's at the right height & distance from the porcelain throne that you can doodle to your hearts content. And the fellas join in on the fun once they figure out what's going on behind them!

I've had a few visitors remark that it might be the most fun idea for a bathroom that they have ever seen.

And yes, I have noticed that people tend to spend a bit more time in there, finishing up their quote or masterpiece of a drawing. Or maybe that's just their excuse for the extended bathroom time.