Snap, Crackle, Crash

Last night as we were packing up ChrisChris' condo (more on this later!) I decided I wanted to take some last minute pictures of the place... we did have a lot of memories there after all! I get out my good ol Cybershot and start snapping away. 'Jeesh,' I think, 'It's really dark in here or something, I can't even see anything on the camera screen!'
Lo and behold, not only does it not hold a charge, it's completely jacked. The photo's look like a mix between a blazing fire and some sort of ghost-energy meter. I guess I've now made up my mind between getting a new battery or buying a new camera!

This, my dear amigas, is where I need your assistance...
What kind camera do you use? I preferably want a point-and-shoot, as much as I would love a DSLR or something it doesn't make sense right now, I don't have the time or money!
Getting another Sony would probably be my smartest route, since that's what my past 2 cameras have been, therefore I already have a couple memory cards. But I'm open to anything right now!

Along with telling me what camera you use, can you include:
How it charges (my most recent Cybershot had to be sat on a dock and then plugged into the wall which I thought was a pain)
How you get the photos onto your computer (camera cord, card reader, I even heard there's fancy cameras that can send them wirelessly?)

and anything else you want to mention.... how is the battery life, any special features, cool colors etc.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really really really appreciate it! I'm one of those people who researches online before I buy but we are going out of town this weekend and I would love to be able to bring a new camera with me then!


Too cute

Gramps celebrated his 75th birthday last week. We all enjoyed the day on the back porch of my aunt & uncles house out in the country. Nothing like a fresh batch of sweet tea, a cookout and all your family to savor a beautiful summer evening!
 This is Peyton, my cousin surprised his fiance with him at her Bridal Shower a few weeks ago. Adorable, no?
 Grandpa & Peyton
 Olivia & my mom
Grandpa, my aunt & uncle's English mastiff Darby, and my cousin Alicia
Two of my uncles
Olivia with her Great Grandpa! (Love her expression ha!)
Darby & Alicia

*I didn't take these photos, my wonderful cousin, Alicia did. She is an awesome photographer! She take's Olivia's baby pics every month too!


Top 2 Tuesday : Deserted Island

This week's topic is the 2 things you would bring with you to a deserted island. This one was super easy...
1. My macbook

2. A solar-powered generator

Muahah I'm too smart for this question! My macbook has everything I could possibly want on it - I could video chat with everyone back home, read books, take photos with the built in camera, BLOG about it! I would even order more supplies compliments of wireless internet and use YouTube to learn how to build a hut ;)

I'm ready... deserted island here I come!! Wanna join in on the fun? Float on over to Taylor's blog and link up!

The weekend I got JAG-ged

Another Monday came around way too quick! I learned somethin this weekend....

Even though someone lives 6 states away and you haven't seen them in months, sometimes things just click and conversations flow easily. I loved having Jenn in town, I secretly may wish she was moving here instead of to Vegas this week but I'm oh so excited for her. And of course I can't wait to come visit!!

Oh, and I didn't intentionally break my promise to take pictures. My camera took a poo-kipsie. I have been using ChrisChris' camera since... oh I don't know, since I first met him? His is just a lot more user friendly than mine (don't have to put it on a dock to charge, plugs right into my computer, etc). I decided I wanted to start using my own Sony Cybershot again, and had it on the charger overnight... yea well it had about 10 minutes worth of battery life. Now I'm deciding between buying a new camera or just getting a new battery (the lure of a new camera is always way more exciting though...) I might revisit the new camera thing in a future post, I will definitely want your input!

Luckily I can steal borrow this one from our friend Casey though!
Myself, Jenn & Casey

Since Jenn didn't have her car here, we had a lot of car ride conversations! It was so fun reminiscing about our past (we've known each other since elementary school): girl scouts, parties, camping in my backyard, old boyfriends, etc. The three of us had dinner and saw Grown-Ups on Friday night, I laughed more at dinner than I did at the movie though! One of the reasons I love Jenn is because she cries when she laughs just like I do... so we both sat at the table cracking up with tears rolling down our faces, it was a sight to see! (I feel sorry for anyone else dining near us - the deadly combination of three girls catching up + Strawberry Limoncello martinis + wine sampling!)

If you haven't read her blog, pop on over and wish her luck on her new job and her big move to Vegas this week!!


Friday Randoms

Not counting shipping & handling (although I'm pretty sure if it's not free for an order over that amount then, in the words of Stefanie Tanner, how rude!)

Wait, wait, no I didn't spend that much. I was just calculating the total for all the watches I currently would enjoy having from the Michael Kors website. Dear MK, please stop making watches...mmmmkkkthanks!

In other news, I went to the doctor for my migraines on Tuesday. We established that I go blind because I get ocular migraines. Neat, I already knew that from Google, but thanks Mr. MD. I was in and out of his office within 10 minutes, with a prescription for Frova in hand and a $100+ bill on my way to my mailbox any day now I'm sure. (PS Doesn't my medicine sound fun.... like a rapper or a Disney character or something! Haven't had another migraine yet so I haven't gotten the chance to test it out, my fingers are crossed though!)

