So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday
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So what if the coat I wore to work absolutely reeks because I had also worn it to grab some dinner at china buffet with my knocked up friend, Erica, last night. 

So what if I randomly stumbled upon a job that sounded fun, applied, received an email asking me to come in for an interview, and interviewed all within a matter of 2 days last week. No I'm not really looking, but you know the saying... money talks ;) I, unfortunately, heard from the guy last night & it was between me and another candidate, but they ended up offering it to the other person. I'm ok with that.

So what if I can't decide if it's funny or awkward that 23 people have ended up on my blog in the last month from googling "Shadrick Jamaica". That's my Jamaican Hubs, btw, if you missed that story you can catch up here

So what if my family and I couldn't help but laugh Monday when we were all over at my grandpa's house (he was released from the hospital Sunday!) for dinner and he was trying to turn up the volume on the television with his cordless phone. I think the morphine is still lingering in his system!

So what if I absolutely melted my heart Monday night when my niece kept running over and climbin up on the couch to cuddle with me. I never had any younger brothers or sisters, so it's pretty cool feeling when a little one adores you like that!

So what if I have a whole slew of things I want to blog about and not enough days in the week. Two a days may be coming your way soon HA! 

So what if I felt kinda cool when my cousin tweeted me this the other day: 

I don't really rep my blog much in the real world, a lot of friends know about it but I never post it on my facebook or anything, so it made me giggle when I read it.

So what if I can't help but wonder what sort of weird star alignment was going on yesterday or something, I had 3 people from my past contact me. I'd like to think I handled all three with grace and charm, of course ;)

So what if I can feel the Christmas decorating bug creepin up. I have a bunch of ideas, now let's just see if I execute them all. Also... I think I need to find a man to come hang Christmas lights for me... send any referrals my way?! 

So what if I have racked up 6 free meals from a local sandwich shop. It all started when they mixed my order in with a catering order and it was an hour and a half late being delivered. They comped that one, and offered me free lunch for myself and a friend the next day. Then I ordered em yesterday and it was (again) 45 minutes late. The manager laughed when I asked why they hated me, and said he was going to call me back in 10 minutes to see if it had arrived. It did, but he went ahead and comped that one and said my next two meals were free too. Delicious food, awesome management, but horrible delivery!

So what if I talk about food nonstop, all day long. I seriously think I have tapeworms or sometime... how is it possible to ALWAYS be hungry?!



Anonymous said...

love the chinese buffet, but gag after i leave because the scent lingers!

Michelle (michabella) said...

You are so popular. Your Grandpa...bless his heart, but how hilarious!!!

Hello.... I'll send JD over to hang those Christmas lights for ya.

6 free meals?? AWESOME!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Love a free meal for bad service! LOL

PS I am always hungry, too... ALWAYS.

Melissa said...

I hate when I smell like chinese food. It's so good, but I always regret it when I get home and realize that I smell. It's soo not as bad as smelling like Mexican food though.

Melissa said...

I hate when I smell like chinese food. It's so good, but I always regret it when I get home and realize that I smell. It's soo not as bad as smelling like Mexican food though.

Carolyn said...

Oh man! I hate the smell of chinese food. But love eating it! LOl

The job thing just wasn't meant to be. :)

Wanna talk about having too much blog stuff to talk about? I have wedding wednesday posts until March. BAHAHAHAHA

Christmas decorating bug has hit me HARD!!!!!

Free lunch = amazing!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

You're kind of Internet famous ;) I want to be just like you!!!

And tapeworms? That's nasty. I can NOT even begin to imagine what you will be like when you are pregnant. You love food now ... what will happen then?!?!

whitney said...

i love your so whats. makes me feel normal.

and money does talk. maybe you can use that job and get a raise from boozehouse. i bet they wouldn't want to lose you. mainly because you probably provide the most entertainment.

pretty funny about grandpa. glad he is home! and it probably wouldn't hurt if he kept the funnies coming. just saying :)

happy humpday.

Caroline said...

I'm all about getting free food. I am mad that McAlisters is out of their punch cards. Hello, that's one of the main reasons I come!

love jenny xoxo said...

lol great post! I feel the Xmas bug too... might give in and start decorating today!


Al said...

You are lucky you have so many things to blog about! I have the intention of blogging, but lately the writing has been so awful that I have just thrown in the towel. Maybe getting back to being busy in the States will help, I seemed to be better then when I was SUPER busy...

Much love to you, doll!

sarah said...

my nieces (and my one lone nephew) range in ages from almost 2yrs -17 yrs old...and it still made my heart happy when my oldest one facebooked me saying she missed me and i needed to come visit asap. i adore being around them and it dosent hurt that they tell me they think im so pretty & awesome haha :)

Mallory said...

such a cute post! I'm still laughing about your grandpa turning up the volume with the phone...adorable!

Amanda said...

So what that I'm jealous of all those free meals!

So what if I have too many things I want to blog about and not enough days in the week? Shock, horror, awe, I might blog on the weekend once I have internet at my house.

So what if I am ready for it to be Friday.

So what that I heart you? Shhh don't tell.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

oh Christmas bug how I love thee :) I cannot wait for thanksgiving to be over so i can take the decor of that down n start all my lovely Christmas one ugh 1 month is just not long enough for all those cutie decors!

Megan said...

I don't see anything wrong with talking about food ALL the time. : ) We would definitely get along.

And I'm totally ready to decorate for Christmas, too!!

Flor said...

haha you totally made me laugh! Many of my real life friends don't even know I have a blog. And it's ok that you went to an interview, nothing wrong with looking at all your options! :)