8x8 and Distractions

I've been tagged a couple times to play 8x8 but since I almost always blog while I'm at work, I have been putting it off until I am home with my laptop where all my photos are! I am gonna give in and mix it up a lil bit and use the 8th photo from my Facebook though!

This photo is from our high school graduation in 2005!  That's me, and my good friends Tina and Casey. It's crazy to think that was just 5 years ago, it seems like it's been ages!

I am tagging these 8 ladies:
Caroline at Simply Smithwick
Vonda at Sole Matters

Onto something that has been distracting me all afternoon long. M Thru F. Have you ever been to this site? It, along with Failbook, CRACK. ME. UP. Please visit them if you need a break and a good laugh! (They are ran by the same people, along with that I Can Haz Chzburgr funny-cat-photo site!)


nicole said...

thank you for introducing me to MthruF, HILARIOUS!

Alissa said...

Aww what a cute pic! Crazy how time flies. I graduated High School 10, yes 10 years ago wow!

Neely said...

Cute pic! You look so young :)

Annie said...

Thanks Chelsea..I just posted mine :)

Brittany said...

Cute pic!! :-) High school really does fly by. Crazy!