Oh 2k10 please hurry!

Is anyone else just ready to get through the weekend and be able to close the book on the holidays this year?

Don't take that wrong, they were and still are amazing, they're just wearing me out!

I hardly took any pictures over Christmas, I have one blurry iPhone snapshot as proof of my ecofriendly wrap jobs this year...

I officially LOVE my Japanese happy tape (I wrote about it here). It worked out like a dream!

Work has been a ferocious nightmare this week. When you work for one of the largest liquor distributors in the state, any major holiday is a madhouse. And as you can imagine, with New Years approaching we are in high gear!

I better get back to making pretty pictures, just wanted to take a breather for a moment!

See you in 2010 if we don't talk before then! I'll have a TON of post holiday goodies as well as exciting news to share!


If there ever was a more perfect quote

Chris Chris got me a print for Christmas that I had been oogling over since I first saw it gracing the (web)pages of Etsy.

It says "The great woods would be very quiet if no birds sang but those that sang best".
(This print is by SpreadTheLove, you should check out their store, they have some BEAUTIFUL pieces!)

I feel like that quote is a picture of perfection for me right now. I'm not the best quilter out there, by any means. But I absolutely adore it, and I know I'm getting better! Some days it's disheartening to catch up on my blog roll and see all the absolutely amazing stuff Alissa and Ashley are doing, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. That case of quitler-envy. The "Why didn't I think of that color combination/tweak to a pattern/quilting method!?"

We're all cute lil birds singin together though... even if I may be a little flat at times!


Cammie's ready for her blog debut

She came into my life back in August, and has been simply amazing ever since the day I brought her home... all my family and friends love her, and now I think she's ready to make her grand web appearance!

Friends, meet my darling Cammie...

She's a 2010 Camaro 2SS and I love her with all my heart!

She's a big part of my life, not just because she's a hot lil thing, but because I saved a LOT of money (Ever since they announced they would be re-introducing the Camaro's a few years ago I knew I wanted one), and also because my dad has a '67 Camaro that he rebuilt himself.

Funny thing is, I got mine in August, my cousin bought a yellow one in November and just recently my brother bought a dark blue one. Our family is single-handidly bringing GM out of bankruptcy! Hah


I'm in the process of making over the blog-a-roo. I wanted something brighter, less pastel/shabby-chicy. What do you think so far?


Dear bloggieland,

Thank you for all your kind comments over the past few months! I love being able to share a lil bit of my life with you, and I especially love hearing from you!


Something completely unrelated

Let's pause on this photo for a moment...

Yep. That was my doing. Well technically my mom and I's doing.

As I was going through photos on my iPhone I came across this little gem and felt that with all the stress of the holidays I should share this story and spread some joy!

So, I attended a gala for a local film festival and needed a fancy schmancy coat because Octobers in Indiana aren't generally toasty and my NorthFace just didn't look right with a dress and heels.

Mom and I searched the city for one I liked (I'm a little on the picky side). Well on a last ditch effort we went to JC Pennys (nothing against Pennys, I just never find much there)

After trying 106 coats mom went to hang the 107th rejected number back up. Well apparently she hung it on the wrong side and made the rack a little top heavy. I turned around to see it starting to lean and attempted to grab the arm of the coat to counterbalance it.

Nice try. The rack just spun around and continued to fall. Taking down the next rack on it's way down. That rack, in turn, took the next and, well, I bet you get the jist of things.

Now, it was about 8pm on a Tuesday or something. Not a real busy time. Metal racks full of wool coats sure do make a lot of noise in an empty department store! (go ahead, scroll up and look at the picture again, a domino set of racks in all their wintery glory)

Mom and I were laughing so hard we couldn't even talk to the sales associates who had come running over to make sure we hadn't lost an eye or a small child in all the ruckus.

We did not buy a coat from JC Penny's that night. To be honest I avoid that store now. I feel like there might be our mugshots in the breakroom.

Happy holidays all :) Spread some cheer!


Shh... we're daydreaming

(St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)

Bear with me.... it's been snowy/rainy/grossness for the past two days. I realized I never shared my pictures from Chris Chris & I's cruise this past October.

