The hunt continues

I looked at 3 more houses last night.... on the way to the 3rd showing we passed the house I originally put an offer in on. It was sort of like running into an ex with their new girlfriend. I scowled and muttered under my breath that it was a skanky house and I didn't want it anyways.

But that's neither here nor there.

Let's meet the contestants shall we-House #1 - A well-built ranch in a quiet neighborhood
House #2 - A quaint little cottage on a bustling street

House #3 - A simple little home on a tiny lot

The first and the second house had a brilliant hue of reddish-orange shag carpeting. Odd coincidence considering they were built roughly 70 years apart.

The first smelled of an airport smoker's lounge. The second smelled of old people and dog pee. The third featured a mixture of diesel fuel and brand new carpet (a heavenly scent if I may add - right up there with new car and fresh paint. New carpet that is, I'm not a huffer)

The third house had a back yard the length of my forearm. I kid you not I could reach out the bedroom window and into the neighbors pantry to grab an afternoon snack.

Still following?
How about a fun "I Spy" game.... here's the kitchen in the second house.
Eh, you spy a cute little kitchen that needs some updating right? But wait... can you spot the fridge? No? What about a stove? Can't find that either? I dare you to locate the microwave and dishwasher?

My dear friends, this isn't a trick, there's not cabinets on a back wall or something... this house had NONE of that. This was the kitchen, in it's entirety. I was baffled when we stepped foot in there and still am. It's not like there's a spot for them and they've sSomebody lives in this house right now without any appliances but a kitchen sink.

House #3 got nixed as soon as we pulled up and I noticed my car would never fit into the garage (Cammie's got them child-berthing hips... she's no skinny car!) I see a lot of potential in house #1 and #2. I got a fuzzy in my tummy about house #1. It's in a neighborhood though, a quiet neighborhood. Am I a neighborhood gal? And it's not the 'charming old house' that I had envisioned myself buying... it's definitely the level of 'fix-me-up, make-me-pretty' that I want though!

It figures that the one I see the most potential in, is also a possible short sale. I despise short sales, all I have heard are horror stories. I'm afraid of them.

Alas, the two houses that I most like (one that I first looked at a few months ago, and house #1 from last night) are in the short sale limbo... so I'm still considering my options! The saga continues!



I had plans of writing a light-hearted, humorous post today but it will have to wait. My heart is heavy and full of confusion.

How can something that seemed to be going so well suddenly change in an instant?
(photo borrowed from Cat's facebook)

I haven't mentioned John & Cat on this blog, because sometimes I just don't feel comfortable chatting about other's pain and struggle. But let me give a quick back story - John is one of my cousin, Justin's, best friends. I had a few college classes with Cat but knew her only as an acquaintance. I couldn't tell you exactly how they met, or their personal life stories. I'm simply an outsider that knows the couple through my cousin. John & Cat were married in the summer of 2009, and received heartbreaking news this past spring. John had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Cat began chronicling their journey on their blog. (I will share their blog address in a moment, but I ask that you be respectful... even though the blog is public I'm not sure if now is the proper time for 'new followers'). She's a beautiful writer, and her way with words makes you feel as if you are living their life right there with them, going through every motion and memory.

There were ups and downs along the way, considering the original prognosis was not promising. But midway through summer the tumor was disappearing, the cancer was clearing up, everything seemed hopeful and bright. My cousin, Justin, along with a clan of John's other friends had organized a group called "Team Goddard" in which they held various events raising money for John's battle and also to show him just how many people were are fighting for him. We attended a quite a few of these events, and they have always been in my thoughts.

Out of habit, every morning when I wake up I open up Reader on my phone and browse through a few blogs before climbing out of bed. This morning I happened upon John & Cat's, and was left lying with a pillow soaked of tears.

The cancer wasn't done. It hasn't had it's way yet, and wasn't ready to disappear. It's back with a vengeance, and those words have been spoken... the words that no one ever hopes to hear - "there is nothing left we can do."

I have yet to find the words to say to them, or to my cousin for that matter. I am hoping to I broke down when talking to Chris this morning though. If there is one thing I have learned as an outsider watching and reading about these two's journey, it is the power of love. I ask that maybe today you send a quick note to a friend, smile at a stranger or just hug that special someone extra tight. Cherish the day, and everyone in it.

(For those interested, here is the link to their blog, as I stated before - perhaps now is the time to be a silent angel, instead of a vocal follower? But I trust you can make your own choice)


My thoughts on cramps

I swear cramps have to hurt just as bad, if not worse, as getting kicked in the balls. (Pardon the language.)

The only difference is that if us girls were to fall to the ground squealing in pain we would just get glared at as if we were completely psychotic.

