Something completely unrelated

Let's pause on this photo for a moment...

Yep. That was my doing. Well technically my mom and I's doing.

As I was going through photos on my iPhone I came across this little gem and felt that with all the stress of the holidays I should share this story and spread some joy!

So, I attended a gala for a local film festival and needed a fancy schmancy coat because Octobers in Indiana aren't generally toasty and my NorthFace just didn't look right with a dress and heels.

Mom and I searched the city for one I liked (I'm a little on the picky side). Well on a last ditch effort we went to JC Pennys (nothing against Pennys, I just never find much there)

After trying 106 coats mom went to hang the 107th rejected number back up. Well apparently she hung it on the wrong side and made the rack a little top heavy. I turned around to see it starting to lean and attempted to grab the arm of the coat to counterbalance it.

Nice try. The rack just spun around and continued to fall. Taking down the next rack on it's way down. That rack, in turn, took the next and, well, I bet you get the jist of things.

Now, it was about 8pm on a Tuesday or something. Not a real busy time. Metal racks full of wool coats sure do make a lot of noise in an empty department store! (go ahead, scroll up and look at the picture again, a domino set of racks in all their wintery glory)

Mom and I were laughing so hard we couldn't even talk to the sales associates who had come running over to make sure we hadn't lost an eye or a small child in all the ruckus.

We did not buy a coat from JC Penny's that night. To be honest I avoid that store now. I feel like there might be our mugshots in the breakroom.

Happy holidays all :) Spread some cheer!

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