It was my first cruise.... I loved it. The whole 'vacationing while you're in transit' thing still weirded me out a bit, I'm used to flying places where you can't even stand up until you land in your destination. I told Chris Chris now that I had practice maybe we should go again ;)

That's me as we were leaving the port in St. Thomas. I spent my birthday there, fell in love with the island, and cannot wait to go back!

This is us as soon as we got off the ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I have this odd obsession with parrots. Anytime I see one I want to hold it! Those damn things always eat something though. That red one on my shoulder ate the button off the top of my hat right after this photo. While I was in Mazatlan in the spring this one at my bracelet. You think I would learn (I don't, hah)

I can't leave you without the good ol' mustard drill ( I know, I know, it's muster but what fun is that)

I won't bore you with the whole photo slideshow. I made ChrisChris pose by just about every statue, scenic entity and islander that I could find!

We are celebrating Christmas with my dad's side of the family today. Wish me luck - they are a handful!
Happy Sunday everyone!


Will you be mine?

Today I love a good love story! What can I say.... I'm a sucker for a good proposal story. And will all of the lovey, holiday movies I've been catching on tv lately I've been in a lovey dovey mood since the day after Thanksgiving (after I got my post-3am shopping nap, that is - NO one is lovey that early!)

I've gathered some of my favorite bloggies' proposal stories. If you can make it through these and not let out atleast one "awww" then you are a much stronger woman than me!

1. Hailey's path of love letters and memories leading to her beau.

2. Elise's perfectly simple flannel pajama proposal.

3. Sherry & John's mountaintop question-poppin.

4. Katie's southern soulmate (ok, a total love story, not just a proposal snippet - still cute)

Do you have any more to add to the list? Post a link-a-doo in the comments section, I'm always up for another sap story to oogle over!


Better late than never

Chris & I weren't going to decorate his condo for Christmas this year. We were going to buy all the post-holiday clearance goodies. That was our plan atleast, until I saw the display of trees at target and talked myself into buying one.

Hey, $30 for a 6' pre-lit tree and $17 for 48 ornaments... I can't complian! It needs a tree skirt but I think it's pretty darn cute! And it's our first tree, aww!


Santa Baby

Think of all the fun I've missed...

Think of all the jelly rolls I haven't kissed,
Next year I could be just as good (at making cute quilts)
If you check off my Christmas List.

So hurry down the chimney tonite! And into my mailbox for every month following perhaps?

I've joined in on Fat Quarter Shop's Deeeeear Santa fun. A membership to the jelly roll club is on my list.
C'mon Santa, I bet you like jelly rolls just as much as cookies! Right, right?!
But really, I've never joined any of the "we-send-you-good-stuff-every-month" clubs, and I think 2010 is going to be my year to give in!


Helping to put a smile on a strangers face

I joined Sew Mama Sew's Quilting for Peace initiative tonight. I know I can't change the world, but I do like to think that I can help put a smile on someone's face when they're down.  They are going to be posting simple patterns and it's a great opportunity to use up some of your old, non-favorite or just plain excess fabric!

I have also recently received a packet of information about donating quilts to our local kid's hospital here in Indy, Riley Children's Hospital. I can only imagine how much comfort a snuggly, fun quilt can provide to those poor kids in there.

Lastly, I signed up to complete 4 blocks using Amy Butler's Lotus fabric for the Cancer is Sew Done group. I lost a grandmother to leukemia about 9 years ago, and a little boy I used to baby sit has been fighting a rare form of leukemia himself these past few months. I love the idea that all of us quilters can do a block or two and those wonderful ladies will assemble them and auction them off, then donate the proceeds to Alex's Lemonade Stand. (Photo courtesy of www.amybutlerdesign.com - fabric can be purchased from http://www.westminsterfibers.com/ )

It's been so crazy around here I haven't had a chance to start on any of these projects, but hopefully I can find some time within the next couple weeks to get a jump start on things! I sure do sound ambitious!

I have one sneaky boy

Look what was delivered to my office this afternoon. It's our one year today (yep, he's put up with me for that long already, can you believe it?!)

