30dBC : Day 3

Day 3 : your first love
Chris might cringe reading this one, but my first love was my high school boyfriend - B. We were only together for a little under two years, but we had a lot of good times and learned a lot about love together! Of course, were young and trying to grow up together. He ended up graduating high school and getting into partying and made a few choices, uh, not in our relationship's best interest!

I won't lie and say it wasn't tough - sure I was only like 18 but I'm pretty sure being cheated on sucks regardless of your age! If I learned one thing from B though, it was forgiveness. After a lengthy period of not speaking to him (understandably!) I slowly began chatting with him, and we actually became really good friends.

I truly believe that some things just aren't meant to be, and am pretty easy going and try to remain friends with most people after break-ups. B and I hung out pretty regularly for a good 2 or 3 years.

Most of my (girl) friends went away to college, so when I turned 21 I would occasionally go out to the bars with B and his friends on the weekends. In fact, I met Chris through B! Sadly, B wasn't a fan of us getting together (I think he may have thought our friendship was going to turn back into what we used to have) and stopped talking to both Chris and I shortly thereafter....

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Caroline said...

That is crazy that you met Chris through B. Amazing how things work!

Al said...

I like what you said about being young and that it still hurt...Sometimes we disregard age, and not see how very much things transcend age and just effect us as people. And I too believe some things aren't meant to be, and learning that some things ARE more and more everyday. As always, love reading you, girl :)