On my way home from the doctors office I passed our local library, so of course I had to make a stop! I picked up this bad boy along with a few others that I can't wait to read...

ChrisChris and I's date Wednesday night was wonderful. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum. Is anyone else as obsessed with their 'brown bread' as I am? I can't stop eating it, and always end up ruining my meal because I'm so full but it's so soo good to me for some reason. I don't even know what it's really called, I just call it brown bread because the other one in the basket is white bread. I like to think it's healthy since it has oatmeal on top of it though. Then I don't feel so bad for eating an entire loaf of it!
(This photo is a few months old but I like it!)
Tangent. Sorry. It was nice to finally get "us" time though. Those of you with kids probably laughed when I said that, but honestly we have been doing stuff with family and friends non-stop lately! We talked a lot about our upcomign trip to Jamaica. Chris has never been, and since I'm a self-imposed Jamerican I feel it's my duty to show him the island that I've come to love! I have a running list in my mind of places I want to take him and people I want him to meet!

This week has been nuts, something goin on every day. It's all fun stuff though so I'm loving it! I've been a happy, happy girl this week! My real life bestie, Jenn (if you've never checked out her blog, you should! JAGgedLittleLife she's about to move to Vegas, there will be plenty of good stories to come!), is in town for a few days and I can't wait to see her tonight! I haven't seen her in months, so it will be fun to catch up! I even promise I will bring my camera (gasp!)


Things I'm Not (Yet) Going to Buy - July Edition

Is it just me or has anyone else been getting retail reel-you-in-emails out the wazoo lately? Every morning I wake up like 4 new ones... then I sit at my desk all day dreaming about shopping!

So, my friends, I present to you Things I'm Not (YET) Going to Buy!

Michael Kors Tile Blue Chronograph (You already know I have a love affair with MK watches)
MARC by Marc Jacobs Double Wrap bracelet
 'Who Sent Flowers' Ring

Steve Madden Quilted Rose clutch

I better quit before I fill up my shopping cart at every website I stumble across today. Yikes. Let's not even talk about Vicky's swimsuit sale!! Did I mention that at midnight tonight my paycheck hits my bank account?


Fast Money!

You guys are cracking my up with your answers from my Invisible Friend-ily Feud.... if you haven't played yet, please come join in on the fun!

-Name something you think is ok to wear even though Lucky says it's out of style. 
I'm with all of you who answered Uggs.... I don't care how un-fashionable they are, they are warm and comfy and easy and, well honestly, at least I'm not wearing big black Napoleon Dynamite-esque snow boots!

-Name something a random stranger can do to ruin your day.
Make a comment about my outfit, a not-exactly-flattering comment. You know, the "oh... that's a really interesting top....(blank stare)" comment. 

-Name one food that makes you vomit in your mouth at just the thought of it.
Subway sandwiches. I just can't do it. When I was in high school we had a different fast food restaurant bring food in every day, and Mondays were Subway... the sandwiches had been in fridge since like 5am probably, and were smashed, semi-soggy, pickle stained and just plain gross. I haven't had a Subway since!

-What is one 'roll-up-the-windows-so-nobody-hears-me-listening-to-this-song' song of yours?
 This morning it was the new Enrique Iglesias song! Don't judge... it's really catchy!!
-Name a very embarrassing thing you got caught doing.
This one really stumped me.... I guess the most embarrassing thing isn't really a funny-embarrassing but a what-was-I-thinking-embarrassing. 
In my 'younger&dumber' years, I was dating a guy who worked for Rockstar Energy and they were throwing a party at a club in downtown Indy during F1 weekend. I offered to be one of their "promo girls" (because, hey when you're dating a cheater that's one less chick he could have been hitting on) I basically hung out outside the bar in scantily clad little shorts (they were more like underwear) and a tied-up tshirt all night long while fellas oogled at me... honestly makes me cringe just thinking about it. My parents happened to be downtown and see me, and I could just tell I disappointed them big time! It still makes my heart hurt thinking of the look on their faces!

Of course, if you want a funny one... there was the time I got stuck in the airplane bathroom on the flight down to Cancun.... when I finally body slammed the door and fell out into the walkway I got a round of applause from the rest of the plane.

-Guess what, I'm coming to visit, where would you take me first in your town?
If you all came to visit me I would take you to the canal, we would walk it and just enjoy the weather (assuming of course that you came during nice weather!), then we would go to Mass Ave and do some shopping, grab some food at this little English Pub that I'm in love with, and then proceed on over to Broad Ripple for more shopping! 
-Name a charity/organization you proudly support?
One of my favorite things to do in college was send packages to soldiers overseas. I went through a site called AnySoldier where soldiers or squadron leaders could post things they needed/wanted - whether it be magazines, a certain snack they miss or the poor females are always requesting lady products! It broke my heart to go through and read the letters that they would write about people in their platoon who never get packages from family back home. Freedom isn't free and I try to support our military any way I can! Sadly, I've sort of fallen out of the habit. I used to send one or two a month... I should look into that again
-What's one thing you're looking forward to this week?
Chris & I are having a date night tonight, we haven't had one in a LONG time! Just a simple dinner & a movie, but I'm still excited! Then we're going out to my aunt & uncles tomorrow evening (they live out in the country, I LOVE it) to celebrate my one Grandpa's birthday, and then Saturday we are going to a cookout with the other side of my family for my other Grandpa's birthday. Guaranteed to be lots of good food consumed this week!
-First concert you ever saw?
Billy Ray Cyrus... I wish I still had the Achy Breaky Heart tshirt from it....
-What was your childhood stuffed animal's name?
Wee Willy. I have NO idea where his name came from, my grandma & grandpa brought him back from a cruise they were on, he's this fish with really big lips and a lil sailor hat on. I couldn't sleep at night without Wee Willy!


