Shh... we're daydreaming

(St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

Bear with me.... it's been snowy/rainy/grossness for the past two days. I realized I never shared my pictures from Chris Chris & I's cruise this past October.

It was my first cruise.... I loved it. The whole 'vacationing while you're in transit' thing still weirded me out a bit, I'm used to flying places where you can't even stand up until you land in your destination. I told Chris Chris now that I had practice maybe we should go again ;)

That's me as we were leaving the port in St. Thomas. I spent my birthday there, fell in love with the island, and cannot wait to go back!

This is us as soon as we got off the ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I have this odd obsession with parrots. Anytime I see one I want to hold it! Those damn things always eat something though. That red one on my shoulder ate the button off the top of my hat right after this photo. While I was in Mazatlan in the spring this one at my bracelet. You think I would learn (I don't, hah)

I can't leave you without the good ol' mustard drill ( I know, I know, it's muster but what fun is that)

I won't bore you with the whole photo slideshow. I made ChrisChris pose by just about every statue, scenic entity and islander that I could find!

We are celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family today. Wish me luck - they are a handful!
Happy Sunday everyone!

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