Mixer & Mingle Friday: The Chelsea

Every time we go to an all-inclusive resort I get delegated as the official mixologist. I guess when you work in the industry you don't even get a day off on vacation ;)

This trip I had everyone drinking this perfect beach cocktail that came to be known as The Chelsea
Simply mix Sprite and white rum, then add a splash of pineapple juice.


And one last tidbit for your enjoyment:: a little slice of I'd Cap That (best app ever) fun from our trip::



Ashley said...

I love I'd Cap That! It is the best app ever. That picture of you is hilarious! Happy weekend, girl.

Alisa Marie said...

I'm gonna need to try that drink - wish I was drinking it RIGHT NOW!

Ana Osborn said...

I die. That cocktail sounds divine and totes downloaded "I'd Cap That". Hysterical.

Al said...

EEKS! you look adorable! And when did your look change? Love the new header/design! (I'm sure it's been awhile but you can tell how behind I am...)
Love to you, doll! Happy weekend!!

Mary said...

annnd immediately downloaded the app! Thanks!