Movie deal!

I know I already posted today... but Groupon is offering 5 movie rentals for $2 from any Blockbuster kiosk and I had to share!! It's good for anywhere across the US where there are Blockbuster Kiosks

I don't know about you, but with theater prices rising to nearly $10/person for a ticket, I would much rather pay a dollar (or less in this case) and watch the movie at home in my sweatpants!!

Here is the link if you wanna snag this deal!


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

This I have to agree with. It's become outrageous!!

Brandi said...

Nice! I've been using Redbox but I noticed the other day that there is a Blockbuster kiosk in one of the shopping centers near me! Good deal!

And you're right, ticket prices are outrageous! By the way, not sure what kind of movies you're into but my husband and I saw The Adjustment Bureau over the weekend. It was really great!!!

Neely said...

At some theaters in Dallas tickets are $12 a piece