Move over Bob Villa

Back in February I began working on a salon redesign. It was my first big project of it's kind, and now that nearly everything is in place I'm finally ready to share some photos from it. Yikes! It looks SO much better, and completely fits the attitude of the salon, which was something they were lacking before.

Before: Reception Desk & Room Divider

Before: Main Shelving Unit

Before: Seating area & good ol' DP machine

And yes, the paint job was intentional. For nearly 6 months clients asked "So, when are you gonna finish painting?"

Basically, we closed down the salon last Saturday at 3pm and immediately began ripping up carpet (a nightmare in itself - every square centimeter was glued to the cement subfloor), tearing down those 1990's shelving units. Luckily, father-of-the-boyfriend is a professional painter so he did that while we tore carpet out. Sunday we came in and laid the wood flooring and built all of the shelving units/side tables. 

Then we (and by we I mean 94% my dad, 2% dear boyfriend, 2% my mom and 2% me) spent the entire week building that reception desk. Come the weekend we painted, stained and installed it.

Back to the matter at hand. This wholeheartedly deserves a drumroll, so I'm going to trust that you all are sitting there drumming on your desk. And if not, shame on you!

Ladies & gents, let me introduce to you the newly redesigned Ray & Co. Design Salon

There are still a few finishing touches (like the blue painters tape covering cords on the floor behind the reception desk, and the rug that hadn't been swapped out yet) but all in all I think it turned out amazing. The clients, employees and owner all love it!

I'm still trying to decide what should go above the shelving unit, it looks like something is missing... any suggestions?