Oh 2k10 please hurry!

Is anyone else just ready to get through the weekend and be able to close the book on the holidays this year?

Don't take that wrong, they were and still are amazing, they're just wearing me out!

I hardly took any pictures over Christmas, I have one blurry iPhone snapshot as proof of my ecofriendly wrap jobs this year...

I officially LOVE my Japanese happy tape (I wrote about it here). It worked out like a dream!

Work has been a ferocious nightmare this week. When you work for one of the largest liquor distributors in the state, any major holiday is a madhouse. And as you can imagine, with New Years approaching we are in high gear!

I better get back to making pretty pictures, just wanted to take a breather for a moment!

See you in 2010 if we don't talk before then! I'll have a TON of post holiday goodies as well as exciting news to share!


If there ever was a more perfect quote

Chris Chris got me a print for Christmas that I had been oogling over since I first saw it gracing the (web)pages of Etsy.

It says "The great woods would be very quiet if no birds sang but those that sang best".
(This print is by SpreadTheLove, you should check out their store, they have some BEAUTIFUL pieces!)

I feel like that quote is a picture of perfection for me right now. I'm not the best quilter out there, by any means. But I absolutely adore it, and I know I'm getting better! Some days it's disheartening to catch up on my blog roll and see all the absolutely amazing stuff Alissa and Ashley are doing, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. That case of quitler-envy. The "Why didn't I think of that color combination/tweak to a pattern/quilting method!?"

We're all cute lil birds singin together though... even if I may be a little flat at times!


Cammie's ready for her blog debut

She came into my life back in August, and has been simply amazing ever since the day I brought her home... all my family and friends love her, and now I think she's ready to make her grand web appearance!

Friends, meet my darling Cammie...

She's a 2010 Camaro 2SS and I love her with all my heart!

She's a big part of my life, not just because she's a hot lil thing, but because I saved a LOT of money (Ever since they announced they would be re-introducing the Camaro's a few years ago I knew I wanted one), and also because my dad has a '67 Camaro that he rebuilt himself.

Funny thing is, I got mine in August, my cousin bought a yellow one in November and just recently my brother bought a dark blue one. Our family is single-handidly bringing GM out of bankruptcy! Hah


I'm in the process of making over the blog-a-roo. I wanted something brighter, less pastel/shabby-chicy. What do you think so far?


Dear bloggieland,

Thank you for all your kind comments over the past few months! I love being able to share a lil bit of my life with you, and I especially love hearing from you!


Something completely unrelated

Let's pause on this photo for a moment...

Yep. That was my doing. Well technically my mom and I's doing.

As I was going through photos on my iPhone I came across this little gem and felt that with all the stress of the holidays I should share this story and spread some joy!

So, I attended a gala for a local film festival and needed a fancy schmancy coat because Octobers in Indiana aren't generally toasty and my NorthFace just didn't look right with a dress and heels.

Mom and I searched the city for one I liked (I'm a little on the picky side). Well on a last ditch effort we went to JC Pennys (nothing against Pennys, I just never find much there)

After trying 106 coats mom went to hang the 107th rejected number back up. Well apparently she hung it on the wrong side and made the rack a little top heavy. I turned around to see it starting to lean and attempted to grab the arm of the coat to counterbalance it.

Nice try. The rack just spun around and continued to fall. Taking down the next rack on it's way down. That rack, in turn, took the next and, well, I bet you get the jist of things.

Now, it was about 8pm on a Tuesday or something. Not a real busy time. Metal racks full of wool coats sure do make a lot of noise in an empty department store! (go ahead, scroll up and look at the picture again, a domino set of racks in all their wintery glory)

Mom and I were laughing so hard we couldn't even talk to the sales associates who had come running over to make sure we hadn't lost an eye or a small child in all the ruckus.

We did not buy a coat from JC Penny's that night. To be honest I avoid that store now. I feel like there might be our mugshots in the breakroom.

Happy holidays all :) Spread some cheer!


Shh... we're daydreaming

(St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

Bear with me.... it's been snowy/rainy/grossness for the past two days. I realized I never shared my pictures from Chris Chris & I's cruise this past October.

It was my first cruise.... I loved it. The whole 'vacationing while you're in transit' thing still weirded me out a bit, I'm used to flying places where you can't even stand up until you land in your destination. I told Chris Chris now that I had practice maybe we should go again ;)

That's me as we were leaving the port in St. Thomas. I spent my birthday there, fell in love with the island, and cannot wait to go back!

