Northern Africa on the horizon

A week from today we'll be wrapping up our projects at work, setting our Out of Offices and scrambling to start on that last minute packing.

Then Saturday it's wheels up for Morocco. (Well, technically it's wheels up for Barcelona but those few days we are spending amongst the land of Catalonia isn't the highlight of this trip for me haha!)

Aside from the insane level of excitement I have to finally visit Morocco, this trip also holds another special place in my heart. This trip will mark my 6th continent, and the last big adventure before turning 30.

Judging by every photo I've seen of the country, I'm likely to either A) fall so in love I never want to return or B) buy SO MUCH STUFF in the souks I'm going to have to find a shipping container to send it all back stateside.

If anyone has any tips/must-see's/must-do's send them my way... I'm all ears! We will be spending about 2.5 days in Barcelona total, and a week in Morocco