Daisies and lillies and snapdragons and those bright green spikey flowers that i dont know the name of but i love amyways... and best of all, no roses (bleh, Im not a roses girl).

Ah, they look so pretty. I love them, and him!


A seriously good night

I just got home from work. I fixed myself a nice hot mug of green tea and I'm in the process of making spice cake cookies (new recipe... Wish me luck!)

Then I plan on putting in The Holiday and doing some sewing!

Looking to be a great night in the making. Ahh

I'm aching for a movie night

Cold cold cold cooolllldddd weather has hit us. We had 40mph winds yesterday and have a whopping 12degree high for today.

This weather has me yearning to stay in cuddled on the couch with a stack of favorites. I'm thinking the playlist would go as follows:

1. The Holiday

2. Serendipity 

3. Sound of Music

4. PS I Love You

5. The Grinch

I know, I know, some of those aren't even Christmas movies but I am a sap for a good love story here and there!

What have you been wanting to watch lately?

Yesterday was Chris' birthday, so I had a big surprise evening planned for him - everything worked out beautifully! He couldn't have been more thrilled. I will be back to share more later!

Keep warm (I am - I'm wearing my bright purple Ugg's under my work pants today - hah good thing I don't get up from my desk too often!!)


Things I Didn't Buy (1st edition)

In honor of the upcoming Black Friday (for those of you non-staters, the day after Thanksgiving is considered THE biggest shopping day of the year, people are out waiting in lines for stores to open early-most around 3am and 4am-to get REALLY good deals, and then running around like madmen trying to collect all you came for. It's a blast!)

But anyways, that's my cultural lesson for the day! So, in honor of Black Friday, I am posting my first edition of Things I Didn't Buy, although it may need to become 'Things I Have Yet To Buy', or 'Things I Have Added To My Shopping Cart, But Haven't Clicked Check-Out, So I Technically Haven't Bought Them Yet' because some of these are really stinkin cute...

1) Paper Heart Shadow Box Art by SarahAndBendrix

They sell these gorgeous paper-heart-cutout-goodness thingys that come pre-framed in a shadow box. You purchase them individually, but does this picture not make you want to buy a whole wall full?!

2. Don't Forget Aged Sterling Silver Bow Ring by Whimsy Wire and Wool

This one is completely rational... I'm forgetful! I don't know how I've lived to the age of 22 without a bow tied on my finger!

3. Ride the Wind print by SpreadTheLove

I don't know if I love the quote or the hot pink yumminess of the background more!

4. Chanel Lover print by EmmaKISStina

So beautifully awkward, I love little imperfect pieces like this. Maybe I can relate because my drawings in art school never turned out looking quite like what I was supposed to be rendering!

5. Lilac Fingerless Gloves by Afra

I love arm warmers...gloves... scarves.... leg warmers... anything knitted that keeps me cozy really. It doesn't help that these are so frickin cute i want to wear them all year long! (Be sure to check out the insanely cute shawls and caplets in the store too!)

Ok, ok, enough wishlisting for me for today. Have a lovely afternoon (and safe travels for the holidays!)



Sunday [Fabric] Funday

Hello hello!
It's another beautiful, sunny day here in Indy. I woke up in a great mood and couldn't wait to dive into this pile that I've been mulling over for the past few months. I jut couldn't decide on a pattern. This plagues me so often - I have piles of pulled fabric sitting everyone but don't dare to bring a rotary cutter to it until I decide on the perfect pattern.

So here she is... a fun lil collection of teals, greens, whites and browns. I'm planning a coin quilt of sorts, but with a little bit of a twist. More to come later! ;)

What's on your agenda today?


I wanna play!

I'm taking a break from sewing. I've got the whole top finished for the first baby quilt (with possibly 3 more to come).

I was prowling around in blog world and saw a cute little feature that Jeni at In Color Order does on every post. I wanted to play too! I think it's a fun way to add a little bit more of my personality to every post. So here goes nothin...

Today I love the..
Smell of: Downy 'Simple Pleasures' Lavender Vanilla fabric softener
Sound of: Bob Marley
Taste of: Frosted Flakes (I've had two bowls today!)
Sight of: A sunny day following a week of rain
Feel of: brand new fabric - thanks USPS man!