Ladies... can I get an AMEN?!

Swap partners listed!

If you signed up for our Snuggle Up Scarf Swap, Mateya has listed the partners on her page! Go here to find out who you're swappin with....


Monday pick-me-up

My sinuses have been wreaking havoc in my head this weekend. I think it's a combination of weeks upon weeks of no rain and the changing seasons. Topped off by the cat lady I sat next to at Mary Poppins last night (the show was soo good bytheway!) whose cat hair covered shirt sent my allergies into a tail spin!

How bout I share a couple cuties with you instead of the long elaborate post I had originally planned on writing?! Deal?... Deal.

(ChrisChris & Livi Sunday morning)

All together now.... Aawwww!

8 + 8

I've been tagged by two lovely ladies to answer 8 questions each...

The first set comes from Jenn at West Sac Honey

1. What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

I can't tell... it's a secret! I am pretty sure it will top our Double Dare costumes last year though!

2. What is your idea of a perfect date?

Tell me to be up and moving by x time on such and such day, tell me to get in the car, and don't tell me where we're goin... I love surprises! Even if it's just to go grab some breakfast or to wander around town shopping!

3. What is your best guess of what I’m like in person? Ha! That would be funny to know...

Well, I imagine you, Jenn, being a new-age Suzy Homemaker! You're always posting these delicious sounding recipes, and I'm pretty sure we'd get along quite well considering our love for being crafty! I feel like you probably love entertaining or being with a group of friends!

4. If you could change your college choice would you? (I liked Sonja’s question)

I'm pretty happy with design... but I've always thought that if I ever decided to go back it would be for nursing or to become a doctor.

5. What’s your dream job?

Visual Manager at an Anthropologie store... they are the one's who make all the displays in the store and dream up all the crazy, creative, beautiful things you see (window displays made out of recycled bottles... store decoration made from phone books... etc etc)

6. What’s your favorite go to outfit for going out?

Define 'going out' haha I don't go out-out too often... I typically go with my dark Paige jeans, a pair of heels a plain colored fitted tee and a scarf. And always, always a watch!

7. What would you do if you could not fail?

Dream up an occupation that involves traveling the world for a few weeks every month. My job would require my to bring various friends & family members along with me on glamorous, relaxing, all-inclusive trips by the mysterious company who requires me to do nothing but enjoy them! Hey... you said I couldn't fail!

8. How do you measure beauty?

In self-confidence. If you don't believe it, no one else ever will

The last 8 are from Jamie at Pickled in Pink

1. How long does it take you to get ready?
About 30 minutes... if I'm getting ready for a date or a wedding or something where I actually have time I usually stretch it out into an hour or so but for work every morning it only takes me 20-30 minutes

2. What is your natural hair color?
Basically the same color it is right now, dark brown with a tinge of red in the sunlight

3. Where is your dream wedding location?
I've never been one of those girls... I'll worry about that when the time comes!

4. What is the most money you have spent on an article of clothing or accessory (including shoes)?
It was probably on jeans or a watch ($250ish). Believe me, I've gotten my moneys worth out of either though!

5. What is your favorite holiday?
I love Christmas! I love the excitement in the air, and searching for the perfect gift for everyone

6. What is your go to meal to cook when having company over?
I'm more of a dessert gal... I typically make cookies or cupcakes or something, not meals! =)

7. How many days do you celebrate your birthday (just your birthday, birthday week, month, etc.)?
Usually just on my birthday birthday... I joke about it being my birthday month but don't actually "celebrate" all the time! (Although last year I celebrated for the whole week aboard our cruise!)

8. If you could live anywhere in the US, where would it be?
I'm pretty happy being in Indy! I think Charleston, SC is a charming town but I have just about everyone I need right here near me in the circle city!


Thoughtless Thursday : Giveaways & Grub

Thoughtless Thursday this week calls for a numbered list!

1. I've won two giveaways in the past week... I think Brittany sent some of her good luck my way (after she won like 83 giveaways last month!)

First I won this fun bunch of goodness from Michelle (seriously, how cute is that notebook)

and then this morning as I'm making my way down my Reader list, I notice that I also won the Flirty Apron giveaway from Taylor! Pretty sure I'm gonna go with either the cupcake one or the black & white one...
2. Tonight we're going to indulge in some $0.50 boneless wings from good 'ol BDubs with our newlywed friends, Kenny & Amanda. They got married in Mexico (we weren't able to go because it was the same week we were down in Jamaica! Sad face)

Check out their gorgeous wedding pictures (that I snagged off of Manda's facebook, hah!)

