Stream of consciousness

Have no fear, I actually am alive. I spent the weekend feeling like death, and apparently convincing people I truly did have measles (that was only a joke, kiddos)

I'm wearing jeans to work today, shhh don't tell. We will call them gray denim-esque pocket pants with zipper.

I've also got a hot pink blazer on. HOT pink. It sorta clashes with my highlighter pink nails. Meh.

I got called a hipster this morning after posting a picture of my braided hair. Who knew I was really being a hipster ages 4-16 when I wore braids at least 3 days a week. 

I spelled consciousness right on the first try when I began typing this post. That deserves some sort of celebratory pat on the back, no?

After spending Friday and Saturday alternating between maintaining a coma-like state and puking my guts out, I went on a serious shopping spree Sunday. It didn't take long to convince my mom she should buy an XBox Kinect. So I could play it mostly. (Thank god for buying a house 7 minutes away from your parents). We got the zumba game. It kicked my ass.

I'm still bound & determined to learn how to salsa dance. I can promise you that video game is not in any way helping to perfect my technique though.

The guy working at the Walmart electronics section was pretty dang cute though.

Eek. I think I need to set my standards higher.

Thank god I will be on a beach in like a week and a half. I clearly can't even create complete thoughts.

Come back tomorrow - it's So What Wednesday, I have a lot of SoWhat'ing to do. A LOT. 



So What Wednesday

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So what if it's this little ladies 2nd birthday today.
I may be biased, but I think my niece is the best. She is such a strong, amazing little ball of sass. With her chemo and weakened immune system we are just having a little get together for immediate family, but I hope she feels the love all the same!

So what if I am currently image-searching for a lei and a cowboy hat to put on a beaver. God, I love my job. Redneck luau here we come.

So what if this lady bailed on our 3way dinner date Saturday night. (Lame) Aly & I had fun withoutchooo.

So what if I celebrated Fat Tuesday with Margaritas. The Mexicans were on to something, I tell yah. I choose them over Catholics, and definitely over Irish. I promise you I will have tequila in my system on St Pattys Day, lovingly referred to as Worst Holiday Ever. 

So what if I painted my nails to match the spice jar. It caught my eye on my kitchen shelf.

So what if I think a burger topped in guacamole is the best idea EVER.

So what if I am absolutely loving having the office to myself. I need to do some rearranging though, no?

So what if I listen to Robin Thicke's Pretty Little Heart on repeat. For extended periods of time. Can he be mine? I wouldn't hate him serenading me all the time.

So what if this is what I look like every day when I get home from work. My dress pants come off immediately when I walk in the door. The sad part is, I almost forgot & left the house looking like this

So what if I've yet to put away any of the laundry I did over the weekend. My bedroom is a wreck.

So what if I think I am getting sick again, and (compliments of WebMD) I've narrowed it down to either Measles, HIV or diphtheria. Ok, I may have gotten that last one from Oregon Trail.



Lazy girl dog treats

Homemade dog treats.
C'mon, your first thought is who has time to do that.

Me. That's who!

A few weekends ago my mom and I decided we were tired of buying the ridiculously priced dog treats from the store & took it upon ourselves to make our own. The thing is, they're super simple. We even got all cutesy and used a heart shaped cookie cutter since it was lovey-dovey February

Lazy Girl Dog Treats


1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cups white flour
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup water
2 tablespoons oil

Preheat the oven to 350 F. Combine oil, peanut butter and water. Add flour, one cup at a time, forming a dough. Knead dough into firm ball and roll to 1/4 inch thickness. (We used mom's Kitchenaid, with the dough hook)

Use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes, or simply cut into squares/rectangles. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes. Makes 2 1/2 dozen cookies.

[recipe based on this one]

These got the tail-wag of approval from Russell, Spencer, Bella, Abby and Darby (hey, we like to share!)

the house of booze

 Last week was a bit of a wild one.