Good Things about Today:
- I finished my quilt top for a lovely little lad-or-lass on it's way
- It was warm enough to run errands in just a sweatshirt, no jacket needed!
- I watched 13 Going on 30 while I was cutting fabric. What can I say... I love corny chick flicks!

Boisenberries and plums, cherries and red hots!

Check out this stash of lovelies that were waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work yesterday.
I've been dreaming of a reddish, purplish, pinkish, rich, warm, perfectly cozy quilt for months. After many disappointed trips to Joann fabrics (they never have the Kona colors I want!), I ordered a handful of 1/2 yards from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

I have nothing but good things to say! I ordered them on Tuesday (along with about 12 other fabrics but I will share those at a later date) and they were here on Friday. That was my first time ordering fabrics online, boy was I nervous. They came perfectly packaged and I dug into them like a 6yr old on Christmas morning!

What exciting things do you have planned for this pretty fall weekend? (Indy is sunny and 40's today, what a welcomed break after a week of rain). I'm spending today fabric shopping for a commissioned baby quilt and sewing!

Sew somethin' sassy! -Chels


Not in our house!

That's been the slogan of the Indianapolis Colts for quite some time now. They really brought it back Sunday night against the Patriots!

I had a terrible sore throat and was tempted to leave about halfway through the 4th qtr but we decided to stay. Ssoooo glad we did!

Here's Chris & I celebrating the win! 9-0, I love my Colts!


Happy Tape = Happy Christmas!

Shh... I'm supposed to be working, but I had a revelation on my way in to the office this morning. And by revelation I mean I was daydreaming about crafty things instead of focusing on the road. It's almost a morning ritual nowadays.

I do my best thinking in the car. Or the shower. Where do you do yours?

Off track, sorry. Anyways I decided I wanted to wrap all my gifts in craft paper. Then I figured I would be more environmentally friendly and wrap them in leftover newspaper and paper grocery sacks.

This is where my happy gift-giving comes into play...

Hello, the answer to the worlds problems - happy tape! Those Japanese sure know a thing or two about making me smile - adorable fabric, spicy tuna rolls, happy tape, heck even my boyfriend is 1/4 Japanese!

But seriously, how cute will this look on a Classified-ad-wrapped-gift?!

Nothing says straight from the heart like last week's sudoko.

(Photo is property of Tina Rice at Happy Tape; product can be bought here. I purchased the Waterfall 5pk, but I must have snagged one of the last few because I see it's now sold out.)



I presented the Cindy Loo Who quilt at the shower this afternoon... Not only did the mama-to-be love it, I also got requests for three similar commissioned quilts!

So excited!


Let's give it a go, baby!

How's this for gender neutral? This will be the first quilt I'm making specifically for someone else. I'm a little nervous!

I hope the little peanut appreciates my gift! I'm spending my day cutting, piecing & ironing. That's right I took a personal day off work to hang out with Bernie!

Call me crazy, but I'd much rather sew than be in the office ;)


I need your opinion!

I've decided to make a quick lil baby quilt for a coworker who's due in January. It's a suprise that I'm giving to her at her shower but I need color/pattern suggestions!

Her & her husband aren't finding out what they are having, and the nursery bedding is light greens, browns, white & tans.

So, fellow fabric freaks, should I atfmept to coordinate with the nursery or find some bright childfriendly prints??

Also what is your ideal baby quilt size? Thanks all, I appreciate your help so much!


Pie in the pants!

Chris and I had been debating Halloween costumes for the entire month of October. We knew we wanted to coordinate (maybe that's silly, but it's our first Halloween together so we are allowed to be all cutesy!)

About a week before the big night Chris came up with the best idea...

We were Nickelodeon Double Dare contestants! If any of you remember this show you know how ridiculous it was. Teams had to do "physical challenges" that usually involved lots of slime and/or whipped cream.

We made our helmets, tshirts and flags so overall I was a rather cheap costume!

We went to a couple parties and were a big hit! We entered in a costume contest and got in the top 10, but were beat out by KISS and a rather large "Michael Phelps" (complete with teeny tiny speedo & medals!)

