A day in the life

Yesterday I walked out of my office to see this...

Here at the house of booze my office is right off the salesroom (see that white door in the second photo). This provides lots of entertainment, namely when sales meetings are going on (I get to hear about all the new flavors coming out and typically get to join in on sampling), but is also a little on the boring side when they have serious meetings and I'm not allowed to have my radio on and have to tiptoe around my office!

Of course, when there's a sales meeting going on (like right now) and there's a fly in my office (like right now) and said fly keeps landing on me (his preferred perch being my nose or my arm), I have two choices: to either
a) sit here and pretend I don't notice there's a fly on my nose or
b) swat at it, whilst all 80+ people can see me with arms flying like a maniac because my desk is in plain view from the door to the sales room.

Life is made up of hard decisions. 

PS. Three Olives Purple tastes JUST like grape candy, as suspected. Mixed with lemonade it's rather tasty, even though I don't love grape flavored candy it was a fun summer drink. Oh, and it's purple in color which makes it WAY cool!


Caroline said...

Swat the fly! And that drink sounds delicious! Pass me a sample!

Brittany said...

I HATE FLIES! Kill it! I heard once that flies throw up every time they land! Gross! So you officially have fly vomit on your nose and arm! yuck :) ! I don't think that helped.. but lol.. it might give you the power to kill the little bugger!

Lauren said...

Oh girl, I am jealous of your job, not so much the pesky fly! I miss the days of working in the "bar" industry! I used to be the marketing manager for a restaurant group in Atlanta, and "sampling" new product at 10am was often a part of the job. :) Good luck with the fly!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Flies may be the most annoying insect ever. Seriously. I hate them. I want them all to die. I am that girl that will swat it. Kill it. Then squeeze the living daylights out of it. Then flush it down the toilet.

Ok, I said my peace :)

Anyway - I want to try that drink! Sounds delicious!!

Brooke&Tyson said...

hhaha so funny.. i guess you just have to stick it out with that fly.

ahh i can't wait to try three olives purple

Jenn @ WestSacHoney said...

Um hello what do you do for work? Lol that's fun! Do you have tasting days hehe..

I was trying to take a nap yesterday and I kept hearing a damn fly buzzing around!

My little dog likes to catch flies when they are at his eye level he's up to about 4 that he killed, I'll send him over he'll protect ya!

Claire Kiefer said...

I don't even normally like fruity drinks, but that sounds pretty delicious. Although lately I've been enjoying sweet tea vodka and lemonade, which is sweeter than my normal preference . . . but I love it!

Brittany said...

Flies are the MOST disgusting insects ever! I can't stand them. Only few are brave enough to come in my house because they KNOW I will kill them! I have no sympathy for flies..

Your job sounds amazing. I need to work somewhere like this!

Lori said...

Holy toledo.. so much alcohol!

And I hate flies. They just feel DIRTY... ugh.

It's so funny that your bf wears Obey! Vance wears it all the time. :)