Salt Lake on the Brain

Once upon a time, a good friend of mine packed up herself, her little boy and her boyfriend and moved to Salt Lake City. We all thought she was crazy, crazy in love! A few years later, boyfriend proposed and they were married in a helicopter over the Vegas strip! I promise, this is RIGHT up Jenn's alley! Well, I've been lucky enough to visit her a few times since she's moved out there, and let me tell you... it's gorgeous!

It's snowy here today, but nothing like the snowy mountains of SLC. And today,  I've got Salt lake on the brain. Jenn taught me to snowboard, or should I say Jenn strapped boots and a board on me and said "Ok follow me!" and now I love it!

I haven't gotten the chance to go out this year, and I'm a little sad. So I'm sharing pictures today to cheer me up a little!

Here's Jenn & I on our way to Sundance last year. I know I know, I have the prettiest friends! Wait til you see her son, he's a doll! 

And this is Caleb! We were trying to teach him to ice skate on this particular night. He decided being carried was a lot easier!

Ok. Enough reminiscing.... 
Hi Jenn - I miss you! I'm sorry I didn't make it out for Sundance this year... but soon hopefully! Maybe even in time to do a lil boarding, eh eh??

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