I'm a little late, but thanks Santa!

They're pretty aren't they? Santa brought em for me this year. Two big bundles of Kona Cotton love, straight from his heart! While I can't wait to cut into them... I am also hesitant because they look so pretty and colorful as sit on my table! That and I can't decide what exactly I want to turn them into yet... ideas are welcome!


Emily said...

Santa was good to you! I agree that it is quite pretty just the way it is! maybe you could make a framed pic of the stacks to hang in your craft room or something :)

I saw this quilt top on Flickr not too long ago, and it's made using solids, and I think it's just great. Check it out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38764535@N08/4156670120/

Blue Is Bleu said...

Good ol' Santa! :) I find it difficult to cut into bundles for the same reason.