Act a fool

You guys are cracking me up... aside from wanting me to look totally cute you are also requesting I make a complete fool of myself!
Supposedly the following characters will be at the event:
  • The cast of Entourage
  • P.Diddy 
  • Kimmy K & the film crew of Keeping up w/ the Kard's
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Carlos Mencia
  • Catt Sadler
  • Mario Lopez

So far I've gotten requests to:
  • Grope Mark Walhberg (courtesy of Claire)
  • Take a picture of Kim Kardashian's booty (courtesy of Aly)
  • Prove that Kim K is NOT a size 2! 
  • Call Mario Lopez "Slater" everytime we cross paths (courtesy of Lexiloo)
  • Take a TON of pictures (easy enough, I can handle that!) 

Any other requests.....


Well ladies, the consensus was *INSANELY TALL SHOES* and let me tell you, I did not stray.

I found a dress in the second store I went in, somewhere I don't shop at TOO often, but once I learned I wear a size 0 in their dresses.... well dang, I can promise you I'll be in there more (hello ego boost via your rather generous sizing)

Mi amigas, I present to you this hot little black number from White House | Black Market
I had originally gone to Bebe, and had high hopes... was terribly let down by their in store selection. Boo! Love this one though so it was probably good that I wandered in WH|BM! Plus, (in the words of 27 Dresses) You can TOTALLY wear this again!

After fighting off the sales ladies who were trying to accessorize me in some combination of black/white/silver (hello ladies... it's a party for the Indy 500... my goal is not to look like the freakin checkered flag!) it was on to the shoes (my favorite!)

The pièce de résistance (please read that again in a French accent if you didn't do so the first time).
What? You want to see more? Ok...

Still not enough?

Phew. I die. Gorgeous, and SO. DANG. FUN! Truth be told, I had been scoping the teal version online but of course, no Aldo store within a 2.5hr driving radius had them. Sad face. Teal is my favorite color! 

I'm going after work today to get a spray tan, and hopefully find some accessories (any suggestions in this department are welcomed!)

PS Thanks Mrs. Shaffer, looks like I did retain something from those 3 years of high school French!


Hypothetically Speaking....

If you were going to the Fantasy 500 party the night before the Indy 500 where Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg and other celebrities would be... what would you wear?

Did I mention I love the perks of my job!? ;)

She makes me giggle

My mom is relatively new to texting, even newer to the iPhone. Apparently, she has yet to discover the whole keyboard of special characters such as percent signs.

I applaud her for her creativity.


Double Duty Decor

Shortly after Olivia was born, my sis-in-love had mentioned getting letters to spell out her name to go over her crib. Of course, I took this as "Perfect opportunity to get crafty and surprise the new mama & papa with some decor for the little miss!"

So I took six 5"x5" canvases from JoAnn's and painted them each with a fun little pattern in colors that coordinated with her bedding. I let these little puppies dry, then took a dark brown/almost black paint (same color as the crib & other furniture in her room) and wrote her name on them, one letter per canvas.

Earlier this week they surprised me with this photo from Livy's 3month photo session. I guess my wall decor plays double duty as photo props!


Whoops... wedges

Somehow between writing up new orders and doing some last minute Indy 500 designs, while I was eating my Lean Cuisine, my internet ended up with Steve Madden, Piperlime and Nordstrom's shoe department all in their own respective tab. I have no idea how it happened, honest!

By the way, does anyone else read this title as "Whoops... wedgies"? Hehe because I do. But since my web was just DYING to show me these adorable Spring shoes, I figured we might as well drool together. Deal? Deal.

[Daybreak by Steve Madden]

[Fauntain by Steve Madden]

[Tulipp by Steve Madden]

[Dazler by Steve Madden]

[Fifi at Piperlime]

[Christina at Piperlime]

[Galian at Piperlime] 

[Lily at Piperlime]

And the best part... they're all pretty stinkin' cheap too! I really need to go get a pedicure now... my tootsies aren't prepared for all this cuteness!


