Switzerland: the land of chocolate & money

I'm pretty much deadset on planning a vacation AS.SOON.AS my PTO days are recharged on Jan1st. In the meantime I think I'll share some silly stories from my travel in the past.... everyone loves to give me hell for making friends everywhere we go, this story just illustrates that fact.

Once upon a time, young Chelsea and her best friend Mandi took a little spring break trip down to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

Our resort had the cutest little 4 room cabanas. On the first night, as we are walking back to our room we caught wind of an accent in the distance. We round the corner on the path and lo and behold two Swiss fellas are sitting outside their room smoking cigarettes. Of course, we introduced ourselves and pretty much became best friends. And somehow stumbled into hours of conversation mostly regarding our vast knowledge of Switzerland: "So.. you guys have lots of chocolate... and money?" and America: "So you guys eat like McDonalds all the time, huh?"

Every night we always managed to stay out later then them, so inevitably on the walk back to our room Mandi & I would scheme up some silly plan. Since they had a room on the first floor their balcony was always our battlefield. One night we stacked all their patio furniture up against the balcony door, rendering it impossible for them to get outside that way... which meant once our giggling woke them up they had to go ALL the way around and climb over the railing to move all the stuff. We'd hide out and wait until they were all settled in then go hop onto their balcony and sit around chatting til the wee hours of the morning

They didn't mind our shenanigans though, and committed their fair share as 'payback'. At one point they told us, in their best broken English, "We don't want to go home, Switzerland people are boring, you American girls are fun you like to joke".

The next night we noticed a pair of pants hanging on their balcony to dry. So we did what any nice girl would do... hopped over the railing and stole them.

Don't worry, we left a ransom note. And hurried back to our room before we got busted.

Unfortunately, Swiss boys aren't dumb, and by that point they had figured out our room #. And it wasn't long before a handwritten note came sliding under our door, and we erupted into a fit of giggles. Shortly thereafter all 4 of us were sneaking onto the grounds of the neighboring resort and cannon balling into their (closed for the night) pool.

The best prank however was the night we (again) moved all their patio furniture into the walkway and completely toilet papered their balcony.

Yes, they wore man'pris... and yes, Patrick's shirt does say "D&G: Dollars and Girls" HA. Note to self: European doesn't always equal fashionable.

Dear Swiss boys, thanks for the memories. You guys have a lot more to offer than just really good hot cocoa (Swiss Miss. No? Not funny?) Mandi & I still laugh about that trip to this day. Of course, those were the pre-facebook days... although it woud be fun if we still kept in touch with them!


So What Wednesday

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So what if I have maternity leggings on right now. I didn't realize when I was buying them. They fit fine everywhere except the gut... I could stuff a pillow in that bad boy! I just fold them down hah

 So what if I came home Friday after work to a surprise delivery. My 2nd favorite west-coaster, Cody, sent a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. They shifted a bit in transit, but are pretty darn good! 

So what if I took on a little project roughly 4 hours before everyone was slated to show up for Christmas Eve celebrations.
Just a minor thing ;) My dad ended up calling right after this picture & wanted me to come pick him up from the tire store and I ended up getting busted.  Which I guess is good because he helped me finish in half the time!

So what if the bathroom chalkboard got some serious action on Christmas eve. The headline being "MIKE = COUSIN EDDIE" 

So what if, even though I enjoyed having a house full of family, I doubt I will offer to host Christmas again. There was wine spilled on stuff, broken chalk all over my bathroom and a very sick dog because everyone kept feeding him people food. It was more of a mess than when I have all my friends over! =/

So what if I'm absolutely in love with the new baby that was adopted into the family on Saturday! Miss Bella. One of my mom's clients was giving her away because she started a new job, and my mom offered to take her. She's such a doll

So what if Santa knows about my adoration of MattyMc and brought me these for Christmas. Enabler! I think my collection is nearly complete

So what if am LOVING work this week because I am alone in my office. Supervisor takes vacation this week every year and it's so nice and peaceful. 

So what if am currently trying to figure out how many boxes of bandaids and icepacks I need to buy to burn through the $100+ that's still left in my FSA account. Boo on 'use it or lose it'! 



Do you think I can talk all my cousins into showing up at Christmas in Simpson's gear so we can recreate this photo again this year?



So What Wednesday

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So what if I just threatened my supervisor. He has been hacking up a lung for three days and I told him if I become sick I am kicking him in the shins. Dude, take a sick day.

So what if Saturday I got out the trim paint to touch up this spot on my bathroom door casing that has been driving me nuts... which turned into re-painting all my stair risers, touching up a bunch of trim, and painting my bathroom vanity. Got a tad carried away.

So what if I have THE dumbest line from a rap song stuck in my head. "was that Chanel 5... Very sexy fragrance"... it's from AceHood's Body-to-Body. Go listen. 

So what if this picture right here has led me to bust out in random giggles atleast 23 times since I first saw it yesterday.

So what if this conversation, with a friend from college, is probably pretty true. 

So what if I insisted that I get my picture taken with this jumbo PBR when we were tailgating on Sunday. Hey, whats up, I'm Chelsea the hipster.

So what if we didn't just have hot dogs at tailgating.... we had snoop doggie dogs! Also involved were brightly colored solo cups, and sharpies

 So what if our bud, an ex colts player, told some little kid he was Joseph Addai when the kid asked him if he used to play for Indy. The kid totally believed him too HA

So what if we tebow'd in the stands after the Colts finally won a game. Hey, it was necessary!