My supervisor was let go from the company, and I was offered a new contract with some additional perks. In one fell swoop I went from underdog to running the show.

Today is my first day as the lone designer here at the house of booze. The next few weeks will prove a challenge as St. Patrick's Day is one of our biggest holidays, and I am going at it alone. However, I have no doubts that I can handle whatever gets thrown at me!

I am really excited to prove to my company that they made the right decision, but bear with me as I get transitioned as I may be a bit absent around the blog world for a little bit!

(If you follow me on twitter, this is old news, I apologize!)



So What Wednesday

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So what if I went to change out of yoga pants to put leggings on the other day, I untied and took off my shoes, took my pants off, proceeded to put my shoes back on, and tied them. Then stood there in my underwear and tennis shoes cracking up at myself. Ay yi yi (Then, because I didn't want to take my shoes back off I struggled to pull my pants on OVER them)

So what I spent my Valentine's Day with a group of single friends, consuming mass amounts of bacon and cocktails. Seriously - bacon wrapped tater tots, jalapeno poppers, straight bacon, it was amazing. I think I may need to stay single forever just so that can be my yearly VDay ritual

So what if I am wearing the geek glasses today. They seemed like the perfect match for my bacon hangover mood this morning

So what if instead of changing the battery in my smoke detector this morning, I laid in bed silently cussing out its every chirp from the hours of 6am to 7am. Why it decided it needed a new battery in the wee hours of the morning is beyond me.

So what if I am absolutely ticked that the ticket we all thought mysteriously disappeared has made itself present again. In the form of a threat letter saying my license will be suspended in two weeks. Neat.

So what if I am about to rub this in your face -- I'll be on the beach in the Caribbean in 3 and a half weeks. (Sorry, sorry, had to)

So what if my blender was literally smoking this morning. I guess a $15 wally world cheapie can only handle so many frozen bananas. Naturally, I continued to use it. How else was I supposed to completely blend my green monster, by hand?!

So what if played hooky from work on Monday to hang out with my niece. She is doing really well, you wouldn't even have any clue she was battling cancer - which is simply amazing in my mind. We put on a pretty gnarly drum concert on her Muppets drum set. 

So what if I got asked out by a 21 year old. I know it's only a couple years younger... but I'm struggling with it HA! Probably doesn't help that I've taken to calling him "little tyke"

So what if semi-bigdeal changes are happening in my world but I can't discuss just yet. Soon though, promise!



Spread the Love

I was feeling a little festive Sunday night and decided to whip up a Valentine's treats to give out.

Cinnamon Honey Butter 
(this is the actual name, I think "heaven in your mouth" is a legit alternative though. If you are familiar with the Texas Roadhouse butter, this tastes JUST like it, if not better!)

5 sticks butter, softened
1 cup confectioners' sugar
1 cup honey
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

Combine all ingredients in your mixer. Blend on medium until butter becomes whipped. Enjoy!

(This filled up 5 16oz Ball canning jars - the recipe can easily be doubled or cut in half too)

[modified from this recipe]



Mixer & Mingle Fridays : Boom Boom Punch

I haven't done a Mixer & Mingle post in a while... I bet you all are thirsty!

I bring to you today a SERIOUSLY good, seriously simple drink. Let's call it Boom Boom Punch shall we?

Simply fill a glass with ice, add about a shot of Absolut Mango Vodka, another shot of Cruzan Strawberry Rum and then fill with Sprite. Add more of any ingredient to taste.  Told you, easy peasy.

It's a little bit of tropical, and a little bit of heaven in your cup.

This drink also travels well. Like... in water bottles, to Super Bowl Village for instance. Not that I am speaking from experience or anything ;)




Little Letters: Round 3

I think it's about time for some little letters, no?

Dear green monster,
You are pretty much the equivalent of crack to my body. I crave you ever morning, and feel 900x better throughout the rest of the day compliments of you.  Thank you for weaseling your way into my life.

