Prepping for the little noodle

If you have followed my blog for a lil while, you know that this lil macaroni is on her way.

And with the noodle coming in February, January brings a baby shower and lots of cutesy baby gifts! I've been scouring the web to find original, meaningful gifts for her. With the pre-req that they are absolutely adorable of course. What kind of aunt would I be if I got her non-adorable things!

Since it seems every third woman I meet is a pregger, I though I would share my finds!

1. Girard Alphabet Blocks

Eco-friendly, non-toxic and a great color combo. What more could I ask for?! These are available at the Museum of Modern Art's webstore for $120.

2. Birth Date Print 

This would go great on a nursery wall! It's available for $25 in gracehesterdesign's etsy shop.

3. BabyLegs' leg warmers gift set 

Who doesn't love those chunky baby thighs in cute lil leg warmers...  plus it's MUCH easier to change a poopie one with these on then having to take whole tights/pants off! This gift set comes with 3 pairs, and are on sale for $30 from the BabyLegs' website (different color combos available!)

4. Suprise Sock Monkey 

This little charmer isn't your typical sock monkey. These lil guys are handmade by artists at Fresh Art, New York-based non-profit organization that provides personal development and entrepreneurial opportunities to people with special needs. The fact that no two monkies are the same makes them even more appealing! I originally saw these on Anthropologie's website but have looked into the organization and the monkeys are also available for purchase through FreshArt's website as well, for $30

5. My Little Button boots

Originally, I wanted to get the lil squirt a pair of baby Uggs, however seeing they were a tad pricey, and would probably get grown out of rather quickly, I thought these (while slightly cheaper) were equally as adorable! They are available in six different colors from HipKnotz for $24-$28 (depending on size)

Well, I don't know about you but that's all the cuteness I can handle for one day. HA only kidding, unfortunately I need to get to work on the invites for said shower, otherwise the little peanut will be very upset when she's born and her mommy & daddy have no supplies because Auntie Chelsea didn't follow through with the party!


Grace Hester Designs said...

Congrats Auntie! And thanks for including my birthdate print.

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Emily said...

Wow...I really thought YOU were having a baby, and I was like "HOW DID I MISS THIS!!" But I went back and read the post you linked and realized you're going to be an auntie! I'm an aunt, and it's fabulous!! Cute gifts you've found!!

Tiffany said...

Those are great Auntie baby gift suggestions, your little niece will be lucky to have you in her life! Baby legs are so cute, my peanut had a few pairs, too. Hope you found some chocolate in your house! Thanks for stopping by, love your blog.

Christine said...

Oh! How sweet a lil' baby girl on the way! My little boy will be 2 on Feb. 21st and I can't believe it! Time flies, enjoy each precious moment with your new bundle!

Quite inspirational how active you are in your last month of pregnancy, can't wait to see your creation for the apron swap:) Happy Sewing, Christine from VA :D

Chelsea said...

Yikes, maybe I should be more clear next time!! I'm not the one 'with child', it's my sister-in-law that is!! She will be the first 'baby' in the family since me though, so we are all verrrrry excited!

Christine said...

Well don't I feel stupid!!! Obviously I have not been following along:) Sorry for the mix-up, hope there was no offense taken. Gosh, it's like when you're in the store and can't quite tell if a women is pregnant, yet you open your big mouth anyway! Congratulations to your bro and his wifey!