Love my boots?

So I'm stuck here at work on this lovely Black Friday...

BUT that means I've been scouting out all the best online deals!

Everytime I post an outfit with these boots you all tell me how much you love them, while browsing the Black Friday deals I came across my boots on the Steve Madden site for a ridiculously low price!

They have em in brown and gray!

After you use the code STUFFING for 30% off they end up being like $60! Enjoy! 
(I'm not associated with Steve Madden nor am I getting any compensation for this, I just love a good deal and thought I'd share!)


Melissa Jo said...

I'm stuck at work today too! No worries!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh where do you work? Hope you have a good day and it isn't too chaotic ;) Cute boots!

Jen said...


Jax said...

Heck yes! Sad I didnt see this post in time or else I would have jumped on them.. even though I totally dont need them! hahaa!

Marian said...

Aw, look at you...sharing the sale of your favorite boots. Now we can be twins. Except your tall and I'm short...they'd probably be pants on me;)