What's the world coming to

Sometimes I wonder if I'm living in a sitcom.

Yesterday afternoon after work, I pull into my garage, shut the door, go inside, get my mail, set my crap down... you know, the usual.

I am standing at my kitchen counter flipping through my mail when I happen to glance out my window, and see my greyhaired neighbor trekkin through her yard into mine, with an arm full of mail and her newspaper. I just stand there watching her, because honestly I've seen this woman MAYBE once since I bought the house.

I thought maybe she had seen me pull in and was coming to my front door to introduce herself or something? But as I continue to watch, I see her heading towards the street, not my front door. I keep an eye on her as she moseys down my driveway and snatches up my newspaper too!

I stood there completely baffled as she looked around, and then headed back to her house. I just watched an old lady blatantly steal my newspaper!

Honestly, what was I supposed to do?! Well, besides post it as my facebook status of course.. which immediately got a bunch of 'likes' and jokes being cracked. But wow!

I mean, do I always read the newspaper? No. But I always bring it inside! It's not like it had been sitting down there for days upon days and she was sick of looking at it... it had just been delivered today!
(I snapped this a few moments later when she came out to spray weeds or something)

I would have gave it to her if she had just asked... but to steal my newspaper right out of my driveway  - it's on lady. You and me, we're at war.



So What Wednesday

I'm officially hooked on Wednesdays now... love my weekly SO WHAT's!

Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I don't like to comment on people's blog posts if there's over like 20 comments already. I feel like whatever I was gonna say has probably already been said, and just close out.

So what if I am wearing a belted jacket/sweater/blazer combo for the 18th day in a row.
Ok, maybe I have a problem

So what if this is the television series I most look forward to watching when I get free time

So what if this is the fullest shelf in my fridge right now (and an extra so what if I haven't removed that stupid sticker on the shelf from when they delivered the fridge!)

So what if I have more scarves in my closet than any given store probably has in stock right now

So what if I asked my dad to come help me hang curtain rods in my dining room yesterday even though I have no curtains for them. Maybe this will motivate me to pick some out!

So what if my sis-in-law gave me a housewarming gift many months after I moved in. It smells soooo good!

So what if I am having way too much fun with the CameraBag app on my phone

So what if I couldn't bear to get mad when I found him laying on my bed (not allowed). Look at that face!
I swear him and Rod Stewart have the same hairstyle. Really - the resemblance is uncanny. 

Hehe off to enjoy my Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend woohoo! I'm in an extra good mood today


Target Tuesday : Backyard Lovin

I've got a pretty decent sized backyard, and now that the weather is hinting at warming up I can't help but daydream about louging out there with friends, cooking out, maybe a little fire pit action on a warm summer evening?

I've found so many cute things from Target that I want to put in that area (dear Tarjay, would you like to sponsor a backyard makeover? Pretty please)

I decided to play along with Tara and her Target Tuesday's this week to share!

For starters, I really really love these string lights
Hanging over this patio setting

But with these accent pillows

On this outdoor rug

Maybe a few of these planters
And of course, a pitcher on the table full of margaritas (in these cute glasses, because I don't really like margarita glasses)!

Wanna come spend a sunny Saturday on my dream patio with me?!



Ladies night!

Friday night a new restaurant/night club opened up in Indy and since I'm such a business-hearted gal, I decided to pop out with some lady friends for a little girls night out / support my company. ;)

After a good 20 minutes spent trying to tease my hair, I actually achieved some volume!
 I had to send proof to my friend Jenn in Vegas, as we were 'getting ready together' via a series of picture messages, decided outfit choices and whatnot!

I even decided to rock my new-favorite accessory... the loopy-knotted belt.  I buy belts in way-too-big sizes just so I can do this!
Anyways, back to the story....

the best part about working for the house of booze... we are at nearly every event, usually with a VIP area and bottle service set up. It's always fun to go out for the evening and not have to spend a dime!

This place is super nice, a giant step up from the janky club that used to be in that location. We had fun enjoying the cocktails, hanging out with my ridiculous coworkers and people watching!

I haven't had a girls night out in quite a while, so it was much needed and much enjoyed! We didn't get down there until after 9 so we didn't have a chance to try the food, but I hear it's delicious too!

My friend Casey had brought her camera, so I will have to 'borrow' more of her pictures once she uploads them!



Isn't there some quote about knowing where you came from to get where you want to be or somethin?

Friends, this is where I came from =)

7th Grade Valentine's Dance

When I came across it, I just had to share!


