Oh 2k10 please hurry!

Is anyone else just ready to get through the weekend and be able to close the book on the holidays this year?

Don't take that wrong, they were and still are amazing, they're just wearing me out!

I hardly took any pictures over Christmas, I have one blurry iPhone snapshot as proof of my ecofriendly wrap jobs this year...

I officially LOVE my Japanese happy tape (I wrote about it here). It worked out like a dream!

Work has been a ferocious nightmare this week. When you work for one of the largest liquor distributors in the state, any major holiday is a madhouse. And as you can imagine, with New Years approaching we are in high gear!

I better get back to making pretty pictures, just wanted to take a breather for a moment!

See you in 2010 if we don't talk before then! I'll have a TON of post holiday goodies as well as exciting news to share!

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Emily said...

I do love your happy tape! Hey, what liquor distributor do you work for? My husband used to sell liquor for a distributor (before we moved), and I pretty much never saw him during Oct. Nov. Dec. and he always had to work the day after Thanksgiving and Xmas...it sucked for both of us!!!