Filling up the walls

Aside from taping the entire Classifieds section of the paper to my wall Sunday, I've been doing some other decorating here and there too! It's so nice to finally get some things up on the wall and knick knacks around (that aren't just things waiting to be put away!)

I got my mirror spraypainted and hung in the bathroom, as well as painting and hanging some little accent mirrors I picked up at Goodwill for $0.49 each!

 I decided to spruce up my laundry area in the basement with a rug of Chris' that was just sitting there rolled up in the corner. (Hah see that blur of Russell in the corner? He loves to run hot laps around the basement!)
And don't ask me why the washer & dryer hookups are on completely separate walls. For that, I do not have an answer.

A few weekends ago my mom and I went to Exit 76 Antique Mall (if you're ever in the area, stop! It's huge and wonderful) and I found, among other things, these antique corner moldings for $5 a piece
 I scooped up three and they now hang on the wall between my kitchen and downstairs bathroom!

 I also hung up my masterpiece that I created at Wine and Canvas!
 It now lives over my reading chair in my living room!

 I can't forget about the adorable vintage scale I got at Exit 76 too! It's on my hoosier cabinet in the sitting room (that still hasn't had any work done since I last showed you hehe)

 Hmm what else... oh there's my chalkboard in the kitchen! Also from an antique store. (That my mom left a note on when she dropped something off at my house while I was at work!)

Oh, and lastly. Godbless this little angel who popped over to my blog to let me know that my hopes of a fluffy rug aren't lost. (Which is a good thing, because it's really starting to grow on me!)
I plan on having a little grooming sesh with my rug this evening. (Perfect timing, considering Aly bailed on me for our dinner date we had planned tonight!)


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Haha, I did NOT bail on you!!!! Ok, I guess I kind of did!

Your scale is adorable and I am SO stealing that idea! I really want to come over and see your house!!! :)

Caroline said...

looks great! I am going to a wine and cheese thing tonight. Should be fun!

Holmes said...

Love the painting. I've been wanting to do something like that! Your house looks great!

Tatiana said...

I love all your new additions! They all look great! And you painted that? I'm so impressed!

Erica said...

Your painting is awesome! It actually reminds me a little of the one I BOUGHT that I posted in that paint color help post a few days ago. Everything's looking good!

Neely said...

You found some really great stuff!

Annie said...

I am always so jealy of your super purchases!! You def have the eye for decorating :)

Anonymous said...

Looking good! :)

So glad the rug will work out! Brush it!!

kebowman said...

ah! i love everything about this post!! love the painting and the scale!!