This is us as soon as we got off the ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I have this odd obsession with parrots. Anytime I see one I want to hold it! Those damn things always eat something though. That red one on my shoulder ate the button off the top of my hat right after this photo. While I was in Mazatlan in the spring this one at my bracelet. You think I would learn (I don't, hah)

I can't leave you without the good ol' mustard drill ( I know, I know, it's muster but what fun is that)

I won't bore you with the whole photo slideshow. I made ChrisChris pose by just about every statue, scenic entity and islander that I could find!

We are celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family today. Wish me luck - they are a handful!
Happy Sunday everyone!


Will you be mine?

Today I love a good love story! What can I say.... I'm a sucker for a good proposal story. And will all of the lovey, holiday movies I've been catching on tv lately I've been in a lovey dovey mood since the day after Thanksgiving (after I got my post-3am shopping nap, that is - NO one is lovey that early!)

I've gathered some of my favorite bloggies' proposal stories. If you can make it through these and not let out atleast one "awww" then you are a much stronger woman than me!

1. Hailey's path of love letters and memories leading to her beau.

2. Elise's perfectly simple flannel pajama proposal.

3. Sherry & John's mountaintop question-poppin.

4. Katie's southern soulmate (ok, a total love story, not just a proposal snippet - still cute)

Do you have any more to add to the list? Post a link-a-doo in the comments section, I'm always up for another sap story to oogle over!


Better late than never

Chris & I weren't going to decorate his condo for Christmas this year. We were going to buy all the post-holiday clearance goodies. That was our plan atleast, until I saw the display of trees at target and talked myself into buying one.

Hey, $30 for a 6' pre-lit tree and $17 for 48 ornaments... I can't complian! It needs a tree skirt but I think it's pretty darn cute! And it's our first tree, aww!


Santa Baby

Think of all the fun I've missed...

Think of all the jelly rolls I haven't kissed,
Next year I could be just as good (at making cute quilts)
If you check off my Christmas List.

So hurry down the chimney tonite! And into my mailbox for every month following perhaps?

I've joined in on Fat Quarter Shop's Deeeeear Santa fun. A membership to the jelly roll club is on my list.
C'mon Santa, I bet you like jelly rolls just as much as cookies! Right, right?!
But really, I've never joined any of the "we-send-you-good-stuff-every-month" clubs, and I think 2010 is going to be my year to give in!


Helping to put a smile on a strangers face

I joined Sew Mama Sew's Quilting for Peace initiative tonight. I know I can't change the world, but I do like to think that I can help put a smile on someone's face when they're down.  They are going to be posting simple patterns and it's a great opportunity to use up some of your old, non-favorite or just plain excess fabric!

I have also recently received a packet of information about donating quilts to our local kid's hospital here in Indy, Riley Children's Hospital. I can only imagine how much comfort a snuggly, fun quilt can provide to those poor kids in there.

Lastly, I signed up to complete 4 blocks using Amy Butler's Lotus fabric for the Cancer is Sew Done group. I lost a grandmother to leukemia about 9 years ago, and a little boy I used to baby sit has been fighting a rare form of leukemia himself these past few months. I love the idea that all of us quilters can do a block or two and those wonderful ladies will assemble them and auction them off, then donate the proceeds to Alex's Lemonade Stand. (Photo courtesy of www.amybutlerdesign.com - fabric can be purchased from http://www.westminsterfibers.com/ )

It's been so crazy around here I haven't had a chance to start on any of these projects, but hopefully I can find some time within the next couple weeks to get a jump start on things! I sure do sound ambitious!

I have one sneaky boy

Look what was delivered to my office this afternoon. It's our one year today (yep, he's put up with me for that long already, can you believe it?!)

Daisies and lillies and snapdragons and those bright green spikey flowers that i dont know the name of but i love amyways... and best of all, no roses (bleh, Im not a roses girl).

Ah, they look so pretty. I love them, and him!


A seriously good night

I just got home from work. I fixed myself a nice hot mug of green tea and I'm in the process of making spice cake cookies (new recipe... Wish me luck!)

Then I plan on putting in The Holiday and doing some sewing!

Looking to be a great night in the making. Ahh

I'm aching for a movie night

Cold cold cold cooolllldddd weather has hit us. We had 40mph winds yesterday and have a whopping 12degree high for today.

This weather has me yearning to stay in cuddled on the couch with a stack of favorites. I'm thinking the playlist would go as follows:

1. The Holiday

2. Serendipity 

3. Sound of Music

4. PS I Love You

5. The Grinch

I know, I know, some of those aren't even Christmas movies but I am a sap for a good love story here and there!

What have you been wanting to watch lately?

Yesterday was Chris' birthday, so I had a big surprise evening planned for him - everything worked out beautifully! He couldn't have been more thrilled. I will be back to share more later!

Keep warm (I am - I'm wearing my bright purple Ugg's under my work pants today - hah good thing I don't get up from my desk too often!!)