How did you spend your Halloween? I've seen lots of cute pictures of party decor & costumed kiddos!


Red Velvet Elvis

Does three posts in one day make up for practically three weeks of no posts? ;)

I've been baking! I made my favorite cookies today....
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing. I could probably eat this whole spread of them! But alas, I can't. I have to save them for a Halloween party!

Just like Xmas morning

I had lured Chris into going to the local quilt shop for the first time in his life last night with the promise of Chipotle afterwards. Sneaky, I know.

Well little did I know that our quilt store has an awesome new addition- a scrap basket full of fabric scraps from their kits they make. I'm talking 8"x8" scraps for 10 cents... Talk dirty to me!

I'm pretty sure it was right about the time that my boyfriend rounded the corner to see me sitting cross-legged on the floor digging through a laundry basket of cut up fabric that he definately was ready to sign me into the looney bin.

I desperately tried to explain wonky and string and houses to him. And as I looked up wide-eyed and rambling, he had the best reaction I could have ever asked for. He plopped down right next to me and said "what colors are you looking for?"

What fun is Christmas morning without someone to share it with! :) (I should note, Chris has made it very clear that "while it was kinda cool, I don't want to go with you everytime you go" hehe)

This is where I've been

And where my head still is.

I'm still trying to get back in the routine of everyday life. Oh, vacations, how I wish I could make you permanent!

Today I will be:
1. Finishing up Chris & I's Halloween costumes. I'd love to share, but they're secret until their grand unveiling at the Halloween party Friday night. (thankfully not hosted by me!)

2. Making my infamous red velvet cookies.

3. Enjoying a girls night out. Yummy margaritas & lovely mamacitas!

But I must get through my day job before it's fun time!

Happy Halloween eve eve ;)


Bon Voyage!

We've been in Miami since about noon yesterday. The warm weather is amazing, considering it's been in the 40's back home!

Behind our hotel is a marina. We sat out on one of the docks just enjoying the peace and quiet last night. It was so nice!

We board our ship in about an hour! I'm so excited, having never been on a cruise I don't know what to expect! I'm looking forward to all of our stops though: Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas,Grand Turk, San Juan and the most anticipated spot (where I'll be spending my 22nd birthday) St. Thomas!

I'll be back next week with lots of photos and good stories and a new passion for life! (doesn't that always happen when you get to enjoy some time away from the daily grind?!)

Bon voyage! See you in a week :)


Holy Cute!

I have to head off to a housewarming bash here shortly but wanted to share with you some of my finds at the antique stores the past week.

Metal kitchen canisters. One for flour, sugar and coffee. I love love love the typography on them!

A rather large box of ball canning jars. Is it just me or does anyone else want to put EVERYTHING in glass jars?!

(I've filled one with colored pencils and another with fabric scraps)

And lastly a hot pink & fuschia tablecloth. I have had a lusting for vintage tableclothed for about a year now. Now (like many of my Have To Have It things) I need to find the perfect use for it.

I also bought a set of 3 metal/wood drafting stools but sadly they haven't gotten their photograph taken yet. Soon!

I'm off to warm a house! Hopefully some packing and sewing will happen tonight! Have a rockin Sunday -Chels


Real job is getting in the way!

This is what I feel like lately! Completely torn. But more on that later. This poor guy was my bischon-poodle mix, Spencer's, favorite toy. He would carry it EVERYWHERE! That is until yesterday when my brother's dogs got ahold of it. Rest in pieces, Cookie!

I want to start up my crafting and start on the journey towards be able to do what I love for a living but it's so hard to make that transition. I spend my 8-4s in front of a computer designing artwork & ads for liquor brands. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but it's not what I yearn to do. I'm a hands-on kind of girl!

I love textures too much to be confined to a computer moniter!

Anyways, I need to get back to work just needed a moment to vent! How have you (did you) make the transition? Did you dive right in or are you taking baby steps? How do you balance everything?


End of the weekend Internet-ing

I hope you all had an awesome fall weekend! Mine was full of baking (chocolate cherry cupcakes and apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies - mmmm), sewing, football and relaxing! My favorite kind of weekends!

