So What Wednesday


It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday
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So what if I miss the good ol' days of eagerly awaiting the JC Penny's catalog, then plopping down in the middle of my grandma's living room making my Christmas wish list!

So what if my daily outfit contains some combinations of leggings + dress + sweater + boots. It probably doesn't fit the 'business' dress code but I've always been one to toe the line ;) 

So what if I can't help but crack up at the things that have been coming out of my grandpa's mouth since his surgery Monday. I think the morphine is getting to him! (he tried to tip the hospital worker who brought his dinner last night, and keeps saying my brother is a giant!)

So what if my whole family is anxiously awaiting the results back from my grandpa's surgery in which they removed a mass from his lung. Pleasedontbecancer, pleasedontbecancer

So what if I tend to take matters into my own hands. In all aspects of life. Sure, maybe good things come to those who wait... but I believe better things come to those who go after what they want!  

So what if I spent a good 20 minutes last night chasing Russell around the house. For no reason other than he was having a blast and I couldn't stop laughing. Wood floors + sock feet + dog = comic relief.  

So what if I sorta get annoyed by all these "help me get to xx followers!" things I've been hearing/seeing lately. It purposely makes me not want to follow your blog. Who really cares how many followers you have, quality not quantity people.  

So what if maybe I just don't get the politics of blogging. I read what I want, and unfollow what I don't. Blogging is more entertainment for me, not a lifestyle I guess. Don't take offense if I don't find myself interested in what you write about anymore, therefore stop following. (Then again, maybe that's why I'll never be blogfamous... but I'm totally ok with that)

So what if I comment/tweet anyone I come across... are people out there really 'scared' to comment or respond to a tweet? This is so odd to me

So what if I tried Greek yogurt AGAIN last night, after publicly voicing my disgust of it multiple times. I think I just REALLY want an excuse to eat honey... since apparently squeezing it right out of the honeybear is frowned upon (To follow up: I like this new brand I bought MUCH better, and it does make the perfect vehicle for devouring honey)

So what if I had a girly first date with a chick who used to date a friend of my ex's. We hung out a few times as a group back then & kept in touch through both our breakups, and finally were able to get together this past weekend. We had a blast and found out we have a lot in common. Is it geeky that I'm excited for our budding friendship? 

So what if I am seriously about to throw my stapler at my supervisor. He is in such a bad mood today and fires back some negative response to ANY and EVERY THING I SAY! It's drivin me up the wall!   


Carolyn said...

OMG! I completely agree on the whole "let's get my blog to *** followers!" So annoying.

Wait... so now you like greek yogurt? I feel like you betrayed me. HAHA'

We chase Cooper and Grace around our house all the time too. Watching them scramble on the wood floors Scooby Doo style is HILARIOUS!!!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Ohemgee I totally did the JC Penny's thing when I would go to my Grandma's! I miss that so much! I think I wanted at least 5,000.00 in products at one time! LOL ...I also hope I am not one of those followers who has said I want more followers or whatever you said LOL and I don't think I am that interesting and wouldn't be offended if you didn't follow me I just like following you! I think you are HILARIOUS! ...anywho... Praying hard for your gramps my dear!

Amanda said...

1. One of my favorite activities is chasing Winston around the house. Me laughing, him smiling and being sneaky = pure happiness. I think I need to steal him when I move out.

2. Honey in yogurt is the best. Except lately my ratio is more honey than yogurt. Fatty?

3. Jealous of your budding friendship. I need to meet girl friends that actually live in my town...

Jennifer said...

OMG I use to love looking through the HUGE JC Penney catalog (and the Consumers one). I would add up all the things I wanted and WHOA! it came out to so much all the time, lol.

David and Elizabeth said...

i totally chase peyton around the house too! he is the most uncoordinated dog there is and is always slipping and sliding around! i love it :)

EZsx5 said...

