Sneak Peek

Check out these lil lovelies...

They're going to be making an appearance on my apron for my Martini Madness Apron Swap!

I got the fabric a few days ago but am just now finding time to work on it. I'm all giggly with excitement! I can't wait to swap, I hope my partner loooves what I come up with!


Sarah Pead said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! How crazy is it that we live in the same area and have so many similarities?! Have you been down to Clementine's in old town Franklin? If you haven't, you must! The owner Cami has the best taste in fabric and she's fabulous!

Christine said...

Buttons!!! What a nice embellishment, good for you on starting the process. I have yet to even post about the swap, have all my necessities though. Need some sun around here so I can get in some decent photos! Have a great weekend! Christine :D