So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday
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So what if we had the most perfect snow yesterday. It was those big fluffy flakes, and I just wanted to stand out in it and kiss someone. Yea, it was THAT kind of movie-scene snow! Clearly, that wish didn't come true, so I settled on chasing Russell around in it instead.

So what if I really wanted to watch the VS Fashion Show last night... which meant this delicate balancing act had to happen. What?! I don't watch TV much therefore can't justify actually paying for cable. (hangs head in shame. hillbilly deluxe) 

So what if the highlight of my Thanksgiving was quite possibly the fact that my Japanese aunt showed up with fresh rolled sushi.

So what if these are the sort of shenanigans that go on at the house of booze. Apparently some new guy started, and he is all sorts of good looking (note: that is new guy's manager)

 So what if I cringed when I saw this goin down across the street from my house. Those are inflatable lawn ornaments! Please no... why me?! Is there anything more tacky (and don't you dare bring up my tv antenna)

So what if I have my hair trained so I only have to wash it every 2 or 3 days. Some people don't believe me that you can train your hair. Ahhem, Lindsey.  Of course, day 2 or 3 always ends up as a messy bun. 

So what if I took ALL of the above to an open house, and none of it sold... but I've since sold like half of it. Clearly, whoever attended said open house had no taste ;) 

So what if I spruced up the look of the ol bliggityblog a bit. I was so bored of the way it looked but haven't had time to do a complete redesign

What are you saying So What to this week?


Ashley said...

Yay for selling your goodies! They're all super cute :)

EZsx5 said...

Okay, since you are wayyyyyy younger than me, you have GOT to be my little sister or something. I swear every week your So What's are straight from my life. Minus the single lady stuff, since I've got the old ball and chain! First, we do not have cable either, my kids are a laughing stock at school and I don't care! Second, I am on day 3 of not washing my hair! It's convenient and healthy - SCORE!

Mallory said...

I watched the VS fashion show too! <3 and woohoo for getting things to sell!

David and Elizabeth said...

i had to drive home in the snow yesterday...the flakes were so pretty!

Dayna Leigh said...

So What Wednesday is my favorite blog day of the week too because your posts are always so funny! I especially loved the antenna. :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

I want ALL of those goodies!!! (TWSS) No but seriously.... I wish there was a way to ship them to me :(

Love the lil makeover!

Melanie said...

Do you have an online shop? I want to see your goodies!

Yola Thorp said...

great post.


KRISTIN said...

My hair is trained too! People think I'm dirty when I tell them I only wash it a couple days a week....but they also compliment my hair and ask what I do....I guess being dirty makes for good hair.

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

LOL, this is a cute post. I only wash my hair every couple of days... It would be a dried frizz bomb if I didn't. I like that you got a warning about the handsome boy, too funny :)

Mateya said...

I love the new look :)

I wish I could get away with not washing my hair for 2-3 days. But I workout and I sweat and that would just be disgusting.

Hope the eye candy is worth it ;)

Carolyn said...

That ghetto TV set up is amazing. LOL So impressed.

My hair is also trained. The third day it's usually pinned back and in a bun or a pony... haha but it's still "clean" enough for me!

Love the new header! SO CUTE! :)

Caroline said...

How do you train your hair? I HAVE to wash mine every single day! UGh!

Holly said...

I don't know how you go so long without washing your hair...I just can't bring myself to skip a day - even though I did yesterday, but I had showered right before bed so I didn't feel it was necessary to do it again 7 hours later.

Love the new blog header! Fitting ;)

Can your aunt make me some sushi?!

And do you have those signs you made online somewhere where I can see them?? They look so cute and maybe one needs to be in my house?

Neon Blonde Runner said...

I love the new blog design. Very cute. The previous design was also very cute too! Can't decide which I love more.

Alana Christine said...

bahaha. Hope the new eye candy is everything you hoped for!

I have my hair trained to do that too! If I scrunch it, it lasts even longer! ha ha. That's one downside to long hair...it's so hard to get motivated to fix it.


whitney said...

love the new design. but i love your tv get-up slightly more.

but mostly the new eye candy. but you knew that.

Lacey in the City said...

love the new redesign! please keep us posted on the new eye candy!

Marian said...

Um, I love all your signs!! I totally would have bought one...or two...or three (cough cough:christmaspresent:cough cough;)

~Haley~ said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours to read every week! By the way, you ever gonna start selling online? I could see a big piece of Chelsea art on my wall!

Jax said...

I like the blog sprucing, friend! And I totally know what you mean about the kind of snow you want to go kiss someone in. :) and i'm always excited about sushi.. thanksgiving sushi would be awesomesauce.