So What Wednesday

It's Wednesday again! Time for some SO WHAT's!
Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I am annoyed, not excited or happy, that all my work pants are suddenly too big now. I'm not trying to lose weight, I don't want to lose weight... It's flat out annoying that they're like falling off and saggy. I get all my work pants from Express and not really looking forward to spending $80some dollars on new ones!

So what if I am not able to mail my package to my swap partner until today. Good things come to those who wait (I promise Tyler!)

So what if I can't figure out how to cut up a mango if my life depended on it.  Anyone have advice?? I plan on asking a Jamaican for a lesson when we get down there! (They eat them all the time!)

So what if I still haven't had a housewarming party, and I bought my house back in November. In my defense I didn't move in until January (and every time it gets to a presentable stage, I tear another room up hehe!)

So what if I always use iPhone pictures on my blog. It's how I capture my life! I'm just not a big fancy camera kind of gal

So what if I bring my lunch to work nearly everyday. Based on a rough calculation I just did in my head, I've saved nearly $5500 in my 3 years of working here by doing that (figure $7/day if I were to eat out). Of course I have to buy groceries but I got atleast 4 weeks worth of lunch food for $75 the other day at the grocery! Oh and since I don't take a lunch, I get to leave an hour earlier every day!

So what if I am headin to Jamaica in May for the like the 5th time in 2 years. I love it there!

I'm soo ready for my butt to be on the beach!! Ahh off to daydream about that and pretend to get work done! Have a lovely Wednesday!


Filling up the walls

Aside from taping the entire Classifieds section of the paper to my wall Sunday, I've been doing some other decorating here and there too! It's so nice to finally get some things up on the wall and knick knacks around (that aren't just things waiting to be put away!)

I got my mirror spraypainted and hung in the bathroom, as well as painting and hanging some little accent mirrors I picked up at Goodwill for $0.49 each!

 I decided to spruce up my laundry area in the basement with a rug of Chris' that was just sitting there rolled up in the corner. (Hah see that blur of Russell in the corner? He loves to run hot laps around the basement!)
And don't ask me why the washer & dryer hookups are on completely separate walls. For that, I do not have an answer.

A few weekends ago my mom and I went to Exit 76 Antique Mall (if you're ever in the area, stop! It's huge and wonderful) and I found, among other things, these antique corner moldings for $5 a piece
 I scooped up three and they now hang on the wall between my kitchen and downstairs bathroom!

 I also hung up my masterpiece that I created at Wine and Canvas!
 It now lives over my reading chair in my living room!

 I can't forget about the adorable vintage scale I got at Exit 76 too! It's on my hoosier cabinet in the sitting room (that still hasn't had any work done since I last showed you hehe)

 Hmm what else... oh there's my chalkboard in the kitchen! Also from an antique store. (That my mom left a note on when she dropped something off at my house while I was at work!)

Oh, and lastly. Godbless this little angel who popped over to my blog to let me know that my hopes of a fluffy rug aren't lost. (Which is a good thing, because it's really starting to grow on me!)
I plan on having a little grooming sesh with my rug this evening. (Perfect timing, considering Aly bailed on me for our dinner date we had planned tonight!)


My committment issues

Remember about 2 months ago when I pounced on a great bargain on antique frames compliments of my buddy CL...

And then I spent an entire snowy Saturday painting them the avocado green that didn't get used in the kitchen....

Then, in the midst of my excitement over Command Strips and creating my plate wall, I hung one painted frame up in my stairway with a Command Strip (yes, only one).

And the rest of the frames sat in my sun room for weeks upon weeks.  (phew that color is way off)

I didn't want to hang the rest up. I wasn't loving the color on my walls though. It's too close in tone. They would just blend in. I didn't know what I wanted to do with them, I was over the project. Bleh.

So when I awoke to a sunny Saturday I knew it was time to suck it up and actually do something with these. And I returned from the hardware store with 3 cans of spray paint and a little giddyup in my step!

A few hours of spray painting later I had these plum puppies!

My momma helped me hang up newspaper templates so we could figure out which direction and where each frame would go

And finally, many many days after I started this project.... thanks to my awesome parents who helped me put those sawtooth thingamajiggers into the backs of all of them, I now have a (for the most part but I want to add more) completed frame wall in my stairway!

I have plans to get more smaller size frames and little doodads to add to the collection (a few "C"s, a mirror or two, who knows what else...). I'm loving my bright, cheery purple path though!

Side note: it's REALLY hard to get a decent picture of a stairway!!