Albert Einstein once said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Like putting it on the SAME radio station every morning when you come into the office and then getting mad that they play the same 10 songs every 20 minutes. Really. REALLY?!

This is what my boss does every day and man it's starting to really drive me up the wall! I've already heard him say this twice this morning "Oh yay they are playing Kesha again"

When I'm here by myself I just listen to Pandora through my computer, but every time I offer that he grumbles something under his breath. Everyone always says "bring in your ipod and headphones!" But we have so many people coming into our office throughout the day that wearing headphones just isn't really plausible.

Oh how I hate sharing an office. Did I mention he clips his fingernails randomly throughout the day?! Gross.

Sorry - I just needed to rant!

PS Thank you all for the sweet comments the past few days. I'd be lying if I said they didn't bring me to tears a few times. Amelia Grace went up to Heaven at 2:44 on Friday afternoon, and at one point in the evening the rain lifted and we even saw some sunshine peeking through the clouds. We are comforted knowing she is no longer in pain.


Heaven is bringing its angel baby home

Today Heaven is taking an angel home. Sweet Amelia Grace's path is unfolding differently than we had all been hoping and praying, but she will be in a better place.
Amelia's family has been close with our family for as long as I can remember, her mom and my brother grew up together and Amelia's grandma and my mom were friends for even longer. Tori announced her pregnancy shortly after Brandin & Courtney announced there's, and the anticipation of a third generation of friends bustled.

Heart-breakingly, it was announced that Amelia had a heart defect and liquid on her lungs and probably wouldn't even make it full term. Amelia proved her doctors wrong and made her grand debut into this world January 13th and has been a fighter ever since.

Unfortunately, diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome and a life-threatening heart defect, it has been no easy feat. Her short life has had it's fair share of high's and low's, and as we learned last night, God has different plans for her than we all had hoped. I ask that today you keep Amelia and her family in your thoughts, and pray that she has a painless return back up to Heaven where she may watch over all of us.

Sweet Amelia Grace, you have taught us more about miracles in your short time than we may have ever learned without you!

(A side note I wanted to mention that struck me as interesting - Amelia was born 1/13 at 2:22, my niece Olivia was born 2/22 at 1:13. I take this as a sign that this precious baby will forever be watching over my niece and keeping her in good hands!)


I can't see.

I've got a bit of a melancholy mood lingering over my head today. Yesterday I had another eye episode. I don't think I've talked about them on the blog... I joke that I have a brain tumor. It's probably not a very funny joke, and Chrischris doesn't exactly appreciate it. Understandable.

I've always gotten bad headaches. For as long as I can remember. We would attribute them to allergies (I take daily medicine now), poor eating habits (I actually eat pretty darn healthy), needing glasses (20/20 vision), whatever. In late high school I began to get migraines, and throughout college I would have absolutely horrendous ones.

One in particular sticks out in my mind - I left class 20 minutes into it because I threw up, on the drive home it felt like there were knives being stabbed into my temples and under my cheek bones. I got home and tried everything, the hot shower, Excedrin Migraine, sinus medicine, nothing worked, I threw up again and my mom ended up driving me to the emergency room. They gave me a shot and like a miracle within 30 minutes everything was gone.
Well lately my head has been mixing it up a little. I will be perfectly fine, until the vision in my right eye begins to go wacky. It starts to look like when you've rubbed your eyes, with the stars and bright parts. Eventually all of my peripheral vision goes out, most of the field of vision in my right eye looks like I'm underwater (wavy and funky) and my left eye starts to do the same. I can look straight forward, hold my hands out in front of me and not be able to see either of them. But there's no pain. Just loss of vision.

My doctor has chalked it up to migraines, saying blurred vision is a symptom, and offered to set me up for a brain scan. Except I've got the cheapest insurance known to man and don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a brain scan. Call me stubborn. Whatever. Plus I feel like I'd rather have them scan the brain when my eyes are going funky rather than when I feel fine.

Anyways, once my vision comes back to normal on comes the migraine from hell. And that, my friends, is how I spent me evening. I still have a bit of a headache hanging on this morning too.