I'm with you - who cares who reads, follows, leaves. We're not marrying our readers/followers, don't take it so personally if the "commitment" goes south ;)I've had enough dramatic break ups in my life...Peace out, hope they find what they are looking for...BUT if it's meant to be they'll be back - then they are a butterfly or something, right?!?!

Kelly said...

Yep, not down with the whole NEED FOLLOWERS thing either. And I TOO loved scouring the JCP catalog for my most coveted presents each year :-) Thinking of your family and grandpa!

K said...

Sending positive vibes about your grandfather. I hope it all turns out for the best.

Caroline said...

OMG I miss the BIG Sears catalog. What do kids do now?

Daniela said...

business dress code is so limiting and boring... I agree with that one!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Note to self.... don't cross Chelsea when loaded with a stapler.

OMG. I TOTALLY use to freak out when the JC Penney catalog came! My sister and I would fight over who got it first.

I chase Jax around the house ALL the time. He loves it. But then when he escapes the house he thinks we are still playing this game while I try to lure him back home. NOT FUN.

Oh and you should check out my blog and follow me since I follow you. I am awesome. I promise. Oh and I also have a giveaway. CHECK IT OUT.

Marian said...

I will totally take it personally if you stop following my blog. Hahaha. Threat- I won't send you homemade cards anymore if you do. That's a threat right;)

Mateya said...

You are totally blogfamous in my eyes :)

I get so annoyed at all that crap too. No thanks.

Glad you found a yogurt you like.

I totally loved the JCP catalog too. Couldn't wait to get my hands on that thing. Before I started making my list, I had to pick out my Christmas dress :) Priorities.

tara said...

Omg. I totally forgot about the jc penney catalog! I seriously miss those days too!

Ashley said...

So there are politics of blogging?! Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong. hehe The whole follow me thing definitely is annoying.

I laughed a little to myself while imaging you chasing your dog around on wood floors..... ugh, my husband and I seriously need to get a dog. Therapy in a fur coat I tell ya. (:

Melissa said...

I agree with the whole "follow me" and then you can have this semi awesome pair of shoes. Lame. If your blog is awesome...we'll follow.

Also, I live in tights, boots and a long shirt. I'm pretty sure that's standard fall/winter attire right?

Token Yankee said...

Haha, i have the same uniform for work. I think sometimes I need to start dressing more my age, but I like it! I am with your about caring less about the followers and blogging poliltics!

Stephanie said...

I used to do the SAME THING with the JCPenney catalog..haha!! My little brother and I would look at that thing for DAYSSSS picking out any and everything we could have every wanted. I totally forgot about that until now!

Saying a little prayer for your grandpa! xoxo

Also...canNOT stand when people beg for blog followers either!! SOOOO annoying!! Seriously?! I mean, that's like begging for friends, right?!

Sara Louise said...

This is the first 'So What' blog post I've seen and I loved it! :-)
Thanks for bringing me back to my childhood of marking up catalogs, thick as phonebooks, with my Xmas wish list! Always laying on my stomach on the livingroom floor, always in my PJs.
And autumn is the perfect time for long sweaters, leggings, and boots... so cute, so comfy and cozy.

sarah said...

i have to admit im guilty of wanting more followers, and am adding that to my list of bad habits to stop, along with using too many smileys.

and i definitely had a spoonful of honey from the bear the other day, just because i wanted to...let people judge me!

all jokes aside, i hope youre grandpas results come back clear and he is doing well

sarah said...

ugh and by youre i meant your. it's late, im not spell checking, forgive me!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Hearing what people on pain killers say always makes me laugh too; my great-grandmother once saw tomatoes dancing on the walls. :) I hope the tests come back with the best news for you all. And I so remember getting to go through the JCP catalog and circle all the things I wanted for Christmas...My grandmother now does this with my kids and the look of excitement on their face is just great!!
And it was Luke Bryan who wore the sparkly jeans last night; can't find a picture, but I'm sure you could google it.