Invisible Friend-ily Feud

I've noticed a few new readers so let's play a little game...
New or not, copy & paste these questions and your answers into a comment.... can't wait to read them!

-Name something you think is ok to wear even though Lucky says it's out of style. 
-Name something a random stranger can do to ruin your day.
-Name one food that makes you vomit in your mouth at just the thought of it.
-What is one 'roll-up-the-windows-so-nobody-hears-me-listening-to-this-song' song of yours?
-Name a very embarrassing thing you got caught doing.
-Guess what, I'm coming to visit, where would you take me first in your town?
-Name a charity/organization you proudly support?
-What's one thing you're looking forward to this week?
-First concert you ever saw?
-What was your childhood stuffed animal's name?

Don't worry.... you're not alone, I'll post my answers tomorrow!! And because posts without pictures are no fun, I'll leave you with this (in honor of my return to Jamaica being less than 3 months away)...
Who wouldn't want to be friends with someone that has a starfish bleached on their head?!


Cake ball a trois

A friend of the family asked me to make cake balls for her daughters graduation open house this weekend, sweetening the offer with the promise of cash. Baking for money? Sign me up!

Dressed in my best Betty Crocker get-up, I've spent my afternoon baking cakes. My kitchen is hotter than a bad word and I'm quite tired of mooshing icing into cake crumbs. And sadly, I'm not even halfway done!

I'm making lemon cake balls which will be dipped in white chocolate, red velvet with cream cheese icing that will be dipped in chocolate, chocolate with cherry icing to be dipped in chocolate and also Oreo balls (dipped in white chocolate).

I've got balls that are rolled out,
balls that are still in the smooshed stage 
and balls that don't even know they're going to become balls!
Lord help me! I'm all caked out. This is requiring more energy than my sick-self has exerted all week long. 

PS I'm battling day 8 of summer illness =/ Thanks for all the kind words, it has started to fade off, but still frustratingly enough graced me with a throbbing head and swollen tonsils all day today. 



Dear invisible friends,
Meet my new partner in crime-
We've been spending a lot of time together lately.


Helllloooo warm weather!


Ahh, summertime. Spencedog may be more spoiled than anyone!  
(PS My mom's a hairstylist, in case you're sitting there thinkin 'dang this chick has different colored hair in every photo!)

La la laHEY Macarena!

I'd be lying if I said I didn't bust out a few moves!
(Side note: you KNOW you sang this the exact same as my title... no one ever knew the words to this dang song!)


Top 2 Tuesday : Favorite Books

I have been MIA from the T2T scene the past few weeks, apologies! I just wasn't feeling up for it. But I'm back, and just in time for one of my favorite things to talk about... books!

I had a hard time narrowing it down to just two! My go-to books are always chick flicks, but as I was thinking back to the books I really really could-not-put-it-down-and-continued-to-think-about-it-after-I-finished books, these two definitely filled that category!

1) Deception Point by Dan Brown
This book, along with all of Dan Brown's other books, had me absolutely intrigued. I loved the mystery with the twinge of conspiracy and of course a little bit of a love story.

2. The Beach by Alex Garland
I had never seen the movie (yea, the one with Leo DiCaprio) until after I had finished the book. I'm really glad. If I had seen the movie I probably would have never even considering reading the book because the movie just sucked in comparison! Travel, suspense, a great beach... I loved it. LOVED it!

And a close runner-up taking third place:
I am Not Myself These Days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell
An autobiography, written by a man who was a drag queen, one of the few books that has actually made me laugh out loud while reading it. I picked this out because of the cover, true story, but it is a FANTASTIC book. He tells so many funny stories, you can't help but feel for him!

I've done a few other posts about my favorite books too, you can check them out here if you'd like!


A few weeks before Olivia was born I wrote about how much I love Mondays,  I still have that love... in fact it's grown even more.

My mom watches Livy on Mondays. That means I get to rush home after work and catch a few sweet moments with my niece before anyone else comes over for dinner. Those 20-30 minutes every Monday mean the world to me!

She has grown so much, it's crazy to me. She smiles and laughs now, and is finally discovering her voice (which can be rather high-pitched and loud at times!) We carried on QUITE a conversation yesterday, it was too stinkin cute! Chris caught these pictures later in the evening while we were sitting on the porch...

Miss Olivia Lauren, before I even met you, you had my heart... now that you're here I know I will never get it back. And I couldn't be more thrilled!