3. My birthday is coming up in about a month... and I'm excited about the possibility of going to visit my long lost lovely, Jenn, in her new Vegas home!
(If you don't already follow her blog, JAGged Little Life, you probably should! You can see a ridiculous photo of me in her most recent post... I'm getting ready to go snowboard, I swear I don't typically dress like that!)

ChrisChris and my brother are playing in some intermural football league this Saturday. Lord help them, I have a feeling they're gonna get hurt hah! (But I secretly think it's really cute they hang out, and I love that my big bubby gets along with Chris so well!)

5. I'm going to see Mary Poppins, The Musical, with my mom this Sunday. I haven't been to a musical in forever, and even though Mary Poppins wasn't my favorite Disney movie (Cinderella was) I'm still really excited about it!

6. In additional to the bargain I got on my dress for vacation, I also got a steal on some Steve Madden over the knee boots... details to come later! I can't wait to wear them... I never thought I would say this, but I wish this 90degree weather would migrate south for the year!

7. Join our First Annual Snuggle Up Scarf Swap!

I think that's all I've got for today, ta ta!

Today I Love : Scarves

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Snuggle Up Scarf Swap

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Gorgeous aren't they!?

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Snuggle Up Scarf Swap

With the (hopefully!?) approaching chilly weather, my bloggy bud Mateya and I have decided to host a scarf swap!
Snuggle Up Scarf Swap

If you want to join in on the fun, swing over to her blog and leave a comment with your email address and you'll be in on the fun!

There will be a $15 limit, and each person will be randomly matched up with a partner where you can exchange emails/addresses, and will have a brand new scarf in the mail by the 1st of October!

You MUST comment on Mateya's post by THIS SUNDAY (SEPTEMBER 26th) if you want to be in on the action.

Little miss Mateya has a wedding rapidly approaching and, really, who like's having to wait for goodies anyways?!

Snuggle Up Scarf Swap

Once you've joined the swap, don't forget to add the button to your blog!

Feel free to invite all the lovely ladies you know to join in!

The fam (and my steal of a dress)

One night at the resort we made reservations for the dinner at the Italian restaurant, and got all dressed up (compared to our swimsuits & coverups that we practically lived in all week, this was dressed up!). This proved the perfect opportunity for a little family photo shoot!

[Gramps, Mom, Dad, myself & Chris]

[Chris & I in front of this gorgeous gate covered in flowers]

[My beautiful momma and myself][One more of us before we went into the restaurant for dinner]

Wanna hear the story behind my dress?

I fell in love with that dress while on a last minute search for racerback tanktops at Macy's. It's from the Jessica Simpson collection, and was originally $149.99. My excitement peaked when I noticed It was marked down to $79.99, which is still a little steep for a last minute vacation purchase but I convinced Chris to wait while I tried it on!

Just my luck, it fit perfectly and I loved it even more on. As I was taking it off I noticed a little black spot on the side of the dress, and got super excited as I caught sight of one more dot not too far away from it. Damanged goods. Score. Store discount please!

As I waited patiently for the sales lady to see if there were any others (thank goodness that was the last one in the store!), cha ching, "we can take 15% off since it's damanged but you won't be able to return it". Music to my ears.

Fine. by. me. I'm wearing that bad boy in the tropics, I have no reason to return it! We also got an extra $20 off of it for using Chris' Macy's card, meaning my $149 dress came out to roughly $45.

Signed, sealed, delivered - it's mine! And the best part... those 2 tiny spots came right out!


Cross them!

Hey lovelies,
Do me a favor and cross your fingers twice please! ChrisChris has an interview right now, and my darlin friend, Jenn, has an interview this evening so send them some luck!!

Top 2 Tuesday : Hair products

This week's Top2Tuesday topic hits close to home since my beautiful momma is a hairstylist and I practically grew up in a salon!

1. Aquage Sea Salt Spray
I use this when I want wavey beachy hair... I'll spray it on after I towel-dry my hair and then either use a diffuser on my hairdryer & scrunch, or do pin curls... either way it gives it awesome messy texture without the stiff/shiny hairspray or mousse look!
2. Aquage Silkening Oil
This stuff not only makes my hair super soft, it also cuts my drying time in half!! Just run a pump throughout your hair (I concentrate on the ends) and proceed to blow dry!

I use Aquage shampoos & conditioners a lot and love them, they all smell so good and natural!

Runners up:3. HealthySexyHair Pumpkin Spice (smells SO good, love this shampoo/conditioner in the fall!)
Come play along at Taylor's blog

4. BedHead Small Talk - Hellllllooo volume! I wish it didn't have such a grapey-sweet scent though, I am weird about my hair smelling and this makes it smell like candy!

Post your favorites and link up over at Tay's blog!