So what if I snapped a picture of this chicks outfit at the mall. Really? REALLY? Someone send her to Pinterest, homegirl needs to learn how to dress. Paisley skirt + cowboy boots + polo shirt. In December. In Indiana.

So what if we have another Colts game tomorrow night, which means I will be dragging ass at work on Friday. But it's the last game of the season... I can't NOT make jello shots for the last game!


Reason for the season

I was sitting on my couch with a belly full of stuffing and a happy heart. I had just gotten home from a day of Thanksgiving goodness with my family and couldn’t shake the feeling that I was SERIOUSLY blessed. Sure I’ve had my fair share of suck this year, but overall I am still a pretty lucky little lady.

That’s when the idea popped in my head. I quickly pulled out my laptop, spent a few minutes typing and then went to bed. To be honest I woke up the next morning anxious and excited. I opened up my email and saw this

My family's wishlist. I had contacted a local domestic violence shelter about 'adopting' a family for Christmas. I quickly scanned over it and was immediately humbled. This was a Christmas list. With socks and gloves and coats. We sit around whining because we don't have the brand new iPad meanwhile this mama and her baby just left an abusive boyfriend/husband/whoever and have barely anything to their name.

I had a blast shopping for them. I wanted to get them not only what they asked for but a few other fun things, just to make sure they really felt loved! 

In fact, over half the gifts under my tree were for two people I had never even met!

This past Friday I had to bag all of their gifts up and drop them off at the organization downtown. I almost felt like the Grinch, stuffing them all into a trash bag. I was worried the bag wouldn't even fit into my car!!

They lady asked me who the donation was from, probably expecting a girl scout troop or something. When I told her it was just from me she placed her hadn on my arm and gave me the most sincere thank you I think I have ever received.

That whole experience made my holiday season this year. I am so grateful I was able to be in a position where I could spread holiday cheer to someone who needed it far more than I do! I hope that when they open their gifts on Christmas morning they know that someone out there is cheering them on, and I hope that  this is something I am able to do every year from now on!



MiMO - fur

Wanna hear about the time I unknowingly wore my MiMO outfit the day we were having our work Christmas luncheon. I garnered some head turns that day for sure. Whoops.

Here were my two inspiration outfits.....

I had scooped up a fur vest from the little girls section at Target a few weeks ago and finally mustered up the courage to rock it. And my fake glasses. Then I had to go hang out with  some very non-fashion forward folks at our luncheon. I got a lot of looks... and Flintstones jokes... and was even petted a few times...

 Brown Tunic: NY&Co (also worn here)
Fur vest: Target (little girls section)
Belt & Glasses: F21

But I thought it was awfully fun! So whatev... I'll just remember next time to wear it to dinner or something instead of work!

Wanna play along? Just post an outfit you rocked that was inspired by Pinterest and link-up below!
And, as always, don't forget to check out my partner-in-crime, Holly's, outfit!
(And a PSA - link-ups are for people PLAYING ALONG... don't add your link if you aren't. I'll just delete it)

Merry last-Monday-til-Christmas!



Mixer & Mingle Friday: Gift Ideas

Struggling for a few last minute gift ideas? Why not give the gift that keeps on giving!?
But don't just take the boring route, spice it up a bit this year!

How about a 50mil (airline size) bottle of Stoli Chocolat Razberi or Pinnacle Whipped, along with a cute mug, some fancy hot cocoa mix and some cozy slippers? The perfect little gift for the lovely ladies in your life!

Need somethin for your night-owl girlfriends? How about a sassy little flask and a 50mil of of a few fun flavored liquors and a glittery clutch to carry it all?

Don't forget about the men in your life either! What about a handful of different 50mil bourbons to sample? Create your own little basket complete with a few rocks glasses and a can of peanuts or something.

Do you ever give alcohol as a gift? Do you take the easy route and stick it in a cute bag or are you like me and make it into a whole themed set? I think it adds a fun little touch, plus most 50mil bottles are only $1 or $2 at your local liquor store!



So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what if I say to myself, in the most game-show-announcer-voice I can muster up "ITS SOOOO WHAT WEDNESDAY" every week as I start typing this post up.

So what if I also have to sound it out as wed-nes-day or else it for sure getting spelled wrong. 

So what if I am making myself sound super cool thus far. SUPER cool.

So what if I bought not one, but TWO sparkly dresses last night. Wanna sneak peak? 
(Unfortunately the tights + boots won't get to be a part of the outfit. Le sigh. I'm gonna freeze)
I need to choose which one I'll be wearing tomorrow night and take the other back. Decisions decisions

So what if I'm noticing that I'm getting grumpy because I haven't had any ME time this week... and I won't get any until Saturday atleast. No bueno, friends. Too many things going on this week!

So what if I absolutely refuse to spell atleast properly (as two separate words)

So what if the work event I went to last night sort of rekindled my love for my job. I would seriously miss a lot of these people.

So what if sometimes, when I give someone my number, I wait a while before I respond to their text. I picture them freakin out thinking I gave them a fake number. It makes me giggle. 

So what if I have been working on a little project of sorts but I'm not quite ready to 'reveal' said project. Soon kiddos, soon. 

So what if I refuse to wear sweatpants in public. Life is all about who you know and I'm not running around lookin like a scrub, never know who you may meet!

So what if they poured a new sidewalk here at work and it's taking every once of willpower for me not to handprint it

So what if it's pretty annoying how Twitter has become a bitchfest lately. Don't get me wrong, I throw complaints out there but it's not the ONLY thing I tweet. Sheesh people, is your life that bad? Maybe you should get off the internet and do something to improve it then. Justsayin. don't throw rotten veggies at me.