A twitching hand.

Wishing you all the happiest of Halloween's from 50 Shades and his pinata girlfriend!



ten months

Give or take a couple weeks, ten months ago this roller coaster started. Ten months ago a belly ache ended up being a lot more than a belly ache.

There was a prognosis, a surgery, tests upon tests, a few months of chemo and a whole lot of celebrating when scan after scan came back clear.

At the tender age of two, she had beat it. Cancer was gone.

Except those two words never seem synonymous. Cancer, gone.

And another Friday afternoon phone call proved just that. My brother and sister-in-law were back at the hospital this weekend with Liv, another tummy ache, more waiting, more tests.

It's back. The cavity where they removed her kidney and the original tumor, a new tumor has grown. There are spots on her lungs. It's aggressive, it's not like last time. A month ago her scans were clear, and now this.

So now we're left questioning why, wondering, crying, being pissed off. And mostly gearing up to fight, because if there's one thing I have to say to cancer it's that it's not welcome in this family. It caught us off guard once and took my grandma, Liv showed it the exit route last time and there's no doubt in my mind she will do the same once again.



Halloween Greats

Growing up my mom always made us our Halloween costumes, which has caused me to despise those mega-huge costume stores and opt to create my own costume every year.

This year's is still in the works, but how bout a look back at some past greats?

There was the Double Dare team from 2009

The Mail Order Bride in 2010

And the Bell-ringer of 2011

Do you DIY or do you save your sanity and buy something already made?? Photobucket


Gimme a Saturday night my baby by my side

Well, the fact that some Felix character went up into space and proceeded to skydive back down makes my weekend happenings seem incredibly insignificant.

I won't let that get me down though. I still had a blast. It seems like most of my weekends have been filled with good music lately, and the concert calendar looks even more promising to round out the year!

Friday we hit up the local country bar to see Craig Campbell , which was a blast. They had the mechanical bull going, which provided COUNTLESS laughs. (No, I did not attempt that. I like to save atleast a few shreds of dignity)

(Justin Moore asked everyone to turn their cell phone flashlights on - so pretty!) 

And then Saturday, after spending most of the afternoon on the couch recomposing ourselves, we got all dolled up and heading down to see Kip Moore (love), Justin Moore (LOVE) and Eric Church (Seriously awesome line up). I can't even pick which fella was my favorite.

Come Sunday my feet were achin from all the dancing and jumping around in my boots, my energy levels were draggin, and my voice was a tad hoarse, and I was REAL thankful there wasn't a home Colts game. Those back to back concert nights sure do wear a girl out!



Shit in a jar

So I'm not sure if you all love Chrissy Teigan as much as I do.

Source: zimbio.com via Kay on Pinterest

I'll be honest, I had no clue really who she was until I saw her at the Celeb Beach Bowl during Superbowl week and her on-field antics had me cracking up.

So I started following her on twitter, which is equally as hilarious.

And then I found out she's dating John Legend which is automatically +32 cool points in my book.

And then today I stumbled upon her blog in which she's raving about vanilla sugar, but not just any vanilla sugar, vanilla sugar in a jar.

She goes on to say
 "PS I love shit in jars. You could literally shit in a jar and I’d still laugh and enjoy it. But mostly I love any other shit in a jar. Layered cheesecakes, baking mixes, etc. Jars of stuff for gifts are awesome. And you can use the jar. What I’m saying here is my birthday is coming up."

And that sealed the deal.

So yea, that's what's going on in my life. A little lady crush over here I reckon.


Ten // Twelve

I was... so sad this morning when I went to put on one of my favorite sweaters and discovered holes. Moths? Not cool. 

I am... still adjusting to working 8-5 and taking an hour lunch,  I was spoiled for 3 years by being able to take my "lunch break" at 4 and leave work early

I think... too many people view cheating as mainstream in our society. Sorry, just heard a news blip on the Jason Aldean thing. Sad!

I wonder... what my 25th year will bring. Birthday is less than a month away, 25 just seems so... mature.

I wish... I could have unlimited PTO days, adn funds to hope a plan. Some days a girl just needs a beach to recharge

I save... silly momentos like tickets from LTs races, and wristbands from concerts.

I always... wake up on a 4. 6:24 is my favorite, 8:24 on weekends.

I can't imagine... living in a war-torn country, where you are afraid to even leave your home

I believe... that if you want to have a good day, and decide it in your mind, then you will

I promise... if you hand me a bag of Goldfish crackers I will devour the entire thing before you can blink

I love... that I live less than 10 minutes from my parents, and they are always there for me whenever I need something. So grateful!

[inspired by Becky Higgins. I hope to start doing this monthly] 



Kick it in the sticks

I layered my hoodie over my thermal, zipped up my leather jacket and pulled on my boots. I hopped up into the backseat of the truck and a little smile crawled upon my face as I glanced over at the seat full of bullet boxes next to me.

I didn't quite fit the part, but I was giddy none the less. It was a beautifully chilly fall day, and LT and his brother were taking me out shooting.

LT's brother has been in Alaska since we first started dating, mining gold (I know, I know, random as heck) but is back for a little bit and it's been fun getting to know him and experience his little twang of backroads country with him and LT.

(Feel free to laugh your butt off at LTs hat. I did multiple times. Goof)
We drove out to the pit, the bed of his truck full of guns and two liter bottles (target practice!). I'd like to think I impressed the boys with my sharp shootin skills. I had some pretty decent aim if I may say so myself!

Totally something I don't do most weekends, but it was such a good time! I hope we get to go again soon



My coworkers just told me they were gonna take me out back and shoot me, like a horse.

That's the kind of tough love you get around here when you're sick.

It's really not that bad, just sniffles and sneezing but I've become THAT girl in the office, that's constantly blowing her honker. Sorry fellow house-of-boozers! Whoopsies

I'm going to chug some serious OJ, but in the meantime I figured I'd actually make an appearance on my own blog. How kind of me, huh!?

What's new with you all? I've been tearing up my house some more... hit up some great concerts... doing a little decorating.... a few crafty things.

But right now I'm off to the nearest drugstore to restock on the essentials. You know, kleenex, OJ, cold meds and chocolate