The Pit

We're headin out to a special place we love that just a few folks know
Me and my favorite copilot packed up Friday afternoon and headed out some back country roads towards a place lovingly referred to as The Pit.

To spend the weekend with this cute boy.

The Pit is the blob of land that LT's family owns, it was once a gravel pit that has since been filled by underground springs. I can't tell you how many weekends have been spent out there this summer.

Family, friends and the best food. Swimming, corn hole, horseshoes, cocktails, great weather... really what more could a girl ask for!?

This is too funny not to share--  after 3 days there Russ Russ the Ladies Man was so tuckered out he passed out on the center console 15 minutes into our drive home last night. Photobucket


Stacy Kinard said...

Your copilot is presh! And looks like a wonderful place to relax!!

Lacey in the City said...

That looks so fun, and HOW CUTE is Russ!!

Jax said...

Awww. love him all passed out.. adorable.. :) The pit sounds kinda awesome btw. And your hair in that first photo.. gorgeous. It's like "Oh this? Yeah, I'm a VS model and just stepped off the beach." Love it.