Dear church,
I know you probably wouldn't approve of the fact that I photoshopped communion glasses to look like jello shots. I needed to though. Please don't condemn me to hell

Dear cancer,
You're pretty much getting your ass kicked right now. Funny how you thought you could just show up and rock my not-even-2-year-old niece's world. She's got other plans. So pack up your shit, and get out. We already took the time to evict your tumor, so move along!

Dear Saint Valentine,
That day, the one dedicated completely to you, is about to rock my world. It may, quite possibly, be the best Valentine's Day EVER if all goes as planned. Want a hint as to my plans: Bacon'geddon.

Dear zumba,
I am bound and determined to conquer you. However, until that day comes where I can samba without looking like a 3 year old doing the potty dance... I will contain my zumba lessons to the private confines of my own home. 

Dear neighbors,
If any of you ever happen to glance in my window, I apologize. You guys have got to think I'm effin weird. I am constantly running around half-clothed, flashing the world because I forget to close my blinds. I am always dancing my way around the house (and I'm not talking waltzing, I'm talkin pop-lock-n-droppin it as I clean up the living room).  I run around chasing my dog like a madman.  I have a million and 12 half finished projects. I leave my garage door open half the time, and my keys hanging in the door the other half. Yea.... sorry. I'll try to reel it in a notch

Dear Indy,
We absolutely rocked it for Super Bowl. I cannot count how many out-of-towners raved about the people to me. LOVED it. So awesome. I just wanted to embrace the entire city full of people in a group hug Sunday night and never let them all go home.

Dear winter,
I liked you better when you were just half-assing it. Can we go back to that?

Dear Punta Cana,
You're, what, like a month away? I'm so ready to be in you. (heh, cue 12 year old boy giggles)

Dear corporate America,
Don't make the wrong choice. I'm just going to leave it at that for now.




You know what's under-appreciated?

Icee's and popcorn at Target.

Since when did someone think it was ok to start adding Starbucks into Targets. I don't want a $7 sorry excuse for caffeine, I want a 99cent cup of frozen sugar damnit.

I want to rub my buttery popcorn hands on every clothing item in the juniors section.

I want red Icee-stained teeth by the time I round the corner to the checkout line.

Here's to the little things, the under-appreciated things in life.  Take a moment today to appreciate them!


Celeb Beach Bowl

One of the coolest events I was able to go to during all of the Super Bowl festivities was the Celeb Beach Bowl.

A guy I dated in college was in town for the Super Bowl and invited me to tag along with him. As soon as I heard the roster, I was all over it. (Hello, who would turn down an opportunity to be 10ft away from Jesse Williams' beautiful self).

Since he works for DirecTV we were able to watch it from their VIP area right next to the blue team.

[Maria Menounos interviewing Peyton Manning]
[I didn't mind standing behind Chace Crawford & Deion Sanders!]

[Maria Menounos interviewing Deion aka PrimeTime!]

I didn't really know what to expect but it was actually hilarious to watch. There were some pretty awesome touchdown dances

 I can't even imagine how hard it was to run around and play flag football in that sand!? Of course, my favorite part was anytime the Grey's star got close! Me and a few other girls were cracking up because we would all perk up and whip out our cameras! So so creepy HA
[Can I point out how tiny Snoop Dogs legs are?!]

Pauly D was DJ'ing playing his iTunes playlist the whole time, then after the bowl, they opened up the field to the crowd and They Fray put on a concert. I always thought all of their songs sounded the same, but they actually put on a pretty decent show!

(Side note: After hearing a few creepy stories, I've decided I'm going to make more of an effort to watermark any photos I post on my blog from here on out. Hopefully the nameplate going straight through my photos isn't TOO obnoxious!)



MiMO Monday - Ultimate Fan

There are two times in life when you are allowed to go all out Americana and not garner the stank eye- 1) when you are 7 and celebrating Independence Day 2) when you are cheering for the NY Giants.