I don't know where they come from, why I get them or how to prevent them. And honestly, yea it is a bit scary to watch as your field of vision disappears.



The other day I was running errands with my mom and we started chatting about the style of houses I like versus the style of houses available in the area I'm looking. Like I said before, I don't want a cookie-cutter vinyl house in an over-crowded neighborhood. Nothing against people who like those, that's just not what I'm into!

She brought up an interesting topic that, although it's always been a known fact, I hadn't really considered:  Subcontracting.

My parents subcontracted their house when I was 3 years old. My mom fell in love with plans in the back of a Country Living magazine, they took them to a builder who told them "This can't be built for under $160k". Knowing my mom (I get my spunk from her), she probably replied with something along the lines of "watch me!"

According to her, it was 7 months of babysitting framers and roofers, electricians and construction workers, but those 7 months were worth it. They saved over $50k dollars by running the show themselves! Not to mention they got the home of their dreams in the location they wanted.

While I'm starting to think this is a task I'd rather take on with someone by my side, say... after an engagement or something (cough cough Chrischris) because let's be honest, it would be no small feat! Regardless, that hasn't kept me from drooling over home plans. Let me share....

Oh how I love the wrap-around porches of the last two!

My Traffic Jams

When I first bought Cammie she came with a 3 month free subscription of XM Radio. Cool, I thought, but I won't renew that after 3 months... I don't listen to the radio very often. 

Fast forward to the end of those 3 months and I was addicted! I suffered through the end of November and December whining about how much I hated all the commercials on normal radio. (Yes, I might have been a brat - afterall I had a usb plug as well as a iPod cord so I could play all my mp3's too!)

Chrischris got tired of hearing me whine, and renewed my subscription for a year as a Christmas gift. There are a ton of great channels, but one of my go-to fav's is definitely 90s on 9. Full of classic rap songs, teen pop and many more.  Don't believe me? How about some photographic evidence....
I mean, honestly... what can make a traffic jam any more pleasant than Big Pun?!



Once upon a time, I started following a blog for the sole purpose of another chance at a giveaway. I know, I know!  GASP

Now wait, before you go scorning me and thinking what a terrible blogger I am, let me just say that this blog has thousands of followers, so it's not really THAT big of a deal that I am leaving trying to leave!
Keyword is trying. This blog has atleast 10-20 updates per day, and for someone like me who freaks out if my GoogleReader count is about 100, those 20some new posts a day add up quick. And the things they talk about are not very relevant to me anymore.

So I did the logical thing, I unsubscribed from the blog via Google Reader. All good right? Wrong. The very next day it appeared again in my Reader. Ok, I'm thinking, maybe I just THOUGHT I clicked unsubscribe, so I go through the motions again. And again. And again. And every single day for the past few months I have been unsubscribing and this monster of a blog keeps coming back!

Mysteriously at some point in the day my Reader will jump from 67 unread items to 467 unread items and after recovering from my "OH MY GOSH IMPORTANT THINGS ARE HAPPENING I MUST STOP DOING REAL WORK AND FIND OUT WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE BLOGOSPHERE" I realize it's that same damn blogs (Yes, blogs plural... I now have about 3 or 4 that I have been wrestling to remove!) I have tried every route to unsubscribe- clicking the dropdown by it's name in Reader, going to "Update Subscriptions", even unsubscribing from the blog site directly. It all works for about 24 hours and then it's back!
I need help you guys. It's driving me bonkers. I am a control freak, and this is far beyond my control. Make it stop!


