So What Wednesday

It's my favorite blog day of the week!

So What Wednesday
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So what if, on more than one occasion in the past week, my dinner has consisted of one of those Lipton PastaSides (or RiceSides). They're really good. And I add chicken so it's practically a well balanced meal HA. Plus they were 10for$10 at the grocery last time I went so I have a surplus!

So what if now that I'm a single gal I let everyone else do my dating dirty work. Seriously. I'm totally OK with the blind date thing. I keep getting the 'I have someone you HAVE to meet' line and I just roll with it.

So what if I just sat through an entire meeting on our new healthcare plan and all I heard was the Charlie Brown teacher talking. wah wah wahwahwah 

So what if I spent half of that meeting texting other coworkers... then laughing when their phone wasnt silenced and they'd get shot THE GLARE. (I'm so mature, I know) 

So what if I don't really like cupcakes. GASP I KNOW. SHOCKING. I love baking them but meh, I just have no desire to eat em 

So what if I get sooooo tired of people complaining about things but not taking actions to prevent/correct them.   

So what if that means I have little sympathy. If you don't help yourself don't expect help from me.

So what if I really do not like Brad Paisley or Rascal Flatts anymore. I think they've passed their prime. Their old stuff was sooo much better 

So what if I have contemplated buying a bottle of my favorite men's cologne just so I can smell it whenever I want. It makes me SOO happy. Gah heaven in a bottle. (I think I just called myself out on exactly how single I am... wow that sounds desperate) 

So what if I can't stand food/dessert scented candles or room sprays. Gag.  Vanilla (and SOMETIMES cinnamon) would be the one exception to this

So what if I haven't been to a work event in forrreeevvverrrr. There's a launch party for 3-O Cake this week and I think I may go... I sorta miss hangin out with these crazies I work with

So what if I am a little excited that I was invited to sell my goodies at an Open House in a few weeks. I hope to make a more of the wooden signs like the one I hung above my bed and maybe a baby quilt or two? 


Al said...

Ok, get this. I just realized I have NO IDEA what you actually do at work. But launch and work events sound super cool :)

And what I wouldn't give for some Pastasides right now...can't find anything in Istanbul..

Happy Wednesday, sweetie!

Molly said...

Just so you know, IF I ever have another baby, you're making the quilt. K thanks :) I'll pay you with food scented candles, BWAAA HA HA!

Carolyn said...

OH MAN. I REALLY wish I didn't want to eat every cupcake I see. :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

Dear Chels. I dont think we can be friends anymore. You not liking cupcakes just broke my heart. I have a lot to think about now. I might even be crying. Betch.

Oh and you should def go to the 3-O Cake party. And send me a bottle. I might forgive you then.

whitney said...

i have so many responses. so i will number them :)

1. i can't wait to hear about all these blind dates. i think they are fun. but some are a little....akaward?

2. my post is complaining today...so don't read it.

3. what cologne?

4. you should totally go to the 3-O cake party. i have seen them out and their outfit is...awesome? so what if i got a free crown out of it??

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I love those pasta sides and I love them even more when they are 10 for 10... HOLLA!

Shannon Dew said...

GIRL them Lipton sides are AMAZE!!!

Mateya said...

How fun that you get to sell your stuff!

I am dying over the cologne comment. Ain't no shame girl. What is your favorite?

Go to the launch party...what happened to the adventurous, never say no Chelsea?? :)

Caroline said...

I am with you on the help. I'm all for helping people who are willing to help themselves.

Amanda said...

Where do I begin?

One, if you're going on blind dates, where are the posts about them? I'm sure you've got some entertaining stories to share.

Two, I am WITH you on the complaining. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves. What drives me bonkers the most is when people are like "ugh I need to lose weight" but then stuff their face and don't change. Rant over.

Three, I'm not a huge cupcake person either. They tend to not taste as good as a slab of cake, and I don't know why.

Four, happy hump day!

Holly said...

I want a sign! Love the one above your bed!

I don't like food/dessert smelling candles either...or really really fruity smelling ones. Gross.

I hate when people complain and never do anything about it. No sympathy here!

You just roll with your singleness! You're awesome! And if anything, you get free dinners and to meet new people. Win-win.

EZsx5 said...

I have ZERO TOLERANCE FOR STUPIDITY! Which also makes me the least sensitive person EVER - according to my husband! Whatevs!!! I don't have time to suckle every person that could have prevented their life altering situation by just getting their shit together. Can I get an amen?!?!?

Marian said...

The 10 for $10 deals always get me....even when I don't need them. I just can't say no