Once... Twice...

Three times a lady? I'm back on the house hunt again! (Well, I secretly have been looking this whole time but I don't like talking about it much I feel like I'm going to jinx myself!)
Last night I went and looked at this house for a second time. Is it the most gorgeous, elaboroate of homes on a sprawling estate? Not by any standard. But it's a cute home, in a location I want to be, a fixer-upper like I wanted and relatively big on size (nearly 3000 sq ft.)!

Keyword being "fixer-upper" however. The listing states that 'this home needs some TLC'. That TLC meaning new windows for sure, possibly a new roof, and some wall patching from a roof leak. This scares me... the whole not knowing what's behind all those problems!

It's got 3 bedrooms and a really large basement which I love... it also has a nice sized fenced in back yard (a big plus) and gorgeous old-house features like arched entryways and wood floors throughout. All in all, it's got great bones.... as long as those bones aren't falling apart!

It's listed as a possible short sale, and the price (while very cheap compared to what I've been looking at) is still a little stout considering it's condition.

Have any of you dealt with a short sale/foreclosure? Any horror stories for me? Maybe some success stories? Know of anyone that has?

Have you bought a fixer-upper in a state of disrepair like this??


Abby said...

How exciting! I looooove it and think a fixer-upper is a great investment (esp if the area is good). However, just know that your house will be under a constant state of remodel - that's how our's has been for THREE years. Something's always needin' a fixin' - so we don't always get to do the big cosmetic things that we need in the time frame we want to.

And, 3000sf?! Wow!

Can't wait to see how everything works out!

Mateya said...

How exciting! I love it :)

I think the renovating part will be the best...think how good you will feel saying, "I did that!"

Neely said...

fixing up a house would be so fun! Good luck with all the looking!!!

Brittany said...

Good luck on whatever you decide! :) I really hope everything works out!

Plus... think of all the fun blog posts you could do while you were fixing up your home?!

See? I'm always thinkin' like a blogger!

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

If you can get that house for a steal then get it! I'd love to buy a fixer upper but then I worry about all the costs associated with fixing it. But a basement is to die for no houses here have them.

Sammy said...

If you LOVE the house I say go for it! But old houses come with all the aging problems so if you can get an awesome deal then maybe it will counteract the cost of major repairs.

Tatiana said...

How exciting! I would say make sure you know exactly how much needs to be fixed and estimate how much you will spend on it. It may or may not be worth all the trouble. We had to remodel our last house and it was a constant construction zone for two years. I hated it! Good luck!

Annie said...

exciting but scarey at the same time! my house didnt need much work when i bought it..but i think that it would be fun to add a personal touch to call it your own :)
cant wait to hear what happens!!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

How fun!

I totally know how you feel about not looking at things in fear that you'll jinx yourself, but it'll all work out!

Brittany said...

I say if you can get it for a great price and what the inspector says isn't TOO bad, then go for it! That way you can make it just how you want. Make sure you have some handy helpers along the way :) Hope things go the way you want them to!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Our house was a short sale, in very bad condition. So, yes I have bought a fixer-upper!

Michelle said...

Our house was a foreclosure, and it was actually a pretty okay process; our problems came from the title company, ugh!

There's usually a grace period after an offer is accepted, for you to get the house inspected. We had 10 days, and after that time we were locked into our contract.

Our house was a bit of a fixer-upper, but was structurally sound; the inside was just outdated (wallpaper in EVERY room, icky carpet, that sort of thing).