I'm well past 7, but this weekend provided the perfect chance for me to wear my red and blue with pride! I won't go all Sporty Spice on you, but in my opinion the city of Indianapolis could not have asked for a better ending to our fairy tale Super Bowl week... and I'd like to think my color-coordinated attire gave them a bit of good luck Sunday evening!

When I woke up Sunday morning I saw my red skinnies lying on my closet floor and instantly knew they were going to be worn later that day! I decided to channel Shenae Grimes for the rest of my get up

And here's how I made it my own:

Red Skinny Jeans: Carson Pirie Scott
(Also seen here)
White Tankl: Old Navy
Grey Top: TJMaxx

I thought it was a pretty fun little get-up. Plus it provided optimum comfort level for excessive eating and/or cheering ;)

What did you make your own this week?!

Don't forget to go check out Holly's outfit as well!



Good times never seem so good

The funny thing is, karaoke'ing was never on my bucket list. Not something I wanted to do. I don't sing in public. I haven't since the days of elementary school Christmas plays. Don't get me wrong - I let it out Carrie Underwood style in my car, alone. Key word there being alone.

Which makes it even more ironic that my best friend and I single-handedly woke up a resort full of people in the wee hours of the morning, belting out none other than the great Neil Diamond.

(cue the BOM BOM BOM)

I'm fairly certain it was our first night in Jamaica. Doing what any college kid does, we spent a majority of the evening seeking out trouble.  It came in the form of a semi-deserted piano bar smack dab in the middle of the resort. We quickly hopped onto the barstools next to a middle-aged Canadian couple and giggled as they accompanied the piano player in some 70s ballad I had never even heard.

A few tune later, we had made fast friends. Casey grabbed the karaoke play list and began flipping through the pages. After excitedly pointing out every other song, we finally settled on quite possibly the most well known singalong. I think it's safe to say we did Mr. Diamond proud.

The next morning Casey & I sashayed into the dining room to grab some breakfast, passing by my parents as we made a b-line to the bacon. In the midst of our small talk, mom made a comment on how horribly they slept. I think her exact words were something along the line of "some drunk people were screaming at the piano bar til the wee hours of the morning."

It took everything in me to hold back the laughter, as I nonchalantly mentioned that it may have been us. The entire table erupted in laughter as my parents just sat there shaking their heads. I'd like to think it was the kind of headshake you give your kids when you're so proud you cant even muster up the words.

If the first night was any indicator, you can go ahead and chalk it up that our first time to Jamaica was a success! Needless to say, we made a few friends that trip.

Hey... carpe the hell out of this diem. And check that one off the bucket list while I'm at it.



So What Wednesday

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So what I am currently photoshopping an image of plastic communion cups full of wine to look like jello shots. My options were limited. I’m going to hell.

So what I went into total geek mode this morning & located and removed a virus from my computer. Regedit ftw! ( I grew up with an engineer for a brother who was always rebuilding computers, I picked up a thing or two along the way!)

So what I think everyone who regularly bashes Indy, regardless of the fact that they live here… shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the Super Bowl festivities ;)

So what it is wishful thinking to hope that MAYBE my niece won’t have any side effects from her chemo. She just completed week three and so far so good.

So what I held off on baking Girlfriend Cookies last night, since vacation is a month and a half away… but then proceeded to eat (no lie) half the box of Tagalongs. I don’t care how sweet & innocent they seem… Girl Scouts are the devil

So what I painted my nails all cute & valentines’y last night, and proceeded to screw them up not even 10 minutes later. Happens every time.

So what if I regularly get emails & tweets asking about vacation advice/tips/suggestions and want to somehow blog about all my experience but am struggling to figure out the best way. I don't want to go all TripAdvisor'ish, yah know!?

So what if I miss my best friend really, really bad. She started her new job and I have been so busy with Super Bowl that we have barely found time to chat. Boo!

So what if this week, jeans week at the House of Booze, has made waking up in the mornings THAT much easier. What is it about being able to wear jeans that puts a smile on my face!?