My winner has brown hair.

I'm glad all you lovelies entered my CSN giveaway!

Wouldn't it be fun if I announced the winner like a game of Guess Who? You all pop over to read and one by one close out with a sad, disappointed face because you don't have freckles or a bald head.

No? Not fun? Ok, fine... well I used the super high tech powers of my phone

and trusted my abilities to count that high.

I'd like to congratulation miss Lacey in the City for winning! (If you just cocked your head to the side and said 'who?!' you should go check her out... her blog kinda rocks!)

And, I'm just gonna throw this out there... Lacey - if you want to use your $35 gift certificate to buy me something as a housewarming gift, I won't turn it down!