If there ever was a more perfect quote

Chris Chris got me a print for Christmas that I had been oogling over since I first saw it gracing the (web)pages of Etsy.

It says "The great woods would be very quiet if no birds sang but those that sang best".
(This print is by SpreadTheLove, you should check out their store, they have some BEAUTIFUL pieces!)

I feel like that quote is a picture of perfection for me right now. I'm not the best quilter out there, by any means. But I absolutely adore it, and I know I'm getting better! Some days it's disheartening to catch up on my blog roll and see all the absolutely amazing stuff Alissa and Ashley are doing, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. That case of quitler-envy. The "Why didn't I think of that color combination/tweak to a pattern/quilting method!?"

We're all cute lil birds singin together though... even if I may be a little flat at times!