Will you be mine?

Today I love a good love story! What can I say.... I'm a sucker for a good proposal story. And will all of the lovey, holiday movies I've been catching on tv lately I've been in a lovey dovey mood since the day after Thanksgiving (after I got my post-3am shopping nap, that is - NO one is lovey that early!)

I've gathered some of my favorite bloggies' proposal stories. If you can make it through these and not let out atleast one "awww" then you are a much stronger woman than me!

1. Hailey's path of love letters and memories leading to her beau.

2. Elise's perfectly simple flannel pajama proposal.

3. Sherry & John's mountaintop question-poppin.

4. Katie's southern soulmate (ok, a total love story, not just a proposal snippet - still cute)

Do you have any more to add to the list? Post a link-a-doo in the comments section, I'm always up for another sap story to oogle over!

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Hailey {HRH} said...

awe how sweet are you!?!? love this post and love your blog. def got a new follower!