Don't get me wrong, I've had an iPhone for a couple years now and generally don't get excited about apps. Really, I don't need my phone to act as an almanac, a shopping buddy and a spin-the-bottle bottle. I'm quite content with texts, email and pandora! But when I stumbled across BlogPress it was lust at first sight!

Since my self-proclaimed MacBook cessation Ive totally disappointed all in the blogging arena. But guess what... I'm back in the ring and I've got my gloves up!

Still working on organizing the scrap room. Broke down and started workin on a mini-book today.

Pinks, reds & grays... I'm thinking a vacation album. Mom & I went to Mazatlan, the colors are reminding me of the old Mexican towns. Very fun! I'd live to get some of my Jamaican pics into a book but those need mire blues, greens & tans. Isn't it funny how colors just fit with certain memories?! What colors remind you of your favorite trips?

-- C is iBloggin from her iPhone

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