She thinks my 12-passenger van is sexy

The week leading up to Kenny was spent frantically trying to figure out the driving situation. There were around 10 of us all going together, so it was either squish into 2 cars, volunteer a 3rd DD and take 3 cars, or find another alternative.

Thankfully my dad pulled some strings and got us the hookup with an AWESOME 12 passenger van for way cheaper than they usually are rented for.

Imagine everyone's surprise when we rolled up to the tailgating lot in this badboy girl! She quickly earned the name of Beyonce, due to her... well large rear end!
Since I rented her in my name, I had to drive her... oh buddy was that a fun switch, going from a Camaro to that big ol bus!

All of the jello shots were taken within 45 minutes of arriving in the lawn. The back of the van became the perfect spot for making drinks, posing and people watching.

Our friend, Michelle's date for the night was the only guy amidst a van full of girls on the ride up there... so he quickly earned the nickname Chester. And we made him pose in his molester van.

Of course it wasn't long til Scott and his crew found their way over to us (we weren't hard to spot or anything!)

We played some Pass the Bottle

And utilized the peepee teepee
And then at some point, security came around and reminded us we were there for a concert, not just tailgating... and made us go inside!

We missed all of Uncle Cracker (on purpose) but half of Billy Currington (whoops). We lost our friend Casey halfway through the concert but luckily she found some other friends of ours so she wasn't singing along by herself.

Another successful year at Kenny!


MichaBella's Bracelet Swap

I love bracelets. We all love bracelets. Michelle is hosting a bracelet swap. I joined. You should join.


So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday

Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I have walked around saying "It's cause im young and im black and my hats real low" as an answer to everything for the past week. Darn you JayZ

So what if I haven't recapped Kenny concert or my housewarming bash because I am waiting on my friend to upload her pictures so I can snag them!

So what if I am biased... but I'm pretty sure I have the cutest grandpa EVER.

So what if my crowning achievement of last week was neon tie-dye cupcakes.

So what if my recent Google searches include:
"What is an ice cream paint job"
"are 2012 Olympics winter or summer"
"welcome wagon"
"fix running toilet"
"all in favor say ay"

So what if am obsessed with the app, HeyWire , you can text international (or local too) for free! So much better to keep in touch with Jamaican friends when you don't have to pay like $0.50/text!

So what if I had an impromptu cookout Sunday to try to banish some leftovers & beer that are still around from my housewarming bash Saturday night

So what if the scent of deepfryer is still lingering in my house.... the fried pickles & banana peppers I made for us Sunday were well worth it

So what if was hellbent on making a too-big tshirt wearable... and am quite proud of the outcome

So what if I frequently (as documented above) rock jorts. Cutoff jorts. Without any qualms either. 

So what if I am way excited about the table my dad built for my kitchen, he just installed it this weekend too! 

So what if I have a mild obsession with adult caprisuns. They're so easy, and so good. 

And lastly.... So what if I am a big ol goofball! These shades came from a ThreeO Purple promo and I found them in a box I unpacked the other day and HAD to wear them!

Still wanting more? Check out my SoWhat's from weeks past - I promise there's some good ones that'll keep you giggling!  


Ruffled feathers

Last night I received a text from a someone who is one half of a couple that Chris & I spent quite a bit of time with when we were together. We usually had a good time together, and Chris always enjoyed spending time with texter’s husband, however I wouldn't say texter and I are the best of friends... more like good acquaintances, that went to high school together.

The text read somethin along the lines of this “ha, this is funny, but kinda sad, _(husband)_ just got a text from someone saying 'do you not like me anymore or something?', guess who?!”... and it instantly ruffled my feathers. She was referring to Chris.

I've never been an ex-boyfriend basher, even when I had ex's who cheated on me. I have always chosen to take the high road, forgive and forget, move on, no sense in wasting energy on a grudge. Especially in this instance, where Chris never did me anywrong, we simply just fell out of love.

I tried to just ignore it, but couldn't help myself... I don't see what's funny/sad about someone trying to maintain a friendship, and I wouldn't want Chris to be anything but happy. I shot back something about how I don't really find it funny...  that if _(husband)_ doesn't watn to be friends with Chris maybe he should just tell him instead of making fun of him behind his back.

Am I being too mama bear'ish/protective of Chris? I think the part that really irritated me is that this isn't the first time she brought it up, a few months ago when her and I got dinner she laughed about how Chris had made plans with _(husband)_ but when the day rolled around husband just ignored Chris' texts/calls.

And the fact that we don't talk regularly, so she brings this up out of nowhere as if she wants to be patted on the back or high-fived or something?

I don't think she was expecting me to call her out on it, and eventually shot back something about how they are just so busy and have no free time. I just put my phone on silent and went to bed.

I've still got a bad taste in my mouth over it though. In my opinion- grow-up. No one wants fake friends, regardless of how you met them. If her husband doesn't want to hang out, be straight... don't make plans and always say "yea we'll get together" and then blow him off. Why even waste your time?! And especially don't run to me gloating about it like a dog that deserves a treat.

What would you have done? Was it silly of me to get defensive about it?

Miss Chelsea's Tunes : Country-fried

Another edition of Miss Chelsea's tunes... this time it's my country-fried playlist! (You may want to click "Pop Out Player" so you can scroll through - when I embed it, it cuts off songs!)

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Newspaper Theif: Revisited

What’s that saying… ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’? Or maybe it’s more along the lines with ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’.

I remember telling Scott early on about the newspaper thief I live next to, and him cracking up as I rehashed the events from that evening when I watched the klepto strike with my own two eyes.

So imagine my surprise when one morning last week, I’m sitting at work and I get this message….
Scott had been helping me out a ton around the house this past few weeks getting it ready for my bash, and apparently was becoming BFF's with my neighbors in the meantime!

He talked about how sweet she was, but I wasn't convinced-- she stole my newspaper right off my driveway, afterall! However, I didn't want cops showing up because of noise disturbances or something, so I'm glad he made the effort and extended the peace pipe. 

She actually made an appearance at my housewarming bash Saturday night, side dishes in tow. As much as I hate to admit it, she's not some crazy klepto, she's actually kind of hilarious. And anyone who shows up at my front door with a batch of deviled eggs is welcomed with open arms.

Joann told me all about the lady who lived in my house before, and that she always keeps an eye out on it. She's silly. But I like her. She told me to "holler" sometime! Here's to making amends.



Tequila loves me even if you don't

Tonight I'm off to my first concert of the year, Mr. Kenny Chesney!
Country concerts are what we Hoosiers do in the summer... but you gotta make sure you do it right!

Concert preparation starts the night before with the creation of jello shots.

Then you pile all your best friends into the car,

and make the 45 minute trek up to Verizon Wireless on the northside of Indianapolis

 Then it's tailgating time!
 You get your drinks all mixed up,
 Make some random friends,
 play some cornhole,

and of course, become buddy-buddy with any security guards to ensure safety.

And don't worry... if the liquid goes right through yah, we'll even set up a pee-pee tee-pee! Only the classiest for us, only the classiest.
 Once inside the gates, you pose with random people and even more random objects,

 witness some hillbilly romping,

 take plenty of group photos,

 maybe even share a sentimental moment or two

And then, because all of that good-hearted, American summertime fun wore you out... you take a nap on the drive home.

That's how we do it in Indy, my friends!!