So What Wednesday

I've got some good SoWhat's for yah this week!
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So what if I was driving along this morning belting out Hips Don't Lie, minding my own business only to look up to see cherries and berries three deep behind me. I carried on with my current (slightly high) speed and my current Shakira chorus. I like to think they appreciate that I don't slow way down and bog up traffic

So what if I found 3 pairs of heels, a bottle of Irish whiskey and a pack of recipe cards in my trunk this morning, but no umbrella... leaving me screwed on this rainy Wednesday. Priorities, ladies, priorities.

So what if all of my leggings have spots of paint on them compliments of wearing them under my Ellie (Elenore = my house) jeans. 4 months of manual labor on a house will cause some holes, and paint drips just seem to attract to those.

So what if Chris and I are on a mutually-imposed 'break' and I didn't feel the need to run around telling everyone under the sun. It's going well for us right now, and whatever path we're meant to go down- he will still remain one of my best friends!

So what if I stayed up 2 hour past my bedtime* last night sewing. I was really into it!

*So what if I have a self-imposed bedtime. What can I say, I'm headache prone and need to get enough sleep to ward of those migraines!

So what if I hit up three local Goodwill's on Saturday. It was 50% Storewide Sale Saturday across central Indy. I got some good loot!!

So what if I created a line 8 deep at the register at Michael's last night. I had coupons and I wanted to get the most out of them! Hey - I walked outta there paying less than half of what the original 'before-coupon' prices were on everything!

So what if all I want to drink lately is chocolate milk. Atleast I'm getting my calcium. And the nesquik bunny was always my favorite
So what if this picture from Mo'Bay makes me giggle every time. Jamaicans love their line dancing too

So what if all I've got on my mind today is JAMAICA, because I'm going back there in MAY!! Woohoo

That's all I've got =) Have a lovely humpday!


Marcy XOXO said...

Jamaica sounds amazing right now! Especially on this rainy Wednesday ;)

Aly said...

Love Goodwill! I wish my stuff was all half off! I'm glad things are working out with your break- sometimes that's just what you need.

Ali said...

It IS all about the priorities man. Hey, at least you're fun! :)

Ali said...

It IS all about the priorities man. Hey, at least you're fun! :)

Jax said...
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Jax said...

Love all these! And laughed at what you had in your trunk.. Sounds like me.. haha.. Hilarious. I have a sweatshirt, a blanket, some heels, some boots, and who knows what else... haha... :)

So jealous of your upcoming trip!!!!

Mateya said...

Well that Irish Wiskey might come in handy in a few days! St. Patty's Day is comin up!

Glad you and Chris are on the same page with where your relationship is right now! I hope it all works out for the best.

I have a bedtime I set for myself too. Last night I didn't make it and I am exhausted!

Anonymous said...

Love the thrift store finds! :)

katie said...

Yea! Excited to follow you! (Katie from Love and Luggage) -- We are going to Mo'Bay in May also!!

Brandi said...

Lol! Yeah, so what if I'm at work reading this post! :)

Kristen said...

I have a self imposed bedtime and I am not even working right now!!

Ashley said...

ha I LOVE the title to this post! super CUTE blog girrrl!@ just stumbled on it... Im ready for the weekend :)

Tatiana said...

Jamaica in May! You lucky duck! I so badly need a vacation.