Newest obsession:
Terra Sweet Potato Chips

Bonus - they have a $1.00 off coupon on their site!

(I wish I was being delivered pallets of chips for saying this, or buckets of money... but I'm not. I just can't stop eating them and thought I'd share!)


alexandra grecco said...

yum yummmm!



CCH said...

from one super cool chelsea to the next, love your blog. and really happy we spell our name the same way. i went through a phase where i wanted to spell it chelsEY. and was always so jealous of other chelsEY's.


homeschoolceo said...

Yum. I love sweet pototo chips. And I love those McCain sweet potato fries. So good.
Have a great day!

Adrian said...

Oh man, I love those chips!! I get them from Costco in big bags, and then have trouble stopping haha They are definitely obsession worthy :) Also, are you like me and feel a tad better thinking they are healthier than regular potato chips? I don't think it's true, but that's how I feel!

Michelle said...

I love these! They are delish!!

Have a great weekend! :)