My Life According to Tom Petty

Miss Neely is keeping me entertained today! She tagged me to play along in her "My Life According To ____" game. Here are the rules: Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)"

Pick Your Artist
Tom Petty

Are you a male or female:
Here Comes My Girl

Describe yourself:
Honey Bee

How do you feel:
I Won't Back Down

Describe where you currently live:
American Girl

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Into the Great Wide Open

Your favorite form of transportation:
Learning to Fly

Your best friend is:
A Woman in Love

You and your best friends are:

What's the weather like:
Louisiana Rain

What's your favorite time?
Alright for Now

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called:
Listen to Her Heart

What is life to you:
Free Fallin'

Your last relationship:
Don't Come Around Here No More

Your fear:
Only a Broken Heart

What is the best advice you have to give:
Love is a Long Road

Thought for the Day:
Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes

How I would like to die:
Hope you Never

My soul's present condition:
Don't Do Me Like That

My motto:
Jammin' Me!
Wanna play? Just copy/paste the questions into your blog! Can't wait to see what ya'll come up with... it was actually rather challenging!
And to kick off the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend, I'll be donning my ginormous helmet ;)

Mixer & Mingle Fridays : Marg in a Box

Friday, Friday oh how I welcome you with open arms! It's been one heck of a week. I'm most definitely in need of a cold drink this afternoon! I'm meeting with a fella after work today to talk mortgages and get pre-approved so the house-hunt can officially commence (eek!)

This week's mixer is another non-mix (what can I say - I'm getting lazy in my old age, you want me to serve me a drink that involves no effort.... OK! IF YOU INSIST!)
Sauza's Margarita Cube's are AWESOME! It's all the fun of boxed wine, but it's margaritas, and yes the tequila is already in it! Heading to a cookout? Bring a cube! Want marg's on tap in your fridge all week long? Grab a cube! Do you think I've watched too many infomercials in the past week? You. Are. Correct! Hah But really, they are incredibly handy, and you can keep them in your fridge so you don't have to make up a fresh batch every time you are craving a little tequila fix!

Fuming Fridays

So this week I am joining in on Neely's Fuming Friday too. To elaborate on the crazy work week I mentioned earlier. Well, my boss has been having a little hissy fit all week long and basically doesn't want to do any work. He keeps complaining when people ask him to make revisions to his designs or anything. That means everyone turns to me because, well, I'm the nice one who will actually do what they want done! It's made me SUPER busy lately.
Then yesterday, we got our bonus (a welcomed surprise to me because I didn't even know we would be getting bonuses). WELL, my boss spent all of yesterday complaining that "I wouldn't even call this a bonus.... this isn't even worth the paper.... blah blah blah" Sure they weren't mucho dinero but hey, it's better than a pink slip right?! End fume. Ay chi wa wa! (Want to vent too? Visit Neely's page and join in, then enjoy a virtual margarita with me!)


8x8 and Distractions

I've been tagged a couple times to play 8x8 but since I almost always blog while I'm at work, I have been putting it off until I am home with my laptop where all my photos are! I am gonna give in and mix it up a lil bit and use the 8th photo from my Facebook though!

This photo is from our high school graduation in 2005!  That's me, and my good friends Tina and Casey. It's crazy to think that was just 5 years ago, it seems like it's been ages!

I am tagging these 8 ladies:
Caroline at Simply Smithwick
Vonda at Sole Matters

Onto something that has been distracting me all afternoon long. M Thru F. Have you ever been to this site? It, along with Failbook, CRACK. ME. UP. Please visit them if you need a break and a good laugh! (They are ran by the same people, along with that I Can Haz Chzburgr funny-cat-photo site!)


Let the hunt begin

I've done it. I've started looking at houses! It's always been a dream goal of mine to buy a house shortly after graduating college.

 I already have some pre-req's for what I want, but I don't have my heart set on anything just yet. I want to stay on the side of Indy I'm already on, I don't want a vinyl house, or a house where the houses are 6' away from each other (yikes, privacy please!)

I would love to get a 3 bedroom home (this is going to sound terrible, bear with me) that an older couple lived in and have moved on. Something that has great bones, but maybe hasn't been updated since the 70's/80's because I have such a love for interior design and colors. I can envision the ways I would update it and that's a challenge that I yearn for!

So, my dear friends, I need your advice! Any words of wisdom you want to offer to a first time looker/buyer are very welcomed! I've heard to bring a camera with me to shoot photos while I'm there to remind me of all the little details, but what other things should I make sure to do/check/inspect/think about??

PS I fully blame my desire to renovate a home on YoungHouseLove, BowerPower and RussetStreetReno just to name a few!