Now I'm veggin' in front of my computer finding all kinds of cute stuff that I need (yes, need. I know want is the correct term, but I promise you I need it!)

Numero Uno
Brooke's to die for illustrations that I've been drooling over -- and debating which one, or three I need! You can visit her blog or her Etsy store here to see the rest of her amazing illustrations. She even does commissions of women in their wedding dresses - what an awesome idea!

Numero Dos

Have you seen these Upcycled IBC Creme Soda bottle glasses by Yava Glass ?! I just want to sit in a porch swing & sip lemonade out of them all day long. Well maybe not today, it's a little chilly out. But in my mind it's a picture perfect scene! They do liquor bottles too, I have a set of their Absolut Vodka ones and they are really fun as flower vases! (Even better - the ones in the photo are on sale!)

Numero Tres

Cute flags, right.... but did you look closely? They're maps! I want these! I want theme for every party I ever host from here on out. I will have a closet full! They're kits made by Beppe Martha, a retired nurse. Mama mia, as if maps aren't enough of a sweet spot of mine, you gotta go hangin em from trees!

Ok, ok, I could go on for days but these are my top three. I've got to regain peace in this household. I'm dog-sitting my brother's two dogs this week and let me tell you, they are a handful. Poor Spencer is overwhelmed (my bischon-poodle mix) he's so mellow and just lays around and these dogs want to run and play and growl. What else would you expect from a boxer mix and an australian sheep dog mix?! Phew. I've totally taken for granted having a dog that I can just open the door and let him go out on his own and not worry about running off. I wasn't made for big dogs! Help!


It's a girl!

I wanted to give you the warning now - prepare for lots of pink and baby related posts, as I have a niece on the way! (Congrats big brother!)

I've been anxiously awaiting yesterday to find out whether I'd become a first-time aunt to a blue or a pink. And I'm SO excited to say the macaroni-with-a-heartbeat is a pink!

There she is, waving, probably to me because she already knows I will spoil her in the very near future! Truth be told, I don't know how they can recognize a boy from a girl. You could probably give me an ultrasound of a horse and I wouldn't know the difference. But I printed off a (better) ultrasound photo of her darling little head and body and have had it on my desk at work every since I found out at 8am yesterday!

I'm so excited for the new parents, they will be celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary this month and I know they will be great parents with a little one come February!


Babies and beaches

Lot's of baby bumps these days, a few girls at work are expecting as well as my sister-in-law. I got to embrace all the baby cuteness today while designing up shower invitations for a co-worker.
Sorry, I went ahead and blanked out the rsvp so I guess you bloglanders can't join us! =) haha Her nursery is decorated in these colors, with dandelions, bunnies & dragonflies - super cute! I've always loved designing invitations!

Wednesday my brother and his wife go to the doctor to find out if they will be having a pink or a blue.... I'm slightly partial to a girl, but I'm ecstatic to be an aunt either way. They aren't due to February though, so I've still got plenty of time to practice and get ready!

Instead of packin a baby bump I'm packing luggage soon! The cruise countdown is down to 17 days and I couldn't be more ready! Yesterday, fall showed up with a vengeance here in Indy, and I'm pretty sure he's planning on sticking around. Real windy and chilly weather lately. I'll be sure to brag plenty about our nice, WARM weather aboard the Carnival Liberty in 2 and a half weeks!!



I've been browsing the web the past few days looking at yet to be released fabrics, I've added some of my favorites that I'm eagerly awaiting!

1. Chinese Takeout by Sheri Berry for Northcott Fabrics (coming any day, via Fat Quarter Quilt Shop) I'm eager to get a look at those first two.... they look super cute, I'm still a little unsure about the rest though....

2. Dolce by Tanya Welan for Free Spirit, expected at Fat Quarter Quilt Shop in November. Birds, flowers and hexagons - OH MY! I'm a sucker for bright graphic prints! Look at the beautiful gray and pink floral in the second row. Mama likey! I'm getting so many great ideas for these prints!

2. Polly Goes to Paris by Henry Glass Fabrics. This has wonky blocks written all over it, with the girl & her poodle staring in the middle of each block! Very cute bgq (baby girl quilt) potential..

