T-1 to Papaya's shower

The noodle has a nickname. She's not even here yet, and my niece is called Papaya by nearly half of our family friends! It started as a joke when I threatened mama-to-be that they didn't choose a name soon I was going to name her, and it was going to be something outrageous and CelebriTot-inspired!

That's where Papaya Rose came in. It was either that or Boisenberry Blou! We started referring to Courtney's bump as Papaya as a joke, and now it's kind of stuck! You have to admit, there could be worse nicknames though!

Anyways, Papaya's shower is tomorrow! I have LOVED planning this, like seriously I've had so much fun. I wanted to share some of the goodies with you.

Candy bar! We sort of lucked out, and with the Valentines day right around the corner we found TONS of options of things that match the shower colors - pink, dark pink/red, and a springy green (these colors, and brown, are the colors of the nursery!)

These are part of the favors - aren't these little jars ADORABLE?! We filled them with 3 shades of pink M&M's and tied a green ribbon around the top.

Jones Soda's that will be going in a bucket full of ice - I can't remember the exact flavors- I want to say .
we got Cream Soda (clear/white), FuFu Berry (pink) and Apple (green).

I just wanted to give ya'll a sneak peek! I've got a TON to do today, and will be taking lots of pictures tomorrow so I will definately have a lot to share! EEeeee -I can't wait! I am so excited there will be a little one in the family!

Here's a cute picture of the parents-to-be from a few years ago. Aren't they so cute?! Since I've never "introduced" them on my blog; that's my brother, Brandin and his my sister-in-law, Courtney.... they're so excited for lil noodle to get here!

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