Biscuits and Gravvvvvy

Have you seen this yet? Lady Antebellum's twist on Lee Brice's - Love Like Crazy.
I've been cracking up all afternoon... my boss and I keep busting out in song... "I TIPPED LIKE CRRAAZZZYY"

(here's the YouTube link if that video isn't working above)


Brittany said...

I am in LOVEE with this! Just posted it to my facebook!

Mommy Of A Jamexican said...

oh goodness how funny!

Kelly said...

Totally off subject, you MUST inform me where you purchased your Jewish weiner dog toy. Because my best friend (who is Jewish) would get THE BIGGEST KICK OUT OF IT.

I must know!!!


p.s. My husband's from Castleton! What part of Indy are you in?