4. And lastly, what's a wishlist without a little Amy Butler?! Her new Love collection by Westminster has some real lookers

I better start saving my pennies (and nickels... and dimes.... and quarters!!


Oh how I love old stuff!

So the darling boyfriend is doing some painting tonight and I'm pretty sure that means Ill be waltzing my lil booty to the antique mall.

I always fall in love with furniture- chairs in particular. Hope to find some goodies! Now that I can blog from my phone I'll be sure to post pics later!

-- C is iBloggin from her iPhone


The Lone Ranger

Remember how I planted two whole packs of sunflower seeds back in the beginning of summer?

Well, apparently my thumb isn't quite so green. I have one surviving flower. And you better believe I'm pretty darn proud of that thing! It's taller than me now, and is finally starting to bloom. Yay!

(By the way, that is a big fat bumble bee on the left side of the flower... I'm telling you, the seed packet didn't lie when it said Mammoth Sunflowers!)

--C is iBloggin from her iPhone



Don't get me wrong, I've had an iPhone for a couple years now and generally don't get excited about apps. Really, I don't need my phone to act as an almanac, a shopping buddy and a spin-the-bottle bottle. I'm quite content with texts, email and pandora! But when I stumbled across BlogPress it was lust at first sight!

Since my self-proclaimed MacBook cessation Ive totally disappointed all in the blogging arena. But guess what... I'm back in the ring and I've got my gloves up!

Still working on organizing the scrap room. Broke down and started workin on a mini-book today.

Pinks, reds & grays... I'm thinking a vacation album. Mom & I went to Mazatlan, the colors are reminding me of the old Mexican towns. Very fun! I'd live to get some of my Jamaican pics into a book but those need mire blues, greens & tans. Isn't it funny how colors just fit with certain memories?! What colors remind you of your favorite trips?

-- C is iBloggin from her iPhone


I've been completely, 100% slacking these past few weeks. The past three months have been a complete whirlwind. I promise that the weeks were shortened to hours, and a whole month would pass in a matter of days. Argue with me if you'd like but ask any school age child I'm sure they would agree!

Anyways, a lot of big changes have been happening since May and I can't wait to share them! As this summer dwindles down to its final few weeks I hope to be spending a lot more time on this lovely space. I'll give more details soon!


Who is Miss Chelsea?

If you're curious where my blog name came from, you can find that story here.

I'm Chelsea - almost was Carla Ann (a combination of my grandparents middle names - Carl & Ann - but my parents changed their mind on that one!)

I grew up the daughter of a hairstylist and an auto body mechanic. If that doesn't have "hands-on perfectionist" written all over it, I don't know what does.

Truth is, I'm all over the place, I love altering, envisioning, beautifying, fixing, manipulating, exploring, and just plain figuring things out. I sew, I quilt, I scrapbook, I blog, I travel, I read, I shop, I love antiques and most things "old", I enjoy finding a story behind something. Naturally, I ended up in the art field. I'm more of a hands-on kind of gal, but the computer and I get along quite well.

I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications in May of 2009, and have been working as a graphic designer for a liquor distributor ever since the summer of my junior year of college. There's never a dull moment around the house of booze, and I've learned more than I may ever need to know about bars, cocktails and POS (point-of-sale, not pieces of shi-caca!)

I'm passionate about learning, but not necessarily in the school sense. I can't just sit on a coach watching tv, my mind goes wild and starts yearning for something more... if I see someone planting flowers on HGTV I think "I want to grow sunflowers!" and go buy a packet of seeds. That's what TV does to me... adds more busy-ness to my life!

I've inherited a love of travel. My grandparents have gone all around this great earth, and in my mind it goes hand-in-hand with my desire to learn. I thrive on being completely immersed in a new culture and having to basically "learn your way out".

Much of my personality can be summed up by my astrological sign. I'm a Libra. I have a very critical eye and notice details, comes in handy with a career in the arts, not so much in real life. I pick things apart and over-analyze something to it's death. I always consider the opposing view and others feelings (Probably why I chose yellow as my favorite color as a kindergartner. I don't even like yellow, but I didn't want it to feel left out when everyone else was picking pink and blue and orange!)

