Cammie's ready for her blog debut

She came into my life back in August, and has been simply amazing ever since the day I brought her home... all my family and friends love her, and now I think she's ready to make her grand web appearance!

Friends, meet my darling Cammie...

She's a 2010 Camaro 2SS and I love her with all my heart!

She's a big part of my life, not just because she's a hot lil thing, but because I saved a LOT of money (Ever since they announced they would be re-introducing the Camaro's a few years ago I knew I wanted one), and also because my dad has a '67 Camaro that he rebuilt himself.

Funny thing is, I got mine in August, my cousin bought a yellow one in November and just recently my brother bought a dark blue one. Our family is single-handidly bringing GM out of bankruptcy! Hah


Emily said...

My husband was looking over my shoulder as I was reading your blog, and he goes, "Those are awesome." :) Love the car, and I noticed you're adding even more changes to your blog. Love it!

Brittany said...

That is a badass car for a girl ;-) I'm jealous! lol