Today I love...

 Today's the last day to enter my giveaway for a $35 CSN gift card! I'll be honest with you - I used to avoid the CSN giveaways... they didn't seem as fun as the Anthropologie giveaways or the Crate & Barrel giveaways. I'd log onto CSN and get overwhelmed by all the STUFF they had!

But I promise they rock! I've scored all kinds of great stuff through CSN. Name brand stuff. That ships QUICK! If I won my own giveaway (haha I can dream right!) these are the things I would be debating between (and they are all winner friendly - under $35 of course)!

This super cute cupcake apron (I actually have a Flirty Apron, but mine is red, and I still love this cupcake one!)

 Doesn't this blanket look extra cozy? I just want to grab it outta my screen and go curl up on a couch!

 What about a set of 3 of these mercury glass votives for your coffee table?

I'd love to start an herb garden, and this colorful set of pots would look so cute with little chives and cilantro popping out!
This leaf canvas would freshen up a bathroom or add a bit of whimsy to a gallery wall!

My kitchen counter could use a bit of flare with these bamboo utensils.

Black and white polka dotted coasters for my guests to use?! Yes please!

Hello insanely cute serving platter... I would like to host a cookout and have you be the guest of honor!

And this welcome mat would just makes me giggle everytime I passed by it!

So that's just a few of the things that I found to be extra fun over at CSN! Anything here spark your interest?! Well heck, go enter my giveaway so you can get your chance at scoring something fun to brighten up your last few lingering days of winter! And hurry... because today's your last day to enter!



Molly said...

That welcome mat is HA-larious! Oh my gosh! I'm hoping I win the giveaway, make it happen girl! HA!

Anonymous said...

I have that apron! =)

Melissa Jo said...

I'm in love with that welcome mat, hilarious! I totally need it.

Leah said...

Love that apron!

Neely said...

That mat is HYSTERICAL!

katychick said...

csn has everything

Brittany said...

Love the welcome mat!