To be honest, I started blogging as a prerequisite to graduate (somewhere to show my work, a virtual portfolio) but it has since become something so much more. I love having a space to share me, my thoughts and my life, everything I am and hope to become. I have loved meeting all my "invisible friends" scattered across the country and enjoy being able to look back on everything since I began writing!


May showers bring may flowers!

I haven't posted on here in about a week - my apologies - between graduating and adjusting to working full time again things have been a little crazy!

I'm still trying to shake that mindset of getting off work and stressing out about projects that are waiting for me at home. I'm getting better though. Give me a break!

Anyways, I was at Lowe's a couple weeks ago and found myself wandering around the seed aisle. It's not that odd, really, I can remember being a little girl following my mom around the yard while she planted flowers. I would like to say "I remember helping my mom..." but in all actuality I probably just trailed behind her with Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets in tow. 

I blame her for my newfound obsession with growing things. I'm not sure if I have this subconsciese feeling of worthlessness or what, but the fact that I can plant zinnia seeds and they are sprouting in 2 days is the perfect instant gratification a girl like me needs!

1 packet of giant sunflowers, 2 packets zinnias and 2 packets aster seeds later I am now officially an obsessive gardner. I literally feel like I could sit outside all day and watch them grow and be perfectly content. 

I think I need to get a puppy or something. Ay yi yi! In the meantime I'm lusting after these lovely ladies 

Tell me that doesn't make you want to go plant something! ;)


Possibly the most fun I've had all day

I have to turn in my portfolio tomorrow, and have been putting this off all semester. What is it about creating business cards for yourself that is so difficult? If I was making these for anyone else I could have knocked em out in a day, but for I've changed this lil baby about 60x over the course of 3 months. It's actually quite ridiculous, I know!

They may not be the best, but I think one of the fun parts about being a designer is that you have the freedom to change things like these. In 2 weeks I can update the colors and print new ones, if I run out in 3 months I can change the whole design, heck, if I get married, change my number and begin designing via morse code I can adjust all of that. And it's expected! No one wants to see the same boring thing on your business cards for years and years, what's the fun in that?! I'm supposed to be "creative" so you better believe I'm gonna be!

(I'll be printing these hot little numbers tomorrow... I'll be sure to post pictures of how they turn out!)


I'm having my cake, and eating it too

Last minute Lucy that I am, I waited until the week of my graduation to order my cake for the open house. To be honest, I'm not even a big cake fan. I'm one of those people who picks the small, middle piece and then scrapes all the icing off. So while I gave my best closing arguments, mom and boyfriend still convinced me that other people eat cake and we needed to have a cake at my open house. 

If you can't win you might as well join em, right? So I walked into the cake store aiming to be their Most Difficult Customer of the Day award. No, I don't want a round cake. No, I don't want buttercream icing. No, I don't want any writing on my cake. No, I don't want 3 tiers. and No, I don't want anything on the top of the cake. 

C'mon, I'm a design student - did you really think this would be easy? 

After flipping through all 12 of their photo albums I decided to play the create-your-own-cake game. (Figures that this was the one day I didn't have my sketchbook and pen with me). A good 20 minutes later we settled on a square topsy-turvy cake (the ones where they look like one layer is going to slide off the other). The bottom layer would be red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and white fondant, the top layer a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and red fondant. The pattern on the fondant is still undecided, we settled on diamonds of the opposite color, but the lovely lady gave me until Wednesday if I changed my mind.

You better believe I'm taking this Indiana University color scheme to the limits! 

So, being lil miss google-addict, the minute I got home I was searching high and low for cake ideas. These are some of my favorites I've found.... I just love the smooth, matte look of fondant! 

I can't decide if I want to dive right in and eat these or put them in the middle of my kitchen island as a shrine until they melt and/or get moldy (I'm not sure how fondant ages - are you?). I've always had an addiction with Ace of Cakes, but now I just want to create how to do these myself!

I'm getting a little worried about only having two layers. That figures - my stubbornness comes back to bite me in the ass yet again. Oh well. I think I'm going to print these pictures off and go have a little heart-to-heart with the lovely girls at the bakery tomorrow.