february: currently

rocking out to the #ThrowbackThursday playlist on Spotify. A little Gettin' Jiggy With It just makes my Thursday morning SO much better.  Can we all just admit the world was a better place when Big Will had a rap career?

snacking on salt and vinegar chips. Although I guess you could call it breakfast, since I've not eaten anything else today. beacon.of.health.

battling a head cold. or something. Ridiculous congestion that lasts for 8 weeks probably is more than that but, I'm boycotting doctors offices in 2014 so we may never know

wondering if Steven Tyler still rocks that silk scarf? The Armageddon song just came on this playlist, and I can't help but laugh. And then crave animal crackers.

counting pennies to see if I could swing another trip into my 2014 calendar. What began as a joke about fleeing off to Ireland following St Patricks Day (my BUSIEST holiday here at the house of booze, which also equates to my most hated holiday) has turned into a SERIOUS lust to visit Dublin. And to do so alone. I want to prove to myself that I don't need someone else to travel with me, that I can enjoy my own company abroad (<< big scary thing to face)

disappointed in my tax refund. I generally overpay throughout the year and get a nice little bonus come April 14th, but some things changed, some withholdings were not withheld and my nice little surprise is more-so a disappointment this year. (Convenient, considering my last bullet point. Boo)

looking forward to a girls night tonight. The frigid temperatures have caught up with me, and I find myself turning down invitations to do things more often than not... so I'm finally revisiting my social life ha

anticipating a little closet challenge I've brought upon myself. I feel like I've been stuck in a rut of wearing the same handful of outfits over and over, so I've decided I'm going to try to wear every top in my closet once before I can wear it again. We'll see how that goes ha. But somehow just the mental psyche of it being a "challenge" makes me eager to do it

counting down to spring and warmer temps. I never though I'd say it, but I genuinely am getting tired of wearing boots


I'm the kinda girl...

I'm the kinda girl who will always respond that "I'm fine", mostly because whatever issues I'm dealing with pale in comparison to what I see others going through.

I'm the kinda girl who would rather be 20 minutes late to work than wearing something I hate. I just can't do it. I can't go on to have any sort of productive day if I'm constantly looking down disappointed at what I have on.

I'm the kinda girl who will buy 10 pairs of shoes on one shopping trip, but put off buying a nude colored bra for 18 months. (It's just so... boring. But neon pink or cobalt blue showing through all my white shirts is a tad tacky)

I'm the kinda girl who will sleep in hoodies and sweatpants so I can bump my thermostat way down all winter long. That money I don't spend on utilities translates into more vacations and traveling!

I'm the kinda girl who struggles to justify spending $500 on a weekend trip, when I can spend $750 on a whole week.

I'm the kinda girl who (gasp) doesn't really like all my food (or really any, for that matter) smothered in cheese.

I'm the kinda girl who is too stubborn to ask for help, and often to prideful to admit I needed it... but often beyond grateful for that saving grace who steps up and unknowingly offers it.

I'm the kinda girl who sleeps with a Louisville Slugger next to her bed. Hey, I live alone. Rather be safe than sorry. Miss Underwood also gave me some good tips on other uses for it.

I'm the kinda girl who will jump off a rocky cliff into the ocean on a whim, but spend 20 minutes in the soap aisle debating between Amber and Cedarwood

I'm the kinda girl who will make double the scrambled eggs, and open two things of yogurt, and have breakfast put my pup on the living room floor on Saturday mornings

I'm the kinda girl who who got unreasonably excited about the dry erase board 12pack of Expos I just ordered for my office.

I'm the kinda girl who will bake a double batch of cupcakes on whim because I just had an urge. And then give them all away because I think cupcakes are disgusting.

(my homegirl Holly started this whole idea, so go blame her. Or don't. Or join in. That's fine too.)



I have seen the hashtag #100happydays bouncing around Instagram for a while now, and finally decided to find out what it was all about this morning.

What I stumbled upon was an awesome movement.

We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, isthe base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.

71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason.These people simpy did not have time to be happy. Do you? 

Starting today, I'm tackling this challenge.  On instagram, that is. Care to join me? I've decided to create my own hashtag so that I can look back solely on my photos. Today begins #HMCHappyHundred , I am already anticipating May 24th so I can look back on 100 days of happy!



Love Languages.

I remember hearing about the 5 Languages of Love book a while back, and kind of laughed at the idea. But the more I thought about it the more I agreed, and while I haven't read the whole book I do agree with the excerpts I've read.

Just as everyone learns differently, everyone loves differently.

With Valentine's Day looming around the corner, I found myself in a conversation this morning regarding how I felt most 'loved' and immediately googled to find the quiz and learn my "love language".

If I'm being completely honest - when my results popped up, I felt like an asshole. A materialistic jerk.

But the more I thought about what they said, the more I realized it was true. And the more I realized that's how I naturally 'show' my love for others.

I absolutely adore surprises. When someone takes the time to plan something, or pick something up for me 'just because' I get SO happy.

And I find myself doing it a lot for others, when I'm in a relationship. I LOVE giving gifts, especially ones that are completely at random and just scream the other persons name. Every birthday and Christmas I struggle because I am SO wrapped up in finding the PERFECT gift.

Second place for my 'love languages' was tied between Words of Affirmation and Quality Time, which I can fully agree with. This was really interesting to me, because it pointed out some things that I had realized before. And also reminded me that maybe not everyone feels loved because I surprise them with a gift the way I do (ha!)

(PS I have no affiliation, with this site, the author, the book, etc. I just found it interesting. The quiz can be found here - I'd love to hear what your love language is, and if you agree!)



All. The. Animals. (and an EasyCanvasPrints review)

Not long ago, while looking through some travel photos, someone jokingly asked if I 'must touch all the animals?!'

To which I just laughed.

And then got a little defensive. Because... well, yes, actually. I MUST touch all. the. animals.

[Mazatlan, Mexico]

[Puerta Vallarta, Mexico]

[San Juan, Puerto Rico]

[Mazatlan, Mexico]

Donkeys and parrots seem to be everywhere I go.

[Cabo San Lucas, Mexico]

A lizard here and there.

[Riviera Maya, Mexico]

A dolphin to swim around with.

[Dinosaur World, Kentucky]
Even a dinosaur on occasion. (Ok, ok you caught me - this one isn't real)

[Cancun, Mexico]

[Negril, Jamaica]
But sometimes you get real lucky and stumble upon a monkey who steals your bubblegum, or a lobster you get to kiss, or a koala who grabs your boob. And those are really the kind of moments you just laugh hysterically at for the rest of your life.

[Gold Coast, Australia]

Obviously, when I was contacted by Stephanie at Easycanvasprints.com about reviewing one of their products I jumped at the chance.

It was quite a toss-up of which animal encounter I wanted gracing my wall, naturally the excitement of canoodling the koala hadn't worn off just yet and he won.  Their website is super easy to use, and the quality is great. I love way it looks mixed into the gallery wall I have of all my travel photos!

I had always been hesitant of having my photos turned into canvas prints, as I feel they are generally more for babies or weddings or other significant life events. But I really am quite pleased with this one, it doesn't look out of place in the gallery wall, and the variation of the canvas and the framed prints adds some much needed variation!

(The fine print: I was given this canvas to review, but all of the opinions are my own!)