I've been browsing the web the past few days looking at yet to be released fabrics, I've added some of my favorites that I'm eagerly awaiting!

1. Chinese Takeout by Sheri Berry for Northcott Fabrics (coming any day, via Fat Quarter Quilt Shop) I'm eager to get a look at those first two.... they look super cute, I'm still a little unsure about the rest though....

2. Dolce by Tanya Welan for Free Spirit, expected at Fat Quarter Quilt Shop in November. Birds, flowers and hexagons - OH MY! I'm a sucker for bright graphic prints! Look at the beautiful gray and pink floral in the second row. Mama likey! I'm getting so many great ideas for these prints!

2. Polly Goes to Paris by Henry Glass Fabrics. This has wonky blocks written all over it, with the girl & her poodle staring in the middle of each block! Very cute bgq (baby girl quilt) potential..

4. And lastly, what's a wishlist without a little Amy Butler?! Her new Love collection by Westminster has some real lookers

I better start saving my pennies (and nickels... and dimes.... and quarters!!

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ohnikki said...

I'm with you on the Dolce by Tanya Whelan! I have a site for you that I've paced an order on already for this fabric....it's www.fabfanatic.com It's like a fabric co-op. You place an order for the fabric with other buyers and then they order the bolts. Then you pay and wait for them to arrive! The best part is that is comes out to be $6 a yard! You have to order at least a yard...which is a lot of each print for us quilters, but it's too cute to pass up at that price!