30DBC : Day 2

Day 2 : meaning behind your blog name
When I first started my internship (at the company I now work full-time for) I couldn't find my way around if my life depended on it. Our office building started out as an old school and has been added onto umpteen times. Needless to say it's like a game of real life chutes and ladders every time you turn a corner. I was so afraid to go to someone's office because I swore I wouldn't be able to find my way back to my own desk!

One of the first 'paths' I hammered down was from my desk to the front office to drop off packages that needed mailed out. I was always greeted with a friendly "Well hello miss Chelsea, how are you doin today?!" from LaVonda, or forever-cheery receptionist.

It always made me giggle when she said it, and for some reason I always find myself repeating her tone in my head as I walked back to my office. When I transferred my personal blog over from Cream & Cotton (my craft blog) that just sorta stood out in my head, and stuck!

Somewhere along the line I picked up the habit of calling people "mister" or "miss". I'm so full of "yes sir's" and "thank you ma'am's" you'd swear I was a Southern belle!

(I'm participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge with Katie, you can join us!)

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Michelle (michabella) said...

How did this post not get any comments? I remember your Cream & Cotton blog. I dig your bloggity's name.