So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday
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So what if there are two VERY IMPORTANT countdowns going on in my life right now.... one is until I get to consume my weight in stuffing and green bean casserole (1 day) and the other is a countdown til I get a fresh batch of PTO days! (1 month) EEEEKKK. SO ready for both!  

So what if currently playing on my Pandora is some song with the lyrics "just because I'm a ghetto child..." 
That may become my new comeback.

So what I sorta wanted to ask this guy if I could have his backpack. Chelsea in a halfshell! 

So what I found a new use for my cupcake carrier. Innovative, people. Innovation. 

So what I toed the "business" attire line a little lot when getting dressed this morning. It's fall. It's the day before Thanksgiving. I just HAD to wear this... the universe said it was allowed. 

So what if I definitely need skinny cords. I had to wrangle my bootcut ones into my boots this morning and that's just unpleasant  

So what if my guest room (as seen above in the background) is seriously a mess. It's not like I have any guests, so I get ready in there and my stuff is EVERYWHERE!

So what if my parents dog hopped in my car Sunday afternoon as I was about to head home... so I took him with me. Russell had fun with him!

So what if I think I've totally become one of those internet creepers that randomly starts talking to people on Twitter and then becomes real life friends with them... eek.  Please tell me you guys do this too?

So what if I have absolutely LOVED having the office to myself this week. Wish my supervisor was on vacation every week... or... you know... no longer employed here. I get to listen to all the best music 

So what if I have a craft room, an entire 3rd bedroom dedicated to all my craft stuff... yet my dining room table ends up looking like this.

So what if I bought items from every clothing dept but the women's at Target the other day.... yep... kids and mens. I can't wait to show you outfits!

So what if I my friend Tara and I have decided we want to become Cheers'esque townies at this local bar. We just went there for the first time on Friday night... we didn't fit in AT ALL. But we have big plans. Where everybody knows your nameee

So what if  I loved this tweet so much I took a screenshot of it. It echos my sentiments exactly!

So what if I may have started FB chatting with the guy who interviewed me a few weeks ago for that radio job... uh, in my defense he was the one who sent me the friend request. And I had to give him hell for not hiring me. And he's kinda cute.  Yea, facebook chatting. Yea, I'm 24. It's like being in 8th grade all over again.

So what if I am gonna go ahead and end this post now, because I've done a good enough job of embarrassing myself, no? Have an awesome holiday everyone! gobble gobble 


Mateya said...

Love your outfit today!

So your supervisor got fired??

OMG I am still drooling at the thought of stuffing and green bean casserole...only a few more hours for me! My first shindig starts tonight! :)

Ashley said...

Nice outfit! It's awesome that you are getting vacation time, it's amaaaazing!

SweetTeaInSicily said...

I need that backpack!! hahaha This whole post was hilarious... Happy Thanksgiving :)

Heather said...

Maybe cute boy didn't hire you so he could flirt with you...

the girl in the red shoes said...

Your outfit is so cute today! And that backpack is too ridiculous for words!

Kristin said...

Your outfit is ADORABLE! And using your cupcake carrier for jell-o shots is BEYOND brilliant!

sarah said...

so many things to comment on!

ninja turtle backpack?!? yes please. may be googling it right now.

i got my skinny cords from old navy last year, and actually want more color so maybe ill be heading over there asap. sticking bootcut ones into boots is a workout in itself.

i'm "meeting" SO many people through blogging & twitter who i talk to on a regular basis and would totally be friends with in real life if they lived near me

and i agree with heather: maybe he didnt hire you so he could flirt with you! he definitely took the time to remember your name and then search you on fb!

happy wednesday, hope you get to eat all the turkey your heart desires tomorrow :)

Babygirl said...

kohls carries corduroy leggings by vera wang, they are great!!!

Amanda said...

Where do I even begin?!

You have a whole room for crafting? I'm dying of jealous right now. Maybe I'll see if the man cave can double as a craft room too...

That quote is awesomeness.

Russell is so cute (this makes me want a dog even more now...maybe when I get back from Europe).

Let me know if/where you find Skinny cords because I would love a cute pair!

whitney said...

this is glorious.

1. landsend canvas has skinny cords right now. sending you the email with 30% off everything now. you will love the store.

2. did you atleast ask the guy where he got his backpack? i feel like that would be useful for not just halloween.

3. when you showed your outfit i at first thought you weren't wearing pants. didn't know if that fit into the awkward/awesome thursday or the so what i am not wearing pants and posting about it category.

4. i'm with jim brown. lose the 'tude or get a new job. your choice.

5. and 8th grade crushes were the best. so i think you shoudl keep chatting. just saying.

happy thanksgiving! thanks for making my wednesday brighter.


Caroline said...

OMG! Who would wear that backpack? People are insane!

Michelle (michabella) said...

LOVE your outfit!!!

That backpack is AWESOME!!! Which turtle are you?

I love that tweet too...its so true.

GET IT GIRL. You have indeed embarrassed yourself but at least you allow us to laugh at you.


Carolyn said...

Love the outfit! :) Totally work appropriate. I also need skinny cords. When you find them... let me know! haha

fbook chat... almost like AIM? hahahaha

tara said...

LOVE your outfit today!! very cute! hope you have a happy thanksgiving!

Lindsey said...

im making green bean casserole for work tomorrow!! yummy!!!

just tututiny said...

LOVE your outfit my dear! Have a great thanksgiving!

Holly @ Everydays a Holly-Day said...

Hiya, I'm Holly your newest follower! I love what I've read so far, your honest and REAL! It's such a rarity in the bloggy world and I love the fact you own your own home at such a young age. I'm totally jealous!

Have a happy thanksgiving!


Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I'd be your real life friend :D

And my dining table ends up the EXACTSAMEWAY, and I have a craft room too!! Matt's so sweet about it. He'll be like, "Babe... can you please take that to your craft room?"


Marian said...

I don't remember if I commented on this post or not...too many comments to go through...and I'm lazy. But green bean casserole is my favorite! I'm sad that I ate it so fast that my leftovers were gone before I knew it. Tear