30DBC : Day 4

Day 4 : your parents
Well, here they are - my tri-lettered parents, Bob & Pam!
(Papa, me and mama in Navarre Beach)

My parents have been together for 28 years! That's a rarity in today's society!

Some of my fun facts:
- my parents always called me Fred for some reason... Bucket Head Fred to be exact
- I got my addiction passion for travel from them, I can't remember a year that we didn't take atleast one family vacation
- they used to always have parties when us kids were little... I remember the stereo in the living room would be so loud you couldn't even go in there. Every time I hear a Steve Miller Band song I say "this reminds me of my childhood!"
- my parents have a very 'do it yourself' attitude. I'm pretty sure between the two of them they can scheme up, build or fix anything.
-because of their jobs I love any smell that reminds me of a car body shop or a hair salon! (Yep, brake parts cleaner and perm solution get me every time!)
-everyone thinks my dad is "hilarious" and my mom is "so creative!"
-they pretty much rock
-I'm their favorite child ;) (Just kidding bubby!)

(I'm participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge with Katie, you can join us!)


Al said...

ChelsEA, I suck!! That's what happens when you blog after grading 100 papers and a day of teaching and a 3 hour masters class - and I didn't even have wine!! ahhhhh. Will you ever forgive me??? :) Oh, and I fixed it ;)

Molly said...

Too cute! Love this post! By the way, LOVE Steve Miller Band ;)

Kristen said...

Cute post!

Mateya said...

How cute! Perm solution gets you every time haha! Your parents seem very sweet! :)

Lauren said...

Your parents are so cute!! Steve Miller Band reminds me of my childhood too - I definitely got my taste in music from my dad!

Caroline said...

Love your parents!!! They are so cute!!!

Neely said...

Cute parents!!! Love them!

Kit said...

I love the "do it yourself" attitude. My parents had the same attitude!

Lindsey said...

i love the little things that remind you of your parents - smb and the scents! so true!! what an awesome relationship you have with them!

Katie K. said...

So sweet! It sounds like you all have a wonderful relationship!

Ms. BWIT said...

Congrats to your parents! I love parents that stay together forever!! Mine are at 36. They sound really sweet and probably the reason why you are too! :-)

Neely said...

I tagged you on my blog!